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March 04, 2015


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Oh boy are those flowers lovely. I pinned that pic to be the inspiration for a new granny square afghan...lavenders and purples have been calling my name in the yarny and sewing parts of my life for several months. I will add some lime and off white as well...thanks! Have a lovely week! Sue.


Beautiful! The hellebores are bang on - good job:)


Beautiful flowers Lucy !!

Paula Pilgrim

Your crochet abilities amaze me. It is as though you think it and your fingers deliver it! Absolutely beautiful!


I love your hellebores, so realistic. Fiddling about to get a pattern just right is so frustrating, yet strangely satisfying, especially when you finally get it... and have remembered to write down exactly how you got it! Looking forward to the ta-dah! Think I've got the colour for the competition too. Fairly sure I won't win, but you never know, and all that yarn... bliss!


The Hellebores are stunning Lucy - well done there!!

I know what you mean about the thread crochet! - when I first moved to France if I mentioned crochet it was conceived as white & lacey! that's just the way it was (20 years ago) and they do it so well here! So I succumbed and had a go - and it is addictive - I ended up making a little pair of crochet half curtains (nets) with a rose motive in the centre - done in a bolder stitch but still white! (being a colour freak like yourself it took a lot of self-control) but I loved doing it and they looked sooo good when finished - you should have a go!!!

Can't wait to see the finished wreath!!

Sabine from Germany

Dear Lucy,
I only can say - good looking. I luv your ideas - and your pattern are nice too.


Saw you post pictures of it on Instagram - such love for all those flowers! Can't wait to see it finished :)

Kivimäen Jenni

These wreaths are so amazingly beautiful! You are such an inspirational crafter! I propably need to try crocheting a wreath for myself also. :)

Pam Wilson

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I'm looking forward to trying this for next winter :-)

Christine Westerhof

Wow, it's beautiful!


I am sure it will be lovely and I can't wait to see it. Love hellebores and have a few myself.


These are gorgeous! I have a second 'crocheting' hobby through you Lucy, I wish there were hours in the day, I always love seeing what you're up to.


Summer is technically Autumn where I am, waiting for cooler weather and russet leaves. I can't wait to see your winter wreath!!!!


Truly inspirational!

Teresa Kasner

Oh. My. Goodness. That is turning out stunningly! I am so looking forward to seeing your Ta Dah! I went out today and took photos of all the flowers that are blooming in our farm yard.. it's quite literally amazing that we are having Spring in Winter here in Oregon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Angela-Southern USA

I thought for sure we'd have a wreath ta-dah today. : ) The Hellebores turned out great. Love the two tone pine cones. Working with cotton thread is a big difference from yarn for sure, the snowflakes as lovely. Working in a well light area is best and it's easier (better on the hands) to work with a hook with a bigger handle-base-part-thingy, you know what I mean. lol I also find my tension is better if I wrap the yarn an extra time around a finger as I hold the yarn. Before we know it you'll be making doilies. ; D

Debra Wortman

Looking forward to the Tah-Dah! Your teeny snowflakes are adorable, and the truth is that thread crochet can be addictive (been doing it for 30 + years). Most of mine is either in ecru or white, and I love working the intricate patterns with a simple steel hook.

gina in alabama

Don't forget the sweet little robin! So looking forward to seeing it all put together.


Oh, such gorgeous little things! I love how you made the stamen and how tiny those snowflakes are. Oh, and thank you for sharing the pattern of the pine cone! Very much looking forward to the finished result :)


Wow! you certainly have a lot of patience creating these teeny tiny snowflakes. I'm really looking forward to your ta dah moment. Liz x


This is so beautiful and the hellebores are so detailed. Lovely work. I'm so impressed with you skill. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I can't wait to see the finished product! You're making me want to make wreaths for every room in my house!!


It's simply beautiful!


it is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait for the hellebore pattern oh and of course the Winter wreath ta dah moment Xx lots of love Joy Xx


It's going to be gorgeous Lucy love Jenny x

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