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April 20, 2015


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Colors that made me happy today are Hot Pink, Cherry Red, and a delicate Yellow melding into Peach and Pink. These are colors from the roses blooming right now in my flower beds. It has been raining daily here for almost a month straight which is very different from the norm for south-west Texas. We are finished with the 5 year drought finally. I lost 2/3 of the flowering plants I had in the garden. Even some of the sages and more delicate cacti did not make it through. It was so dry and no watering allowed because of the restrictions. One of the big things that makes me happy is being able to come to your site and read about what you are doing and creating. This always cheers me up.


Thank you so much Lucy for all the good things you share ... I love you lemon cake !!!


hi Lucy

i would like to get in contact with you, do you have an email address where I can write to you?


Hi Lucy,
I tried your recipe of the lemon drizzle cake for the very first time and it was a huge succes! My husband even asked to bake another one this week and stated that from now on I should replace my traditionnal 4/4 cake by this lemon drizzle. Thank you for sharing your information. It's always a pleasure to read your blog.

Best regards from Belgium


Yellow is probably one of my least favourite colours but lemon cake, lemon tart, lemon anything.... so yummy!
I was so distracted looking a the photos by the beautiful coaster sitting underneath your jug, are there instructions please?


Lemon cake has to be one of my all-time favourites. Particularly lemon polenta cake...
And I've been amazed at the variety of narcissi this year. We planted a mixed selection of bulbs in the autumn and the flowers are just gorgeous. I like the little, multi-headed ones best.
I'm having a blue moment, probably because I spotted my first bluebells of the spring last week. And the skies have been so clear and cloudless.
S x

Murphy R

I'm making a spring green cowl, and that is making me happy right now, but the real reason I'm leaving a comment is because I just (this week!) read about Julia Child's trick to perfect poached eggs every time, and I wanted to share it with you! It just takes a straight pin and a quick pre-boil before you crack the egg!




Oooh I am jealous of your lemons! I cannot get one for love nor money in Manchester City centre - my poor throat has been raging all week and I still struggle with how limited the selection is in the small supermarkets within walking distance. Honey and lemon would no doubt help, but it's not to be.

However, the cheery colours improving my week have been some lovely Stylecraft colours: pinks, purples and grey shades for a blanket. I have to choose colours I really love for big projects to keep me interested, I'm sure these will do the trick :)

Thank you for sharing your lovely yellows!


I just love your blog. It is so full of light and sunshine. I come often to feel the inspiration. It's a cozy place for me to travel along with you.


I made the cake lucy it was DEEEEEEEEEEELICOUS AND DIDNT LAST LONG ,thankyou x

carolyn jackson

Another great post, I make lemon muffins very similar but will be making you cake very soon. We have a lovely lemon tree in our garden, I too love seeing the bright lemons. Carolyn.


Definitely blue today!
Blue sky (with wild white washing firmly pegged to the line)
A carpet of blue Scilla flowers beneath , and a new indigo blue flouncy skirt worn with a white tee shirt:)


Perfect xx

ann clements

what made me happy today??? well it was the sight of a lovely blue sky and sunshine, and seeing my bluebells flowering in my front garden, my mm dug them up many years ago from her garden and gave them to me, mum passed away nearly 7 years ago but the bluebells remind me of her


Lemon Drizzle - thank you for the link to the recipe - it gave me many happy memories of watching Yorkshire Television's series of The Farmhouse Kitchen and yes I also have the book.

Robin Summers

I have to say I am riding right along with you in the boat of yellow! I love anything lemon, I love an egg sunny side up and just adore any yellow flower especially roses that have a smell that fills the room. Spring is definately here and life is lovely. :) xxxxx Enjoy yourself and rest easy Lucy.


Today it was yellow that lifted my mood after a Down. Lovely flowers on my morningwalk. I picked some to have on my table, but my cat must have loved the colour too, so it ate them...


Great blog as always, love yellow, who wouldn't it is the colour of sunshine!!


I just love yellow, it's the happiest colour and never fails to cheer me up!


I love avocado and poached eggs - will have to try them together.

Annelies Hendriks

What a nice blog to read. Sometimes little things can make a person happy. Yesterday i drove home. I just had a two days meeting so i was really looking forward going home. I drove not at the main road but through little, for my unknown, places. And suddenly the red and yellow tullips fields appear. I parked my car , opent my window and loved the smell of tullips.
So yesterday the colors red and yellow made my happy and thankfull.
It inspired my to think about making a tullip quilt so back to the drawingboard

Lyn Zalk

Loving the scent and color of my newly opened Purple Dutch Hyacinths!!!1 Their scent filled my dining room!!!


Love all the photos but I could seriously have eaten that lemon drizzle cake right off my computer. Happy days!

crafty mema

you gotta love spring and all the wonderful things it brings

xooxox crafty mema

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