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March 16, 2015


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Robin Summers

I am currently working on my granny stripe blanket. I must say that I have done pretty darn good just by using your pics in the original post. :) Thank you for adding the numbered colors. They will help a lot!


Love the caravan shot bedecked in colours. Cosy. And your lovely memories shared. Well done Lucy for your success. You deserve it x


I know exactly what you mean about memories attached to the things you make. I'm coming towards the end of a suffolk puff quilt. All the little bits of fabric have little memories and as a whole I like thinking about all the places where I've been making this quilt-swimming, dancing, playing after school!!! Lots of lovely memories!! I love the stripes!

Donna H

Thankyou!!! I have been trying to make this by enlarging your blog picture, and it isn't always easy to see. I'm about halfway and this really helps :)

Jan Griffey

Hi Lucy, Just love all your designs, colors etc. I was reading an old post about a Japanese crochet book in Japanese and you said that you wished it was in English. Well I was out and about buying yarn, of course, and I found that same book in English.I would love to send it to you. You do so many wonderful things for those who follow your blog. I have been stacking up your projects. Please contact me.


What a gorgeous blanket, think it will be going on my 'to do' list...(mostly projects shared on your blog) Just finished granny bunting thanks to you, so much easier than all that decreasing malarkey.


What a very joyful post, full of colour and happy memories! Your blankets are a feast for the eyes and Connievan looks so very cosy. Looking forward to seeing your Northumberland photos - it's a place I'd like to explore one day :)
Cathy x


Edit!! That should say Blankies!!


I loved the Blackies so much it got me crocheting again after many years. I made a blanket for my own little B when he went to Uni. Three years ago and it gladdens my heart every time I Skype him and he has it draped over his knees or shoulders to keep warm. You are a true inspiration.


I made a Granny Blanket last year from your original post and it really did inspire me to crochet again after being in the "craft wilderness" for a long time of not really making anything constructive. I did random colour rows as I went along and used the leftovers for the border. I Love it xxx

The Needle Of Choice

Oooh, those little hands and feet… And off course, a beautiful blanket ;-)

Elsie Pop

Those colours just scream granny stripe blanket to me now - when I bought your original woolwarehouse pack I felt like I had no choice but to granny stripe them! I think I might even prefer this to the ripple now - tough call! xx

Jenny McEneff

Hi Lucy,
This blanket is the reason I took up crochet. I saw it and fell in love with it.
I asked my mum to make it for me and she said no but I will teach you!
So on 16/03/14 we started the foundation chain and exactly one year later on 16/03/15 I finished the last stitch!

It was a project of love and I am sad it is finished but at over 6ftx5.5ft it's big enough :)

Thanks Lucy for inspiring me.

P.E. Lawson

Yes, I remember me crocheting along the granny striped and loved it. Seeing your beautiful photos and your clear instructions of it I feel the urge to make another one. I just finished the cottage ripple and have enough Stylecraft to start the granny stripe. Thanks Lucy for your colourful inspirations and you are an absolute whizzard with colours.

Ali Whale

When I came back to crocheting in 2011 (I think) this was the first thing that I did and I loved it. Since then I have done a couple more blankets but this is still my favourite, probably because it was the start of a journey that brought me to new friends and a fulfilment of a desire to create. So thank you Lucy for this simple blanket, it has in a small way changed my life for the better xx

The Dorset Finca

I have my version of your granny stripe blanket on the back of my sofa. We use it everyday and love it dearly - it definitely is a happy blanket! :)

Teresa Kasner

I remember those times.. gosh.. I've been reading your blog and being inspired by you for a LONG time! I think you have inspired a worldwide re-awakening of the love of crochet - you should be VERY proud of yourself. I'm proud to know you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Regina Lucas

Olá, seus trabalhos são lindos!!!!
Gostaria de saber a receita da manta de quadrinhos, que está ao lado da manta listada no sofá. Qual o kit de cores que vc usou????
Aguardo sua resposta.



Rosemary Dargan

I did this blanket for my sister for last Christmas but I stuffed up the beginning and it ended up looking very skewiff.
I'd love to try another one with the Stylecraft wool but I don't think it's availlable in Australia. Is this true?
I love your colours and love reading your blog.
Rosie in Melbourne, Australia.


Oh my goodness me!! If it's five years since you made yours then it must be five years since I made both of ours! I made mine from the Attic24 colour pack I made HIS in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK as a Christmas present! That was one seriously expensive blanket :) But I have to admit he does use it a lot. They both live folded up, happily decorating the back of the couch and are used several times a week. I blogged about my latest crochet sweater, http://oran.typepad.com/my_weblog/ at the weekend if you want to take a look. :)
O. xx


I did a mini stripe blanket for my cousin's baby, and am now working on a single giant granny square blanket for me, both from the Attic 24 pack. Everyone loves the colours, and I have so much fun deciding which one to choose for the next round. Thank you for that 10 minutes choosing the colours - they've certainly brightened my life.


Lucy, this striped blanket is what inspired me to start crocheting. Thank you for sharing your designs and cheery outlook with us. You certainly brighten my day every day!!


Awww I love it - what lovely photos thanks for sharing them Lucy xx


I am working on 2 "granny stripe" afghans. I am trying to use up 3 boxes of odds and ends of yarn. Someday I will make a pretty one like yours.
I really enjoy your bog and all your pictures.

Kim W

Just did a happy dance! Thank you so much for posting the color order! I ordered the color pack last September as a birthday present for myself and had been afraid to start the actual blanket. You have such a wonderful eye for color and that is not my strong suit. Once again thank you.

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