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April 13, 2015


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Susan Presba-Morris

I found your blog a few years ago and find it a way to get away from my stresses when I cannot physically leave. I am a teacher in a small district in northern California and have much rural beauty around us. Your phrasing and writing is very enjoyable and I thank you for it.
Finding you again is like a breath of fresh air.

Elsie Pop

Blanket on the beach - that's going on my photo goals for the year! xx

Morag macpherson

Lovely. I think you appreciate things so much more when you don't have them. I lived in Essex then lonfon for a few years and I missed my hills and sheep so muh. look out you view of the attic, and I mean really look, mindful, imagine life without that view, without your home, your family coz if you'd stayed on Devon you won't have them. look at your view and fill your heart with thanks x x x


I've followed your blog for a while and have to say your house and where you live would be my perfect holiday. I dream of living in a village in Yorkshire with my very own little cottage looking out on the dales. I live in a small rented house in the middle of grey, noisy, smelly Birmingham. I've lived in this city all my life and have dreamt of going north since a visit to the Lakes fifteen years ago. I don't know if I'll ever escape the city but my visits to your house through your blog help to make my grey life here bearable. Keep posting the colours and pretty views from Yorkshire.

Faye Morgan

What have you got to feel blue about? You have just had a lovely holiday, you have a nice home to go back to with a good husband and your children.What more do you want? There are some people out there who would give anything to have a fraction of the life you lead.

Poppy Fields

i'd move to dorset if I were you...live is too short for regrets. I'd hate not being near the sea (I'm on the sussex coast)


It's amazing that blanket is even more gorgeous on the beach.


You don't have to keep your chin up if you don't want to, Lucy. The more you acknowledge the blues, the more easily it eventually goes away :)

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Lu Douglas

I've been following your blog for a while now and it seems you never adjust to coming home. When I saw the title, I thought, Oh no, please don't let this be about being in the dumps again, it seems not so long ago you were there as well, and I was hopeful for a moment when the first image popped up but then it was back down to the blues. I wish you could find something positive to come home to after these trips, they seem to always have the DOWN side which seems to spoil the good. Keep your chin up.


It's good to catch up with family Lucy and lovely to have family in Dorset so glad you enjoyed it. We are off to Corfe Cstle later in the summer with friends and I am so looking forward to it....although I live in beautiful Norfolk I do love Dorset just as much.


I know what you mean about post holiday blues! When I've returned from a trip to the coastal town where my parents live, I always long to return and feel down about being back in the real world! One cheery thing is you have daffodils and jonquils to brighten your day! Here in Kangaroo Land, autumn has set in and I'm already longing for spring :(

The Patchwork Heart

so pleased you had sunshine and a wonderful family time x


But did you visit STEPTOES in persuit of those Birkenstocks, while you were there ?

lindsey Toms

I know so well how you feel, we lived in the south west for years and now live about as far from the sea as you can get in the UK. But we do still have a daughter and her family in Devon and other family in Cornwall so visits are often. Your beautiful blue ripple blanket looks wonderful on the pebbles :)

Anne Marie

The next holiday you will have to go to the East Coast again, I can't remember whether it was Whitby or Scarborough, to that gorgeous hostel. Or maybe the Peak District to the fabulous manor house of a hostel at Hartington.


welcome home Lucy - keep smiling xx lots of love Joy xx


I so miss seeing the ocean. i told my Shug last night that I need a dose of low country. (In the states, that would be the lower states with hot weather and ocean views) I was supposed to go a couple of weeks ago, but the trip fell through. I love all your coziness at your home too though so be thankful for the memories and a cozy place to come home to.
I just ordered two of your yarn packs...can't wait to get started but I'm forcing myself to finish my WIP for now!

Cindy Bee

Jill Smith

I can't get anywhere now only to a local town as am disabled. To go further l need help so l was so pleased to see your post and the pictures. The super views l felt as if l was there with you.
I used to crochet, the fun one i did was to use all spare wool and started with a square and just kept going in the same square till it was big enough to go on a double bed. I also made a pattern for a jumper called the firework jumper, again with spare wool. If you want to know about it let me know.

Angela-Southern USA

A lovely time for sure! (It's been way too long since I walked the beach and breathed in the salty air.) The rainy weather here this week will hopefully help me catch up on indoor chores, since I've played hooky from it when it was sunny outside last week. ; D


I have always lived by the sea and I absolutely love it... Even when I went to uni it was on the coast... I think it is so magical and couldn't think of living anywhere else! Glad you had a lovely holiday... Dorset is beautiful x


I look forward to your Dorset holiday posts.They are my fav. It is on my bucket travel list.Beautiful.
I have a very difficult time mentally after a vacation.
Its awful. Hang in there. Thankfully it eventually passes....

Sharon Izzard

It sounds like a great break, it is lovely to make new memories with our loved ones, I feel this even more since my Dad died. Your blanket looks lovely on the beach, the colours look great against the stones. Sharon x

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