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March 16, 2015


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Gorgeous blankets, I love how there are memories from making them and memories from using them. Your children will no doubt always treasure them. A little piece of their childhood. Lovely. CJ xx


Hi, newbie to crochet, and knitting. I don't want to use acrylic yarn, what would
You suggest? Thank you in advance


I thought about you today when I went past Coopers Cafe. I had a meeting at my son's school so I had to race there after a day of teaching at my placement. (I'm doing my teacher training in Secondary Education. I'll be a Computer Science teacher in less than 10 weeks all being well.)
Hope it was a good day for you!

Cally Yates

Hi Lucy, I really need your help. I am a bit of a duffer with this crochet lark. I am wizzo at knitting ;0)
I have managed to make your last blanket but in that one I thought I was told how many stitches to cast on. If you don't give me a clue I am lost and won't even start.
I read somewhere (and it may have been on your blog) to make, as the first row, a row of double crochet for a neater edge?

Lizy Tish

I just love your color palettes for all your afghans. I think my favorites are the seaside colors and the one with the pastels (I think with baby cashmerino?). So pretty.

Jane Beaumont

Thank you for sharing the colour order. I think I'm going to make the granny stripe rather than the ripple xxx


lovely summery times Xx lots of love Joy Xx


Love that blanket and can't wait for the pattern. I always love to see photo of connievan - It looks like the perfect nest and a wonderful way to vacation.


It's cloudy, cold and rather icy here ..very grey and flat ...so many thanks for the LOVELY burst of much needed colour. And appropos of nothing I used to own the red enamel coffee pot that matches the mug in your photograph ...it is sadly long gone but I so loved it's cheerfulness ! and that is a lovely memory recalled on a grey day so thanks for that too :0)

Jane Denholm

Lucy, it was whilst googling crochet blankets a few years ago now that I discovered your beautiful bright blanket. You renewed my enthusiasm for crochet, introduced me to Stylecraft Special DK and most importantly brought colour to my crafting. THANK YOU

carol partridge

Just finished my Woodland colours baby blanket, made from Stylecraft dk woodie colours using your ripple pattern. Daughter in law thrilled. I now have to do a chevron patterned one in white, grey and one black stripe, yes black! On -trend apparently, ha ha. Connievan holiday pics...yes please.

pam roach

Hi and thank you for your wonderful blog! I adore it and you. IF I want to make this a single color ( not my choice but a request) do I eliminate doing rows 4 and 5? Thank you so much. Pam


I was given the wool for this blanket by my daughter, my christmas present. I am now looking forward to starting this lovely project. Thank you Lucy.


Oh dear van envy...it does look lovely and so beautifully personal.

Wendy Turner

I have the colour pack for this blanket, it sits atop my unruly stash pile glaring at me. It's been sat there since Christmas, but I won't start it until my wips are sorted. The colours are just glorious!
My daughter is working on the cosy blanket, it is working up beautifully.


Currently working on my Cosy Stripe blanket and the colours are lovely. Thank you.

Sue Kelley-Holmes

I was introduced to your blog by my daughter and just love your colours and ideas. I'm working on my first blanket which is the Granny Stripe using colours from my stash mainly blues, greens and yellow. I am now addicted to crochet and look forward to new posts. Many many thanks for the inspiration.


would it be possible for you to put a link up to you local shop? i havent got a stockist nearby but we may well be in your area over the Easter holidays, thanks x

Rosie Yates

Oh, I'm so glad you've given us the colour order! I'm about 20 stripes into my blanket, and have had to use the nearest colours from yarn I'd already got. I keep having to zoom right in on my laptop to guess which colour is next! I love your colour order, with bold/darker colours spaced out, so wanted as near a match as possible! Thank you! :)
PS, I know exactly what you mean - it makes my heart happy too, seeing such lovely cheerful colours

Donna Engborg

I am working on my first Granny Stripe Blanket right now - inspired by you! Mine is just three colors, cream, yellow, and black. I love it! I'll probably sell this one, but I'm already planning my next one. I'd like to do Pink, Green, Yellow, Cream - my favorite color scheme!

Angela-Southern USA

Time flies when you're having fun! : )) The blanket still looks good! Just gathered an arm load of daffodils from my garden to enjoy inside, temps predicted in the low 70's (F) today so outside I'm bound, even if it's just to do chores. Yay! Bring on spring!

Susan Evans

Lucy, thank you so much for your quick reply and I have written instructions down 😊😊😊


I made a Granny Stripe blanket last spring/summer following your blog and am very proud of it. I just added a colour at random and with a little tweeking copied one of your borders with what yarn was left over. Love it!

Winwick Mum

I just had to go and look at Little B's toes and little chubby hands although it made me a little sad to think how quickly the times passes - both my girls' hands are quite grown up now! I think the extra-special thing that comes with a home-made blanket are the memories. They're not something that you can buy with the yarn, they're something that gets woven into each stitch and makes every single one of them unique xx

Susan Evans

Hi Lucy, I have already bought the wool for this stripey blanket so I am really pleased you have now put the colours in order as I had no pattern with my order. Could you please tell me how many chain I need to do for single size blanket. I have already done the ripple blanket for my daughter and this one is for me. Thank you so much 😊

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