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April 20, 2015


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Angel Jem

Please may I come for lunch at yours one day! The egg and avocado looks beautiful.

lindsey Toms

Lovely spring photos, I love lemon drizzle cake :)

Jacqueline Strand

Yellow is my favorite color - I've always thought it was a happy color and just seeing a yellow blouse, a yellow flower, etc., makes me smile.

Janette Surtees

the colour that has pierced it's way into my head today has to be the sight of my acid greeny yellowy Euphobia Characias wulfeni in my garden in the bright Somerset sunshine. I grew this plant from a friends seedling and it gives me great pleasure every time it arrives in April.


I love your post today. Yellow is just the best cheer everyone up color! The cake looks wonderful and avocados are good with just about anything, in my opinion. I know you've said before where your mug came from but I've forgotten now. Bunting, trailers, and polka dots are some of my favorite things. Thanks for the happy words.


I mostly enjoy non-white after a long winter with so much snow! A month ago, we were still blanketed, but now it’s all gone and the ice has cleared off Lake Ontario. So many shades of blue in the water, and the sky beautiful yesterday afternoon after heavy rains. The crocuses and daffodils are barely out of the ground, and yet are blooming: dots of yellow, pink and purple in the otherwise still dull brown-green gardens and lawns. Spring is happening in slow motion here: you can almost see things grow!

Wendy's Mhaaksels

Looks like a very good day ;)
Greetings from Holland, Wendy
Wendy's Mhaaksels


I saw the most amazing spread of pink and mauve flowers on a roundabout yesterday in Newton Abbot (Devon). I wanted to stop and photograph it but I was running late to pick up my daughter. The shades of colour were wonderful and it made me think of you! I may try to pop back and take a picture.


The fresh, bright green of new leaves against the cloudless blue of the sky, trees full of white blossom and the bluebells in the dappled shade of the woods.


I love the yellows too. My forsythia is booming here in Ohio and my red bud trees are getting ready to pop. My grandson cut some of my daffodils and one purple hyacinth and made a bouquet for my table. Spring is so nice when the weather cooperates.

michelle smith

I loooooooove yellow in the spring ,i think after the drab winter we need colour,daffs are my favourite flowers ,and always have lots around the house in spring,and the glorious weather makes such a difference lucy ,i might make the lemon drizzle cake later ,you,ve inspired me ha ha x

Sue Beard

Well I will share with you my happy colour experience today. Sitting with my knit and natter group outside in the sunshine. One of us had a coastal blanket(Attic24) and one of us had a cosy blanke(Attic24) thank you Lucy for our colourful afternoon. There was also a completed coastal blanket folded up in a basket. Your name crossed our lips several times during the nattering. Xx


I had colour overload yesterday I visited Liberty of London AMAZING the fabric the building everything!!
Then onto a great pub for an early tea before diving into sensory overload that is "CATS" the musical wow wow wow so I can't pick 1 colour just now only colour full stop.


Guess what I'm going to have for lunch today now! Great blog as ever, and I'm definitely going to try J's poached egg system!


GREEN, My grass is a lush green for my rabbits to hop around on.
Love that caravasn mug.


Yellow for me too.... the abundance of narcissi, daffodils, tulips, forsythia all around the village in gardens, hedgerows, verges... and lots in our own space too. Slightly better on a rather dull morning I think, when the colour really zings and sings to you.


Sorry Lucy, yellow is my least favourite colour except daffodils at this time of the year. Pink, red, mauves are my colours.

Jennie Craine

Much of our house is painted yellow (outside walls all are) and inside too, as it faces east so can be a bit gloomy. Like you I always have lemons in and adore Lemon Drizzle cake. You have made me hungry now! Cut flowers like your Narcissus give so much pleasure and for a modest cost. Lovely post.

Jenny B.

I love yellow! I keep adding more yellow throw pillows to our couch. :) That pound cake has my mouth watering so much I can almost taste it!

Positive K9 Training

Lemons are probably the most used fruit ingredient in our house! We add it to everything for a bit of extra *pang*

Leah Lynch

Turquiose is my favorite. I have a collection of vintage art deco vases on my mantle so they are always there to brighten my day! We love avocados in our house too!


I see a fellow Aussie beat me on mentioning that Avocado smash with poached eggs is a staple in Australian Cafes. Often with a tomato salsa. I love it myself. Lovely colours Lucy, yellow makes me happy too. Though I'm pretty content with the Autumnal leaf palette here in Canberra.



Hula Loop

Pink blossom and blue sky... Loving looking up at the moment! :0) Sarah xx


Avocado and poached egg - I MAY try. Unsure.

Green has made me happy today - sitting in my garden in the sunshine after school for the first time today on our 'new sofa for the season' - a sofa that someone was chucking out!

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