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May 25, 2015


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تفسير الاحلام

تفسير حلم المانجو والجوافة والعنب
ضياع الحزاء فى المنام و الميت قى المنام وغيرها من الاحلام فى المنام

Corliss Thrower

KWow do you give great instructions. I usually like a video
,but you are so complete. You must have been an a teacher. Thankyou. I am not a beginner, but need the help.

مؤسسة تنظيف

thank you

سعودي اوتو

Janet Tweedie

Enjoy your holiday with your family! Here in the US, we just began our summer break. Typically, schools here don't attend year-round. Our school in our town begins in mid-August, and ends mid-to-late- May (our last day this year was May 22nd). So, we have nearly 3 months ahead of us, and we make the most of it! Staying up late, sleeping late, no schedule, sports camps, picnics, beach vacations… we look forward to it all year. The last thing I would want to do is work when my kiddos are off school, so I completely understand and appreciate your need for a break off the blog. I hope you enjoy and soak up each second, and I look forward to your return!! xxx


i wish I could focus like you do.......i'm so scattered and go from project to project, such a cluttered mind. I know whatever you make will be fantastic!

Susie Kou

Hi! I'm new to the crochet world. Just love the colors of your yarns. So bright can cheerful. Where do you buy them? Want to start collecting them.

Love your work they r so gorgeous and beautiful.

Thank you.


Dear Lucy,
your site, and' really beatiful, I write from Italy,
I'am sorry for my English is not perfet
your works are pretty
and you are very kind to post with the tutorial
keep going
thanks again from
Anna Maria


Ooh lovely post so bright and cheery xx

Hayley Willmott

You always choose such gorgeous colour combinations! Love them x

Elsie Pop

I love my yarn winder, but only seem to use it for skeins which I can stick on my umbrella swift! I have a load of oddments lying around too - sounds like a job for the weekend! xx


Bursting with creative energy is the best feeling ever. Enjoy your excitment...

Lynda M Otvos

Loving your colors, Lucy. Have a great holiday and I cannot wait to see what you come up with to share.

JoDee Costello

Lucy, is there a tutorial somewhere for your lovely crocheted yarn basket? I thought I had seen one before, but cannot find it. It's not the same as the Crocheted Bag, is it? Thanks if you can lead me in the right direction!

Marilyn Jackson

I think you would really enjoy winding wool on a nostepinne ..... So simple, so much more aesthetically pleasing balls of yarn.

Caitlin Smith

Are you making something with the solid granny squares? Or do you make them to use as color swatches to play around with color?
Love love love your blog! Many thanks - Caitlin

Margaret Simpson

Lucy, you are a breath of fresh air. I only found your site two weeks ago, since then I have been practising some of your wonderful tutorials. I hope you enjoy your break away. Looking forward to your next blog.


Totally understand why you love your "low-tech" techniques, I can while away the time quite happily gazing at my yarn stash and dreaming of what I might do with it. Enjoy your holiday. Hx


I adore my yarn winder... Got it some weeks ago and it has done sooo much in regards of organisation!

Your yarn plays look like a lot of fun! :) I usually lay the balls onto the couch next to each other when I try to figure out new yarn orders.

Take care
Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)


How fun! Sometimes the planning can be as fun as the making! x


Unless you calibrate your computer screen to match the dyes that Stylecraft use then it would be impossible to get the colour matches exact - anyway it's much more fun the lo-tech way!

Sharon Izzard

Have a great break Lucy. A yarn winder is definitely on my Christmas list, a must since I have started spinning!
I am getting more and more intrigued with each post as to what your brain is cooking up now! :-)


Looks like something exciting is in the works :)


I too love to play with yarn colours and my yarn winder! Thank you for sharing :) x


Love that bit of green sneaking in there. Also, it's neurologically impossible to make decisions without emotion. So enjoy. And have a great holiday.


Your colour play looks like lots of fun - I think it's fascinating how colours change in different groupings and really admire your ability to select amazing combinations

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