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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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May 14, 2015


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Yes, please show us how to do these squares and how to join them! Thank you!


Yes! Please please PLEASE share a tutorial on how to join with an invisible seam. I have problems while joining and never feel confident about it not unraveling! LOVE your blog. I've now made the Cottage Topple and Cosy Blanket. Can't wait for the next one e!

Alisn Duncan

A tutorial would be wonderful! I've kind of taught myself to crochet but the results are....variable....

I generally pick projects which are too hard and then get disheartened when the finished product is a bit loose or wonky (rubbish basically!) - these look nice and straightforward and the joining technique also sounds perfect!

I love visiting your blog for a shot of colour on rainy Scottish days :-)


Ciao Lucy ti seguo sempre e il tuo blog mi piace molto, ho fatto una granny con i filati Warenhouse, mi piacerebbe tu preparassi un pacchetto anche con questi colori per questa nuova bellissima coperta che spero tu spiegherai, un saluto dal Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italia) M.Grazia www.pettirossoinfreddolito.blogspot.it

Sarah Eddleston

I LOVE these squares Lucy, they are just gorgeous. Can't wait much longer for the pattern!!!!!

Julie Dowthwaite

I would love the pattern for your solid granny squares and how to join. I love your blog, I only found it last weekend and have been reading it everyday. I am very new to crochet love all your projects and want to make them all. These little squares would I think be a good place to start and bring some beautiful colour into my life. Thank you for sharing the little snapshots of your wonderful colourful world. Julie

Connie Clark

I would like you to post the pattern for the solid granny square and how to join. Thanks

Kim Quinn

Love you and your world. I would so love the Square Pattern and joining. I already know when I make them they won't look a sweet as yours. But I must try.


Thank you for your invite to Coppers Creative ...I may well pop in as I pass in the not to distant future !


Like all of the previous comments, I would love the pattern for the square, I love your colourful world :)

Marilyn Robinson

Love all the colours in the different packs. Yes please to the instructions for the little solid squares.


What a beautiful, colorful studio! I love it!

gill from Bangor Co.Down

Love ur blog and cant wait for the pattern!


With my husband I popped into the Wool Warehouse (we live in the next town) where we met a charming Australian couple over here on holiday buying yarn. I took one look at her range of colours and said "oh are you going to make an attic 24 blanket?" She laughed and said yes - they were shipping the yarn home for her. We then spent sometime chatting about yarn and family history etc. A delightful conversation. We wished then well and then they went on their way.

MARIOLA leeman

I love your space - I'm lucky to have moved into a house with a space for me too. so now I have a studio/craft room, just have to motivate myself to do some. Looking at your blog gives me just the motivational kick I need - love your work. But are you sure these are carnations on the pictures above? look to me like irises lol


I love your studio!!! and I'd love to have the patter and joining instructions.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

margaret anderson

Ever tried making you own beads with Fimo or Primo, then you can get the holes big enough.


Lucy, I too would love the pattern on these squares and info on how to stitch them up. Every time I see them on your blog I think what a wonderful colourful blanket they would make! I'm presently making your cosy blanket and I already have the yarn pack for the cottage blanket. Thank you for the inspiration!!!!

Lydia March

Oh Lucy, I've spent so many hours trolling your site looking for the pattern of these target squares. I would love to have the pattern and a tutorial on how to stitch them together would be great! The first time I saw them on your work table I fell in love. I wouldn't be able to figure out the pattern myself but have been longing to make a blanket with them. So yes, yes, yes and please! After reading the other comments, I think it's clear! We want, we like!
Thanks for sharing your talent. You're a gem!
Also so great to see your readers from all over the world. Thank you from all the way out in the pacific in Hawaii! Lydia


i would love for you to write up the instructions for your "solid granny squares". it's the style of square that i have been looking for. thanks1


Yes, yes, YES, Lucy... Please do a tutorial on your invisible joining technique!!! I am about to embark on a granny blanket and would love to know your technique...thank you so much!!!

Tina Knight

Could I possibly please have your pattern for the little granny squares?
I'm making your Christmas wreath at the moment
You are very inspiring!

Elsie Pop

Love the studio! I have some serious workspace envy going on - must tidy/rearrange my craft room! xx

Lea Pea

The squares caught my eye a few weeks ago and gave me an idea for a cot blanket for my new nephew. I found a similar pattern but would love to know how you have joined them as I am having a devil of a time getting an invisible stitch and single crochet is very fiddly. So yes please - jumpy claps.

Lynn Dee Butler

Love your posts. Your love and play of color is so inspiring. I have a tip for stringing beads on yarn. A beading needle is very useful or dental floss with the stiff end for threading thru braces. It makes bead stringing so much easier. Especially if you are adding beads while you are crocheting. Looking forward to seeing your FO.

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