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April 20, 2015


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Lovely Lucy. All yellow and happiness :-)

Where did you get that caravan cup? I LOVE IT!!!!


Lovely yellows! The egg and avocado recipe looks tasty, as does your lemon drizzle cake (one of my absolute favourites).


Colours making me happy today were the blue skies, claret coloured roses from my OH and lemons. I always have yellow somewhere about the house, it's so cheerful and love having lemons, limes and oranges. Your poached egg looks scrumptious.

Grace christian

It's called smashed avocado in Australia and is on every cafe brunch menu. Brunch is huge in Melbourne, where I am, one of my favourites is to sprinkle dukkah on top of the poached egg. Quite annoying the price of avocados has gone through the roof in the last few years because of the demand from cafes. Enjoy!

Sylvia OLeary

Raspberry Pink, as it happens. I have some lovely fabric remnants from the local curtain shop and I have every vibrant colour of piping imaginable, so colourful mostly raspberry pink cushions will adorn my new pure white bedspread. Ahhhhh.

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy the colours of the wallflowers that I grew from seed, two bunches
picked one in kitchen and other in living room. Pancakes with apples and lemon juice this evening!


Today's favourite colour? Definately the blue sky! The deep, pure blue at the top of the sky, not the paler blue round the edges ;-) . Loving the poached egg and avocado - though a soggy, fried egg butty with pepper will always float my boat xxxx Wishing you happy Spring days xxxxxx

Gillian Booth

I keep chickens and run a B&B so I know a bit about poached eggs! My favourites too I might add. The secret to making poached eggs is having the eggs really new laid fresh. If you have this luxury then you don't need anything else in the boiling water and they will be perfect. Also of course the yolks from our free rangers are out of this world and taste better than any eggs I have ever been able to buy.


Well, since Yellow is my most favorite color, your post today is the color that turns my switch on...we've just had a glorious blooming of the Palo Verde trees (native to the Sonoran desert but planted as ornamental trees curbside of subdivisions, public parks, etc. The brittle bush is a lovely daisy like flower native to the Mojave (pronounced Moe- HAV-ee) desert along with several lovely cacti blooming yellow in the neighbors yard.

Funny thing about the color yellow...many loathe it, but love it's compliment, Purple. Now there's a color that I can't abide unless it's natural such as violets, wisteria, hyacinths...Lovers of the color blue might have a very distinct aversion to it's compliment, Orange...and so it goes around the color wheel.

I'm very tempted to try your lemon cake...I do love anything lemony. I'm not a baker for the simple reason that I detest measuring. I'm one of those cooks who learned at my mother's side whose recipes were dictated as a little bit of this , a handful of that, pinch of this, a mound in the palm of that...never measured a blooming' thing.

jennifer W

Green wheat growing in the fields buffered by a ridiculously bright yellow canola field. The canola is such a bright yellow your retinas are endangered by looking directly at them. :)

I LOVE this connie mug!!!!


The colour that made me happy was the luminous blue sky between night and day around 9pm just as the moon and stars became visible.


I always have lemons and limes in the house. I feel like you can always make something good with them, and it's just nice to have them around. I think red is making me happy today because that's the color of my first rose in bloom in my backyard.

Deirdre Greene

What a yummy post...two of my favorite foods, poached eggs and avocados yum!!!! BTW Lucy I've made your lemon drizzle cake a few times, it's such an easy recipe and always gets loads of compliments. My favorite color...pink :) Deirdre xxxxx


I love the orangey yellow of really free range local eggs too. And I'm always buying lemons, they're one of my favourite things, I can't resist them. Love the pale frilly flowers, they're quite delicious. You'll have to divulge the secret of having a peaceful moment after the children are home from school, here, that usually means noise and chaos! Wishing you a good week Lucy. CJ xx


Your lemon drizzle cake makes me happy, too! Of all the things I bake, it's the one that's most requested by people at my office.

Blue is making me happy today. I started a blue ripple blanket over the weekend (also thanks to you!) and I have been looking forward to getting back to it all day. Can't wait until I'm off work and can sit with it on my couch with the windows open.


For me, it was the pink of blooms against the blue of the sky :) Thanks for such a happy post!


Green gingham made me smile today as my little girl wore her summer dress to school for the first time this year - must mean the warm weather is on its way.
Shelly at Peppermint Crochet


Sunshine made me happy today and turquoise, pink, orange, lilac and yellow spots on material I bouht today for a new table cloth I'm going to make!! Happy day now working on my coastal ripple. Xx Los of love Joy Xx


I love, love, love avocado! Wish i could eat it every day... did you try adding a pinch of salt, pepper and sugar yet? Best avocado cream ever. I was sceptial about the sugar at first but it really doew the trick! Okay, now i want avocado myself.....

Take care
Crochet Between Worlds


The colours of the coast - all shades and manner of blue, the colours of the hills and moorlands - in the words of Johnny Cash - forty shades of green! Yellow I have an uneasy relationship with but your photos are - as ever - beautiful.

Winwick Mum

Just now, it's the sky turning beautiful shades of pink and orange. Other than that, it's your lemon cake. Lemon cake does it for me every time! xx


I raise free range chickens and I know exactly what you mean about how good their eggs are. The yolks are so yellow and they taste like butter to me. That recipe sure looks delicious. I will have to try it. Right now I am so hungry for an egg!


Blue has made me happy today. Blue skies, the blue sea, and painting my daughter's play house blue and white stripes, beach house style. Love the beautiful shades of yellow in your home right now

Joan Jepson

I am going to make a Lemon and Elderflower Drizzle Cake tomorrow. I agree it is a lovely cake. Joan at www.aviewtothefells.com


My first thought is also yellow as I often make lemon drizzle cake using eggs from my local deli where they sell their own gorgeous fresh eggs at seriously silly prices.
I think that green has to be my favourite colour this week as I see my garden bloom (thanks to friends who donated cuttings/plants etc when I moved house last year)but love to see the changing hedgerows as I drive into Chester and experience wonderful shades of colour.
I also like your mug Lucy.

I'm fortunate enough to be only an hour away from the seaside but

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