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April 04, 2015


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gabriella adano

Lovely photoes!!Happy Easter


Lucy, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your pictures and posts! You never fail to brighten my day. I am amazed by your creativity and love the glimpses I get into how you live your life. Such a beautiful family! I especially love the *COLOR*!!!! I find myself buying your yarn packs from Wool Warehouse just to surround myself with those beautiful combinations of color. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us.


I often write a comment and when i go back to see other comments mine is not there - what am i doing wrong?

Annette My Rose Valley

Hi Lucy!
How lovely. Slow and simple enjoyment is the best. I've always wondered how it is to do ALL initial circles at once when starting on a granny square project... Maybe it is worth trying. SO far I only make maybe 5 or 6 of them at the time and have them as a goal to be finished by the end of a day... Looks yummy all of it. Happy Easter!


What a relaxing time you have had and just a pity that the weather was not a little warmer, though the sun is trying to come out today. Love Little B's wreath - lovely colours.


So lovely Lucy. Makes me smile as our weeks have been quite similar - excepting your eldest! And my crochet is target squares! Happy contentment indeed! Enjoy your Easter weekend, J9x


oh Little B, such a wonderful wreath. So sweet that he has picked up your way of doing things. Send the blog lovin' back!


A gentle week is always welcome indeed! You needed that too ;) Lucy, is that the new colour pack that's coming? The 5 round grannies? May I ask if those colours are 'set in stone'? I adore the combination... except for one, which tends to jar my eyes every time I look at it. The Lime just throws and overshadows the soft gentleness of the other colours... the meadow is enough green... just an opinion :D You inspire so many of us with your wonderful blanket creations, I have a house full of them but it's never enough and I can't wait for a new blanket pack...although I still have the cottage pack to get and work on hehe... Keep up the great work hon xx

Susan M

Great wreath Little B!


What a gorgeous heap of tiny squares! And it sounds like a lovely relaxed week - I'm hoping for similar now our holidays have started.

Carolyn Jackson

Lovely happy family post, staycations can be so great, everything is handy and you can be relaxed. I too can well remember that lovely plasticine smell, many years ago now. School hols here too, following Easter and our clocks went back last night, we are 11 hrs different to you now !Cant wait to see you new blanket.
Caro NZ.

Robin Summers

I love the colored Easter cards. I remember getting those when by two kids were little tots. Now I have the joy of getting them from my four grand babies. I have enjoyed this week as well. I had a wonderful birthday and a couple of lazy dazy days as well. Thanks for the lovely post and showing the start of I know what will be an awesome blanket. :) xxx Robin


I love little B's wreath! It looks so "at home" amongst all your other colourful creations. That's one to treasure and bring out every easter. And oh, the smell of Plasticine! Takes me back too many years to my childhood, used to love cutting along the ridges to make long, long strips. Thanks for the memories. Enjoy the rest of the hols, and the weather's warming up nicely too, YIPPEE!


I love Little Man's wreath. What has he used for the polka dot parts? I'd love to see this close up.

The blanket looks to be more loveliness for all to enjoy. I hope you put up a pattern for it. Aren't we a greedy bunch? HA.

It's so nice to have a stay-cation, no plans, play it by ear, just laze about and enjoy every minute of it. Happy Easter. from the Western USA



Hula Loop

What a lovely week you've had. Nothing better than relaxing at home and enjoying the little things. Love Little B's wreath, what a clever chap he is. Enjoying to seeing your new blanket grow. Thank you for sharing your lovely colourful life with us all. xxx Sarah :0)

Winwick Mum

Sometimes, school holidays are just about doing your own thing. No activity camps. no rushed outings, no marching around shops to buy school shoes and uniform (isn't that just the worst thing for a child to do on holiday anyway?!). Thank you for the shared calm, and Happy Easter xx

Teresa Kasner

What a nice week you've all had.. love the wreath and the coloring and the crocheting. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.. I know you will!

*H*A*P*P*Y* *E*A*S*T*E*R*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anne Skene

lovely post, thank you. Please tell little B that his wreath is wonderful. also tell him that I have planted some pumpkin seeds indoors - I'm hoping to get more that big, bright yellow flowers this year...even though they were wonderful


Happy Easter to you and your family. Looks like your all having a lot of fun while relaxing. Take care vina xx


What a joyful post, beautiful colours that sing out!. We are just back from sponge bob movie. The best of the movie was the wee boys sitting in front of us giggling furiously throughout.that made me smile and reminded me of happier pre teenage days!!


Love your big bowl of squares! Luscious indeed! Please be sure and tell the kiddies that I loved their crafts too. Especially little B's!
Happy Easter to you all.


Living and loving life - just my cup of tea and crochet of course.


spring :)

Jo Navin

Please say to little B that I love his wreath and well done!!! :-) I'm also loving the beginnings of your new blankety journey. Happy easter to you all, love Jo xxxx

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