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April 27, 2015


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I wonder how many there are of us across the world (I'm from South Africa) who never leave home without a bit of crochet at hand?


amo seus trabalhos !,perfeitos ,pode compartilhar a uniaõ de square que faz em suas cobertas?, esta que esta fasendo é outra uniaõ,?esta diferente achei ótima !,obrigada se for atendida!,meu imail;[email protected]


I truly enjoyed your 'rambling' and have to admit I'm seriously jealous of your surroundings and the places you have to visit at your disposal! Love your blog...thank you!! ♥


Ramble away! I love to read your posts and see all your beautiful photos! Not to mention your beautiful crochet - can't wait to see your latest creation. You are always so positive Lucy I always feel so cheered when reading your blog. Happy 11th birthday to your little lady! x

Denise Marshall

Lovely pictures again, hasn't the weather been lovely in April? As a canal boat dweller myself, on a boat similar to the widebeam you were admiring. Most canal dwellers are very friendly, you should have given a little knock on the side of the boat and asked for permission to capture the lovely planters. I'm sure they wouldn't have minded. Maybe next time.

Ingrid van Kaam

Hello from holland. What a great week it was for you. I love the pics wuth the boats. The are zo totaly different then we have in Holland. Enjoy your little lade before you know she fly out of your nest :-)


Such a perfect day! Love to read your blog.

Anne Marie

Beautiful photographs as usual. I particularly love the wide beam boat you photographed, I'd love to live on one of those in a beautiful location like there but I would have to rid myself of a lot of furniture first, although they are probably as large as my house!

The colours of your new blanket are scrumptuous.

Selina Baihn

beautiful & breathtaking
ramble all you like, i will always read :))
love the photos & the lovely 'tour guide' of your week, it's good to slow down once in a while, you need to smell the roses or come up for air, gets you going for the next project, what gorgeous weather you are having too, to enjoy it all in.
thanx for sharing


What a lovely post so enjoyed reading it xx


Thank you for your wonderful blog! Your crochet is inspirational, now if only i could get my husband to agree to that much colour around the house! I am about to embark on one of the ripple blankets and as I am in South Africa I am going to have some fun finding equivalent colour combinations. Keep up your gorgeous work!


Beautiful post as always lovely, if you can't get an allotment yet it might be worth asking about to see if you have an elderly/disabled/super busy neighbour with a garden bigger than their energy levels can handle. My partner and I have chronic illnesses and as much as we love our garden every year the veg patch and flower border sit half empty, we just don't have the energy to fill them, so this year we've roped in a friend who has no garden to share the work, cut flowers, veg and herbs with us, so far it's working out fabulously for us all. love and cake and happy birthday to little lady xxx


So many yarns hmmm :)

Regards !!!

Hope Owens

I must admit to an amount of yearning to visit your peaceful little hamlet. Years ago I read books by James Herriot, the veterinarian, whose love for the people and land were contagious. Happy adventures! God bless, Hope


Sometimes you need to take a break from the work especially when the sun is shining! I always enjoy images of your town, over the years some of the sights have becoming quite familiar. I saw a canal boat for sale the other day, it was a lovely dream to do it up and fill it with crochet and bright colours! Sarah x


Leeds is a super city both my grown-up children have settled there. Last time I went with Number 1 Daughter for high tea in a lovely vintage tea-room aptly called 'Just Grand' in The Grand Arcade. This Arcade is filling up with little Indie businesses one of which is a craft co-operative selling the very fine wares of over 50 local crafts people. The quality and variety was amazing. Number 1 Daughter found some wonderful things for her home and boyfriend.
Don't worry there is no Number 2 daughter struggling with always being second best. There is only a Number 1 Son!
Moke x

Shirley Furlow

Thanks for sharing your happy day. Do you plan to share your blanket pattern? Thank you for a reply. Shirley


Wonderful photos, absolutely loving your harmony blankey. Can't wait to see the finished result :-) X x x


I just LOVE this post! I'm sure I will read it again for a field trip of my own. Thanks for taking us along.


I think you could photograph and write about paint drying and I would find it interesting! You are soooooo lucky to live where you do, your village or is it town is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


I think you live in a lovely place, I know what you mean about the call of the sea but to be surrounded by those hills, well that's special too! :) xxx

Elsie Pop

Riverside crochet is on my wish list for this summer... but I might have to settle for my local canal! How exciting to be in the Stylecraft building, I would be in total awe! Can't wait to see the winning colours! xx


You know I love your local town very much, it's a special place. I enjoyed reading about your week and it sounds like you were quite busy, but busy doing nice things which makes all the difference.

I wondered it that photo of Trinity would make me miss Leeds, but no. But that photos of Cavendish Pavillion Cafe at Bolton Abbey - oh my. LOVE that place. I think I miss the Dales much more than Leeds. xx

Sylvia OLeary

Oooooooo. A Pandora bracelet! That's quite a few birthdays and Christmases taken care of then. Lucky girl! Do you remember what a posh bracelet feels like at 11? I do. (sigh)


I L o V e S k I p T o N Xx Lots of love Joy Xx

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