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April 15, 2015


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This is so lovely. Thank you for sharing. You sound happy...and I am so glad for that! I understand the call of the ocean...I will get my fix in 2 weeks and I am really looking forward to that time!


I LOVE Dorset-spent many, many holidays there as a child in my Nan's static caravan.I love West Bay-great for kite flying!!

Wendy Burnett

Thank you Lucy for sharing your happy days with your family in beautiful Dorset. We spent some wonderful holidays and too created some very special memories on the beach whilst staying in our little touring caravan at Manor Farm, Burton Bradstock. I still treasure my collection of different stones found on Hive beach, that being one of my favourite places in the world! I was lucky enough to create another memory at the Manor House this time last year when myself and two other friends surprised by best friend of over 45 years for a special birthday, it is a wonderful restaurant and what a setting!

Your posts always lift my spirits, but this one has been really special, if one can't be in Dorset, the next best has to be Yorkshire! X


Dorset looks beautiful, I really want to visit. My grandfather's family came from Bridport and lived there for many generations. Your new blanket looks so, so pretty. It's another one I know I am going to want to make, and I haven't even started the Cosy blanket yet!!


Sounds like the perfect holiday, Lucy. So glad you had such a wonderful time with your family.


Hello, I love reading your blog and your photos are amazing.
Also love the look of your new Harmony blanket - will you be sharing this as a pattern at some point?
I bought one of your Cosy Stripe Blanket kits at the K&S show in Ally Pally in Oct and am steadily working my way through it (as quite a novice hooker but am loving it and it looks so pretty.

Robin Summers

Your holiday seems to have rolled along without a hitch. The pictures are just heavenly. Especially all the ones of the beautiful beaches with the lovely seas and sunsets. Wonderful untainted seaside air is absolutely delightful. Thank you as always for sharing your photos and memories with us. lots of love to you Lucy and your adorable family. I so adore reading your blog and sharing the colorful crocheting that makes up so much of your world. You are truely special. :)


It seems you have great days.
i like to see pics from your trips as you always show us great landscape and great history monuments.
And defenetely love the coastal blanket.


Was just wondering about the little fish attached to your scissors in the yarn picture. Is it holding a needle? Do you have a pattern for this?
Thank you!


Thanks for sharing your holiday with us - I really look forward to reading your blogs.

Ali Whale

You can't beat the convenience of a convenience where ever you find yourself, and that was a beautiful place to be, thanks for sharing x


We adore Dorset too & have stayed in Weymouth on sevral occasion. I love the bunting & those sweet little lanes of shops. The surrounding areas are such an adventure to explore xx

kerry mortimer

That's a perfect family break love the look of the beautiful sea and countryside you are very lucky to visit xx


Such beautiful countryside and happy family memories made :)


Keep having good times! Love reading your blog!!!


That was a truly wonderful read, Lucy- thankyou. I feel like I have just had my own mini break to the other side of the world. I can thoroughly appreciate the double-edged sword of the "Broadchurch effect" lol. I watch that program here in Australia and think of you and your Dorset holidays. Is that a little freaky? It must be great for the traders in the area though. Absolutely spectacular photography. What a lovely family holiday.

Deb R

Love reading your posts, they take me away from the daily grind and leave a smile on my face. Love all your descriptions and pics, just magical!

Elizabeth Cameron

Hi, Lucy, I just wanted to mention about your tribute to Vanessa Cabban earlier in the year..........

Vanessa (and Hugo) were my next door neighbours for two years, when they first got together, and then they bought a larger property in Berwick, and moved, and we lost touch, although I kept up with them via her blog, and loved reading it.

I didn't hear about her tragic death until a few weeks ago, and am still shocked and gutted. Cannot get her out of my mind, and what a dark place she must have been in.

It's made me realise that, truly, we never know what burdens other people are carrying........So very very sad.


Love reading your blog and looking at your pics from my little townhouse in N. California. Can't wait to make it over to the UK some day. (I *thought* a couple pictures looked like scenes from Broadchurch!) Beautiful scenery, dreamy times. Thanks so much for sharing your holiday with us!

Michelle Walden

I live in Weymouth. It's a great place, but even better out of tourist season as it feels like you have the beach to yourself and no queues! I love living in Dorset. Glad u enjoy your visits! Maybe have a short stay out of season to really appreciate it x

Sue Munn

Seriously, when I looked at your English s'mores picture (and I wish I had one-s'more, not picture) I swear I thought that was a white mouse between the biscuits! And it looks like another one in the background! Sounds like a wonderful, fun vacations!


Thank you for a lovely post! Gorgeous photos of what looks like a holiday to remember :)

Carolyn Jackson

What a lovely post Lucy, took me back to when 54 yrs ago !!!! my Husband took me to meet his family for the first time, they lived near a wonderful beach too, I remember it like it was yesterday., we still visit there each year if we can. You have the sort of happy holiday times that are the best. Love your new blanket too ., I will enjoy seeing it grow. Thankyou again. Carolyn NZ.,


What a wonderful break you had, I'm so glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Dorset is one of my favourite places, I have several very happy holidays there. Chesil Beach is breathtaking isn't it. Next time I go I shall definitely try a hot supper on the beach. I love to see your pictures every time you go. Glad you all preferred to unspoilt places, I think we would too. I hope you've settled back into normal life now. CJ xx

Hula Loop

Lovely Lovely photos! Reading this has made me feel really nostalgic about my own favourite places as well as really excited about my summer hols later this year. Glad you had a nice time and really glad you shared it with us on the warmest and sunniest day of the year so far. Might have to try the marshmallow and chocolate digestive melts soon too, they look very yummy! Sarah xx

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