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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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May 01, 2015


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Lizy Tish

LOVE your spring-y pictures - our flowers are finally blooming too and we are so enjoying the nice weather and the GREEN finally appearing.


Adorei saber sobre a sua cidade. Eu sou de Portugal. Gostaria que lhe falasse da minha aldeia?

Elsie Pop

I'm loving the springtime flowers at the moment too - blossom and bluebells are out in force in our neck of the woods, making me just want to crochet things in green, pink and lilac! :)

Pam Craig

Where can I find the instructions for the squares? They are gorgeous ... I'm new to crochet - I saw your FB post on the cosy stripe blanket and loved it but didn't think I would be able to do it however I kept going back to it then saw your little comic relief squares had a try on a scrap of wool and ended up making a whole blanket of tiny squares for the back seat of our Citroen 2CV ...I can crochet! I'm now 2/3 of the way through the cosy stripe blanket and loving it. 4 friends in work have bought the kits and are doing it too having seen mine. Thank you for hours of enjoyment.


Finished my cosy stripe blanket tonight! I love it!


Hi Lucy! I have had a long break from the internet and am having a big catch-up on your blog which is proving to be so enjoyable. A real feast of colour and inspiration as always! I love all the bright spring images you have shared here, especially those delicious looking blanket blocks. I can't wait to see how it turns out! I know I always say it when I visit here but I am so in awe of your glorious talent, even when you write about something quite ordinary and domestic you infuse it with your own unique magic and make it wonderful for all of us to read. I enjoyed your last post too about the houses. We have lived in many different kinds of dwelling, I grew up in a tied cottage on a farm in Northumberland which was remote and beautiful. Now we live in a high rise flat with no garden (but lots of lovely green around us). There is a "drying yard" out the back where everyone hangs their laundry on long lines. It looks beautiful in the summer when there is row after row of washing flapping in the breeze like colourful sails. In fact our ideal home would be a trailer, we are Rromani and my husband grew up living with his family in a beautiful old style Westmorni Star with lovely engraved windows and mirrors and lots of polished chrome, not like the white trailers you see nowadays. It had pink bunks! It is difficult to find a permanent atchin tan (stopping place) for us now, hence why we live in a Gawdja ker (non Gypsy home). It is better for my husband's work. He found it very difficult to adapt to house dwelling when he married me (we were both 16!). He still thinks that having a bath or toilet indoors is disgusting, in our culture your home is traditionally shukko (dry), that is, no running water indoors. But of course we do have that now which I am thankful for! Thank you as always for sharing your beautiful photographs with us, so much inspiration here! Sala divus, te kushti bok, mandi gudla minipen! Love, Rubekah xxxx


I love my trips to your attic....always look forward to our visits. Happy Day! Your Alabama friend in the USA.

Lynne Bennett

I've been following your wonderful blog for some years now Lucy and have just made your yummy lemon syrup cake. Absolutely delicious and my Tasmanian visitors thought so too. Regards from Lynne in Australia


Hi Lucy,

I hope you don't mind me contacting you here. I was hoping to be able to get in touch with you via email about a possible writing opportunity. Would you mind getting in touch via email [email protected] and I can fill you in on the details?

Many thanks,



Hi Lucy have just bought some geranium plants for my canal boat. I just need a bit of colour and they remind me of frilly frou frous!!!!
We are about to head North to the Crick boat show and I will be making one of your ripple blankets during the month that we will be travelling. Love your blog , it has reignited my crochet skills.

Robin Summers

What beautiful pictures! I have stunning orange tulips and purpley pink azaleas sitting on my computer desk. I love how they look together in this vintage dairy bottle. I adore flowers. I can't wait for the introduction to the awesome blanket you are currently working on. I read somewhere that it will be called Harmony or something like that? Loads of colorful love to you Luce! XXXXXXX


Lisa, I'm not sure if you're still reading these comments, but in answer to your question about joining the squares, I think you'll find your answer here: http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/joining-asyougo-sqaures.html


What a gorgeous, colourful post! Orange is a colour I'm beginning to associate more with spring lately - I used to think of it as just an autumn colour. Your tulips are lovely, and look amazing with all those little crochet squares :)
Cathy x


Heavenly xx


I love the beautifully colored squares arranged on the table. Can someone point me to instructions for joining these without the join showing?


Hi Lucy,
I enjoy your blog so very much! Your colors, projects and photos are such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and designs with us all. I crochet (and just started knitting!) as often as I can in spare moments between teaching and being a mama. Whenever I want to make something new, I often look at your posts. Your pieces are so beautiful and cheery!

Best regards from Rhode Island!

Diane Whisson

Hi Lucy, just wanted to say how lovely all your posts are. I work in a wool shop in Gloucester and you are a constant source of colourful inspiration to all our lovely ladies (and some gents) that come to knit and natter with us .Thankyou love Diane x


Hi Lucy We're coming your way next week to stay at a nursery in Knaresborough with our Carrievan-first outing since last June due to husband's health. We willbe sure to come to Coopers for coffee, visit yarn and fabric shops and Salts Mills to see the Hockney exhibition. You are a great asset to Yorkshire Tourist Board-love reading about all the homes in your town.

ann clements

your post really cheered me up today, its been a horrible cold wet grey day down here in devon


What a lovely blog post Lucy. The tulips are a delightful. The blanket is smashing, mostly because you're so colour saved, something many of us struggle with.

Hope you enjoy having everyone home an extra day x

crafty mema

yes!!it is true
the posts can be so interesting to read
i live in the states but my father came here from castleton-over 100 years ago
so i enjoy your "tours" and the comments

xooxoxox crafthy mema

Jenny Lesley

Do you have instructions on how to do the squares ? I am new to crochet and would love to do this.


I love how you take delight in the small things, we all should do that more, but sadly, sometimes, life gets in the way and shuts our eyes to the beauty around us. Reading your blog and the lovely comments from around the world is a highlight in my day.


Once again, I find myself feeling completely at peace and content, looking at your blog ~ I love how vibrant colour is such a present element in your everyday life! I'd love to do that, more than I already do. I think the time may have come to start thinking about a granny square blanket in all my favourite colours ...

Mo Young

Hi Lucy, I live in a middle terrace house built in 1865 in Shropshire. My husband and I quite often think back to the people who lived here before us and what their lives may have been like. The 6 little terraced houses were built by the church building society.

I love your blog and reading about your lovely family. You have inspired me to become bolder with crochet (all I have ever made is Granny square blankets and Granny stripes) and try, try, and try until I succeed in making something different. xx

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