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April 27, 2015


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Sounds like a great week! I too LOVE canal boats, the old mills and allotments.

You do know you are pushing up the house prices where you live, don't you!


How very lucky you are to live in such gorgeous part of the world! Pat x

Helen F

fantastic post - yes you are very lucky living in your beautiful village - how I envy you!!!


I always enjoy your adventures and the photos that go with them.


Please please please share the pattern with us! !! :)

crafty mema

love it all
the canal boat art-the colors-the afaghan

xooxoxoxox crafty mema


Just returned after spending weekend in Skipton. Spent time drinking coffee and eating lovely cake in Coopers a couple of times. We even saw the wide berth boat today before we left. It's such a lovely place where you live. Love to read your blog and see your colourful photos. x


I would like to see what you see !!
you have exciting discovery life! and i love the eye you have to take good pics.


Sounds like a wonderful week. I slowed down a bit last week as well, I think it was the sun, it demanded to be appreciated. Lovely to see those allotments. I can't go past allotment sites without having a good look, I'm a bit obsessed with them I think. I do hope you get a plot before too much longer. They are wonderful things. A little piece of land of your very own, to grow whatever you love and to hang out and have fires and hit things with sticks, perfect. I hope this is a good week for you as well Lucy. CJ xx

Teresa Kasner

Ooooh Lucy, what a magnificent post! Your life is so full and creative and lovely. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to your daughter! What a great day and present you gave her! Of course now I want to see what she chose at Pandora! I'm excited about the Stylecraft judging.. did you see mine there? You are such a yarn/crochet rock star! We are at the beach in our caravan, I'm relaxing after a busy trip to New Orleans.. I do hope you're able to pop over to my blog and see the photos of that wonderful city - I know you'd enjoy it. Don't work too hard! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Lovely post Lucy, I love seeing photos of the canal and your home town. Do quite a bit of pottering myself sometimes, really cold today though so perhaps the bluebells will wait for you. Look forward to seeing your blanket finished.

audra janssen

Happy birthday to the little lady! I so enjoyed the photos as my husband has been abroad- England, Poland, Germany, ( and not the touristy places-thank you!), and I have not. I much prefer the real and now; and so your pics were wonderfully interesting. I so appreciate your patterns, and your sense of color is amazing. THANK YOU! aj

Deirdre Greene

Hi Lucy, you've had a really fun week...happy birthday Little Lady...I've been doing the opposite, I've forced myself to stop galavanting & stay at home & do some spring cleaning...don't you hate it when the sun shines in the windows & shows up all the dust so I rolled up my sleeves & got to work. Now after all that I have a "cappuccino & cake" date with two good friends tomorrow morning & I can't wait!!! Deirdre xxx

Sue goldsmith

Thanks for gorgeous pics. We're thinking about buying a canal boat soon your blog made us say 'lets get on with it' jump off the merry go round of work (24/7 shifts) and live. Are you going to share with us your harmony blanket pattern. Would love to do this. Sue

christa harris

that's a long time to wait for an allotment!
If its not forthcoming ~ have you considered putting an ad in a shop window ~ asking for the use of someone's back garden in exchange for surplus veg. Something I do ~ a good way of making friends/growing veg and helping out someone who's not able to tend their garden.


Absolutely love all your posts, a bit of colour and chat makes my day. There's nothing quite like chugging along in a narrowboat, especially if the sun's shining. 4 miles an hour, and countryside and nature you can only see from the water. Talk about relaxation!
Happy belated birthday to little lady. They grow up so quickly, but are always your babies. (Just don't tell them though!)

Carol D

Oh my! Lucy you've done it again! You so make me want to hop on a plane and get to your corner of the world....all the places you visited are so lovely!
I really enjoyed all!the waterways with the colorful boats...I do find waterways peaceful and relaxing.
Thank you for 'taking us along' on your little Birthday Trip with Little Lady. She, like all our children, is growing up way too fast.

Thanks for the visit - I feel as if my day has begun anew -- all in thanks to our lovely visit!

maryanne holm

Thank you for the lovely pictures. I didn't know about canal folk art and loved looking at it. I wish I lived in an area that appreciated history and historic buildings and traditions and 100 year old trees. Thank you for letting me know that there is a place on this earth where they are appreciated.


Love you sharing your bit of life and just the day to day woman side of things. Happy Birthday to little miss ! And I'm so glad you had time to potter about, to travel, to share time with family, friends and creative people :)


I'm wearing my fur-lined boots today! It's freezing cold, blowing a gale with heave hail showers. Not a day for flip-flops.

Sarah Green

I absolutely Love Love Love going on trips with you!! Your writing and your photos make me feel like I am right there with you! Thank you so very much for sharing!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Gregory

Love all your blogs. Can't do much crochet for a while got tennis elbow. So painful. Miss doing a few rows of my cosy blanket. Any ideas to give me a quicker cure for this painful problem. I have even bought the strap for my arm but without success. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Spécialiste de l'éphémère

You live in a wonderful country. We travel through the Atlantic twice a year to have the pleasure to be there.

Have a pleasant week.


Sounds like a fab week to me, I do love this time of year and also have a birthday this week. The blankets looking just lovely, can't wait for the bluebells.
Clare xx

Winwick Mum

I didn't realise until I read Phil's post that Stylecraft was based in Slaithwaite - I drive through there to visit one of my best friends who lives in the next village. Such a beautiful part of the world - all of Yorkshire is, really! Giraffe's a fabulous place for a birthday lunch and I'm glad you and Little Lady (should that be Big Lady now? :-) ) had a lovely time together. It's important, Mum and daughter time xx

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