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May 19, 2015


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I just adore your blog. The photos are always stunning, getting to peek at a place I may never see. Your sense of color thrills me. I just discovered roasted asparagus this Spring and it is divine. I have cooked it the way my husband likes it for 24 years and have never enjoyed it. So now I can cook some for him and some for me :) Adding the Feta is pure genius! Thank you for the happy walks and color-filled projects.

Carol D

Loved your blog about asparagus. when I was just a wee girl, we had them growing wild in our yard...Many fond memories of grazing on them (raw) whilst playing in the yard.
No such luck now, but do so enjoy this time of year when they are sensibly priced!
Also love your pics of your lovely walks - and always feel almost as if we are walking along with you!

Such beautiful work! Someone asked if your blanket was too challenging for a novice - Your Blooming Cushion was one of my very first projects when I re-started crochet after a 20+ year layoff...and it remains one of my very favs!
Your tutorials are so excellent a rank beginner can follow them with excellent results every time!
Thank you again for all you do for all of us across the whole world! We surely do love you, Lucy!

Sue Jones

All the things in your blog are wonderful! I always look at the blossom-covered pavements and grass and think they look very Japanese. Love asparagus (sadly my family don't appreciate it) (still, more for me!) - tried planting some last year in my allotment but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. My craft is patchwork quilt-making, and although I always have one in progress I'm not getting much time with it at the moment - so much else is happening with son's GCSEs and consequent moodiness (that's putting it mildly), work, the allotment to weed, dig, and plant etc. Still, might get some time for it today.
Thanks for sharing your special daily moments.


oh! and I meant what I said as a compliment to you. I wish I had your energy.


We are only about two years apart in age, and I CAN NOT IMAGINE still having little ones at home. Where in the world do you get the energy at this time of life? I guess working full time all these years and raising kids at the same time, probably didn't help my energy level at all. But still, much as I adored my babies, I'd shoot myself if I got preggers again. mmmm, love love fresh asparagus no matter what soil its grown in. Looks delish!

Bernie Birkett

Lovely to meet you in Skipton today. I enjoy all your blogs and having been up to the Dales I can one imagine it all much more clearly. Although we have scenery down here it is usually with a small 'c' whereas the Dales It is scenery with a capital 'C' !
I will definitely be making a blanket and look forward to the pattern for the solid squares with instructions for joining them.
Hope to be back in Skipton soon.
Keep on with the studio etc.

Denise Marshall

Hello Lucy, Mmmmmm yes I love asparagus too, they were saying on the radio yesterday that this year has been a bumper harvest for asparagus, the more the better!! Looking forward to the new tutorial. xx


Hi Lucy. I love your work. I recently bought your ripple blanket pack and am so enjoying crocheting it. Do you have a pattern or tutorial for your gorgeous lamp shade in one of your photos of 22 February? It is so very pretty and would love to do one for my granddaughter.

Thank you for your wonderful blog and all your tutorials. I have made many of your things. Lovely xxx


Hello Lucy!-Attic24... Want to say to you that your blog is very beautifully contagious! I look forward to seeing your pictures that paint your neat home and personality..... Just finished the Granny stripe blanket just as you sequenced your colors as I had to make one like yours. I ordered your pack and loved the way the yarn came packaged.... So great! I heart it as soon as I opened the box. The blanket came out so gorgeous if I may say. This blanket will be a memory of my mum as she helped me wind the yarn into balls. She much enjoyed the colors as she also loves color! Thanks for the pattern and for posting the colors in sequence.
I will be trying feta cheese on my asparagus and the other bloggers additives sound great as well.
So happy to have found your site and thanks for all your hard and thoughtful work. Much appreciated all the way from Texas!

Joan Jepson

I took some photos of Bluebells yesterday on my walk. I'll probably add the photo to my blog eventually. Joan at www.aviewtothefells.com


This is really a great time of year for colour and lovely veg. I like the squares - looking forward to the tutorial.


Ok, I now need to go buy some asparagus! Love your blog posts. I'm a beginner but working my way through my first cushion after being inspired by you. Would love to try this blanket afterwards - is that too ambitious for a novice? Can't wait to see the finished blanket x


Oh I so envy you being able to buy such fat gorgeous fresh asparagus at a reasonable price! Here in South Africa, it is soooo expensive all year round, not on my weekly shopping list I am sad to say ... loving your Harmony blanket too!


I'm fairly new to this page but I absolutely adore your patterns! I can hardly wait for the tutorial or pattern for the Harmony blanket. My teenager is alresdy planning what she wants made for her room from your site! Love your pictures. You definitely have a fan in Texas!

Camille in Seattle

Yay for asparagus season! You have to try this recipe for shaved asparagus pizza: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2010/05/shaved-asparagus-pizza/. It's so delicious! Enjoy your spring!

Julia Powers

Thank you for your beautiful, colorful view of the world!

Robin Summers

As always a beautiful post with lovely pics! Like you I adore asparagus. They are great no matter how you cook them. The bluebells are so delicate. Such beauty is found in every flower. I love roses and right now I have two roses on my computer desk that have such huge blooms. Man they are so big and beautiful!! I look forward to the tutorials you have been working so hard at! Much love to you! XXXX


I think I must be the only one who thinks asparagus are overrated. To be honest: they taste Allright, but I dislike the threads in my mouth and I particularly don't like the smell of my pee the 24 hrs after eating them either... ☺️ Too bad, though, because you so enjoy them, sounds like my loss. 😢
Looking forward a lot to your solid square tutorials, hooray! Feels like top service, that you do them for us on request!


I never cook asparagus, but I am going to now - exactly as you suggested! (Crispy curly kale is a standard in our house now, thanks to you!)

Isn't it great how nature puts purple and green together a lot?! The perfect combo, I'd say.

Julia Crossland

Oh by jove, you are not alone in your love for those green veggies! I like to wrap a piece of parma ham around mine, then either cook on a hot griddle or do in the oven much as you do yourself. They are also nice with a bit of parmesan flaked over the top when they come out...Im sure you will be inundated with lots of asparagus recipes now! :D
Love your blanket Lucy, it is making my fingers itch to start another one!

Love, Julia xxx

Sam Roberts

I share your love for asparagus Lucy, and now I'm going to try cooking as you suggest as it sounds wonderful! I tend to roast most of my veg as it's my most favourite way. Enjoy today, Sam xxx


Such a lovely post, and wonderful photos! I am relieved, I have to say, to see that you too are preoccupied by asparagus. I love it too, the green one especially. So much so that I couldn't resist recently to paint an asparagus field - not quite as pretty as the stalks, but still - and now I am thinking that you might like it (it's behind the link). Oh, and I'm going to start my own granny square project soon, so exciting! You have truly inspired me!


Asparagus, especially the white, is the best. Do they sell the white in the UK, too? Will there be a tutorial for your harmony blanket? It Looks great so far.


dear lucy. Theres a lovely blubell walk not too far from you at Cowan Bridge. Put Leck into the computer and it will give you a map. Just do the woodland part. Its especially nice in the early evening rather romantic and slightly mysterious.Nearer to home theres the canal banks on the Keighley side of Skipton. You can park in the laybye and walk up to the tow path lots of new beech leaves too.Very much looking forward to the harmony blanket for my autumn project. Its too hot here in Andalucia for blanket crochet. Enjoy the rain I say, we wont have any for the nest few months. Nice to live in a place where we wake up in the night and think, oh goody rain. Lots of love Freddy


I have nomiated you for the Sisterhood of the World! blogger award. If you are interested in participating, you can find the rules here: https://piggiesplace.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/sisterhood-of-the-world/

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