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March 04, 2015


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Jenia Walter

Dear Lucy, I have sent you messages at Flickr.com but just discovered your current blog! I have admired your photo of the sea washed pottery heart on Flickr for years. I teach English (at the college level, using a hands-on approach) and we write sentences on discarded pottery and then break it to study the concept of "sentence fragments." Now I am authoring a writing skills textbook called Building Writing Skills the Hands-on Way. I would love to use your pottery heart photo as the chapter opener if you would be willing to grant permission. If so, I would be grateful! And please let me know what attribution you would want to credit the photo. I'm so glad I found you and hope you would be willing to have your beautiful photo appear in a book!
Jenia Walter, author
[email protected] (or [email protected])
(based in northern Colorado, USA, but I lived in Manchester as a teenager and traveled all over beautiful north of England!)


Shalom,Uahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Luzi,no tengo palabras,realmente maravillosa.

carolyn jackson

Lucy I just love your winter wreath, especially the robin, we dont have them in nz, I do have helebores in my garden, you have done them beautifully, every wreath is lovely.,,each season so different, well done.carolyn nz.

ombretta oldani

Your flowers are really beautiful even more bellissimi !!! Brava, bravissima!!!!!!!!! from Italy near Milan


Lovely to read more about how the lovely winter wreath came together - I have been without broadband for three weeks and back online today. Should be working but having a little break from sorting through 6000 emails :( to see what's being going on in blogland. Going to savour your recent posts with a nice hot coffee :) xxxxxxx Kathryn

Lizy Tish

The flowers are so pretty and the pinecones are ingenious. I'm amazed at how you just create these things! Can't wait to see the final product - off to read your ta-dah post now.... :)


Respect girl! Your snowflakes are awesome...and that's a word I've never before used in a comment box. I couldn't do something as fiddly as that, I just don't have the patience. Love both the hellebores and pine cones and eagerly await the ta dah.

Denise Marshall

Hoping you and yours are all ok as felt sure the Ta-dah moment would appear this weekend. Waiting with baited breath as I know it's going to be fabulous!


Hellebores are truly beautiful, aren't they? And those little snowflakes... I bet they'd look amazing joined together and hung across a window.
It'd take me an age though!

Lindsey Toms

This is looking wonderful!


I love your blog….have loved it forever! I have made a few things (or tried to) but mostly I enjoy the photos and stories. I'm trying to be better about commenting on people whose blogs I enjoy so much. I wish we were in the same country…I would definitely be dropping by!


I am constantly looking at this page, as the colours are so restful. I am a mixed medium artisan, presently working on OOAK fiber necklaces. I also incorporate crochet into my work.
I think I will make a new one, using your colour scheme and entitle it 'Lucy's Dream', Hopefully I'll remember to post a picture when I'm done.


Love the pinecones! I know it's irrelevant to the current discussion, but I once found a ladybird hibernating in one.
Looking forward to seeing the whole wreath!

Anne Marie

Those flowers are exquisite. Love the stamens.


Hello Lucy,

a lovely blog post.

About Winterflowers: what also blooms in Winter is the Japanese rose. We have one in our garden and every Winter we have flowers. They are very pretty! If you like you can have a look at my blog, there are photos of our Japanese rose.

Have a nice day!



Looks gorgeous, nice work.


So lovely I'm really looking forward to seeing the wreath.
Clare x


Beautiful my friend xx

kathy b

I love hellebore I love your flowers!


Superb! "Y" is for ... You are a wonderful crafter !


Totally 100% impressed. Adorable 😊


Thank you so much, Lucy, for this colourful blog!
Sometimes it just makes my day seeing your wonderful creations and your pictures. When I feel down I come to your site and it cheers me up.
Thank you!


The hellebores are beautiful, the colours, the stamens, everything. And lovely glimpses of the rest of your winter wreath.


Been looking forward to this for a while -- the colors and hints we've been seeing so far are really beautiful.

Your little hellebores are wonderful. :-)

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