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May 08, 2015


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Jackie Wade

I fell upon your blog on Pinterest and I'm hooked (excuse the pun!)
It has inspired me to start one myself but not sure people would be interested.
I also have an allotment at the school I work in.
At the mo I'm plodding through the gorgeous colourful bag you have in you page.


looks like great time, spring with sun and a beautiful crocheted blanket.


Spring is such a wonderful time of the year, isn't it? I love how everything comes back to life and how I get to see the squirrels in the trees around daily!

Looking forward to see your blanket finished. The colors look very comforting and springlike indeed!

Take care
Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)


The park looks lovely - such lovely colours xx


Lovely colours, especially the greens. Hope the weather's cheered up for you now.

Jo Clute

Agree with poster Carol. When I'm having a crap day, I visit your page and it instantly helps my mood! Thank you for being that ray of sunshine!!

Elsie Pop

Lovely Spring colours - it's funny how the same colours are already in your work bag. I'm trying to bring some natural colour inspiration into my work a bit more... but so far I'm still mostly working with brights that I had kicking around! I'll get there...!


Lovely blanket Lucy. Colours are just right for spring. I have a hard time with yellow, red and orange. Neutrals, pastels or peacock colours depending on the season. Lovely to see cherry blossom, makes me so nostalgic for England's green and pleasant land.

Charmaine  Slater

Love those colours x

Angela-Southern USA

I hope the fingers and toes crossed help for a sunny weekend for you Lucy! We've had a lovely one, heading into summer temps actually, hope they find you soon. The blanket is coming along beautifully, very spring-y look to it. Never too old to be child-like!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Lucy I love your posts thank you for sharing your area with us. Your posts always make me feel happy :-)

Denise Marshall

Hi Lucy, know what you mean about My hubbie said to me the other day, "is this normal weather for this time of the year?". My response was well really in the Spring you can experience Arctic to Tropical all in one day!

I had to chuckle at the thought of you running with your arms out down the hall way. Maybe you could do the same down that lovely grassy hill yhou took a photo of, a la Sound of Music. I can just picture that, tee hee. By the way I love the colours of your harmony blanket, anothe project for the ever growing list.

Taciana Simmons

Lovely colors lucy,

Berny Inglis

Mothers Day here in Australia. A very wet cold Autumn day in Warragul, Victoria. But makes for a day to relax with a lovely music DVD - Russell Watson of course, and crocheting, so relaxing. Just love your photos.

Angela Rueb

Enjoyed your Spring photos.....and I check your blog every single day! It always brightens my day to read and see what you've been up to (don't know where I'd find my inspiration if it weren't for you.... Looking forward to that Harmony Blanket....the tutorial, color pak, etc. I'm almost finished with the Coastal Blanket and loving it! Enjoy your week-end!

Susan Conklin

Lately I've been exploring ways to morph crocheted circles into squares so I'm looking forward to seeing and reading more about your harmony blanket. It looks very snuggly and sweet.
-Susan in Illinois, USA

haanah ridout

How long til you share the pattern for the blanket....i need this in my life

Teresa Kasner

I love how you make the most out of life and show your kids how to have fun. I hope your elections work out okay for you all. I love the colors in your GS blanket! You have such a good eye for color. Enjoy your week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Carol D

Reading your blog ALWAYS cheers me up!
I must ask: Have you studied color theory? - and photography?

Your pictures are beautiful - composition always balanced and structured to really show what you are trying to show.

Thank you for all, Lucy.
when I need cheering up, I visit your blog - over and over again if I need to.

Robin Summers

I can see you running down the hill with arms outstretched like an airplane. You are such a great momma. Your photos are beautiful as usual. In respects to the rain they say into everyone's life a little rain much fall. So I suppose we all have to deal with that a bit. Your harmony blanket is coming along nicely. I am itching to start another blanket but can't make up my mind what stitch I want to use. I know I will be using the coastal pack of yours that has all the blues.... Help!! Whatcha think? Lots of hugs to you Lucy and your wonderful family. xxxxx


I kind of like the unpredictability of spring, except of course when I want to hang sheets out to dry. That is the greenest green I've ever seen. Beautiful! How about your Connie Van, when will she be included in your weekend adventures?

Winwick Mum

It's put some serious rain down in Winwick too - definitely most un-Spring-like! We've been lighting our fire in the evenings as it's been feeling distinctly chilly, and my woolly socks are firmly on my feet too! xx

Penny Rongo

Happy Mothers Day, Lucy. Do you celebrate Mothers Day there? If you do I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for sharing your adventures with us and your wonderful patterns. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Lonormi Manuel

You have indeed captured the colors of spring!


Love your blanket! I've just finished a crochet blanket but found the joining a PAIN at the end. Do you join your squares as you go?

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