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May 12, 2015


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Éva Géczi

I've just found this marvellous post again, I read it with pleasure last year as well. Being a Hungarian teacher of English I have enjoyed not only the amazing pics but Lucy's wonderful day-by-day diary,her unique, living style finding 'useful'phrases to study. Anyway, I love England.

Libby Parker

I so enjoy being an armchair tourist following your wonderfully descriptive commentary and photos! We have had our ups and downs with Spring weather in the Midwest States as well. Yesterday was sunny, windy and 74 F. This morning it was 47 F.

Cat Smolka

Thank you for letting us readers in on your get-a-way. I have never seen a real castle or the lovely pastures like you have in your area. I feel I got a chance to see it better than having it presented in a brochure or travel book. You live in a very pretty place. It keeps my dreams alive in having a chance to travel to England someday.


Landscape,I mean.


Such lovely photos, what a beautifull landskape.

Robin Summers

I had to come back and gaze at the pics on this post again. You are an amazing photographer. The last pic with the odd looking tree near the road is amazing. The other pics that have thick gray skies. Utterly wonderful pics. Makes me want to be there walking along the paths and roads. Please do write up the way you join the squares with the long tails that you leave on each one. I would love to know please!! I can't wait to see the harmony pack and blanket. This is all so exciting. xxxxxxxxx


Oh how beautiful Lucy.
I always love your descriptions and photos of the walks you take, it is always a wonderful escape.
Could you share the title of the walking book you mentioned.
Thank you

Corinna Mazzotta

Sounds like a perfect weekend! :-)


I found your blog while looking for a flower pattern to adorn a baby sweater. I'm at work so really shouldn't be doing this but I got distracted so here I am. I just loved what you said about picnics in cars. My sweetie and I were driving home from a party in the Bronx one night and we saw the cutest little pizza place. Of course, he had to stop. He came back out with a delicious pie and we had a little picnic at a bus stop on a rainy night. It was so romantic and sweet and your blog brought it all right back to me.


Hardraw Force looks very much like an area near me called Silver Falls State Park, which offers views of some of the many waterfalls in Oregon.

I've heard that England is similar to Oregon in many ways, the rain, the green (that we have due to the rain), and some of the scenery. I'd love to visit some day.

Thank you for the photo trek. :-)

Sherri Jarrett

Love, Love, Love, your blog! Your photos are absolutely divine, and I have really enjoyed your handiwork. You have really inspired me to be more creative with color. So happy I found your blog!! I have long dreamt of a trip to your neck of the world - to walk - and view where my ancestors walked.


bonjour je viens de créer mon blog et je propose un mini swap je serai heureuse que tu y participes ou que tu fasses passer l'info.


Denise Hall

Beautiful trip Lucy - I love England - though I am very far away! North Carolina - it is 85 here already and just about as green as your parts - we have had a lot of rain and even a tropical storm last week. I want to come and visit the Yorkshire Dales - never been to that part of England - except to pass through by train to Scotland. Thank you so much for giving us such beautiful visits via the internet - and Keep em coming!!

Mama O

Lucy, what a lovely trip! We Americans aren't used to being able to tromp through fields like that! What joy - and what great sights you can see! What is the name of your walking book? Would love to have it for our next trip to England. . . .someday.

Angela-Southern USA

A smile for the day. ; )


I love reading your stories. It is just like being there. You should publish a book!


Beautiful photos from such lovely places. My husband & I have only just recently started having time away by ourselves. I think it is good to make time to be a couple again. xx

Sandra Campbell

Oh Lucy!! What glorious photos and simply a beautiful, beautiful country. I am very envious! Lol!! I love the country...live in a city! :) Lol!!

Thank you for sharing and I am happy you two had a grand time together!

Lisa Lancaster

Couldn't believe your post today Lucy. My husband and came back yesterday from four days in our caravan at leyburn. We stayed at lower Wensleydale caravan club site and had a wonderful long weekend visiting all the places you did. My photos look very similar to yours. I adore the Dales and would rather visit there than anywhere else.
I'm a Yorkshire girl though and Gods own country has special significance for me. Thank you for sharing xxx

Jenny B.

Beautiful! I just love reading your posts. They make me want to slow down and breathe in the fresh air.


What a marvelous post! I enjoyed immensely following your steps through these precious landscapes. I have never been to England (it's one of my dreams!), so it was really a gift to read your post and hear the water, see the green, the light, the shadows... I almost felt like I was there. Thank you!


Really lovely post today - all my family is from Yorkshire but I am from Manchester living in London - Yorkshire is my ancestral home! So beautiful thank you for writing about it - I can hear the water!!


Lucy, Thank you for the tour, as a visitor to England this is what I missed. Your pictures are frame worthy, your words brilliant. Please keep sharing! I am a self addicted Lucy blanket lover, have so enjoyed (and bought more than enough Stylecraft) your blog and patterns. Thank you again!


So pleased you enjoyed your weekend Luce :) I know how much you were both looking forward to it. Hard to believe that 2 weeks before this we were out in that amazing sunshine! Still, the Dales have their own special climate don't they. At least you have happy memories, soggy ones yes but happy nonetheless. See you tomorrow xx


I enjoyed your post a lot today, Lucie! Especially the picture of the stormy Sky with the sunlit shed, beautiful! And i am so curious how you are getting on with your granny blanket... I keep checking your website for new posts several times a day :-))

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