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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 23, 2015


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Lizy Tish

I just love the look of that canal boat! Your town is so picturesque - I can see why you love it. And I loved the pictures of your coffee and crochet at the outdoor café -- it looks like such a lovely time. Your description of your rambling about the town is making me want to do the same!


Oh dear, I'm behind on my magazine reading yet again. It's crochet, blog reading or my current book/audio book when I sit down and they get left. I still have the beautiful current Spring issue of Country Living to read....


Thank you Lucy for such an uplifting blog. You are an inspiration, I wouldn't even know where to start with uploading photos so thank goodness for your blog and country living. I highly recommend landscape and land love magazines. They are bi-monthly and have become essential reading. Nice long articles, fab recipes, gardening, photos and great craft.
Loving your crochet. Have made the ripple blanket for my uni daughter (her flatmates love to snuggle in it).

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy having spent two weeks making costumes for Easter play I have been looking out Easter idea for the house. Have a copy of the Prima one with the Spring ideas!! It's all that soft shades of colour with the promise of sunshine and warmth to come. Heres to an Easter break with fun activities and Chocolate!!
Lots of it xx


What a great blog! Knitting and sewing for years,I've just taught myself to crochet at the age of 57 thanks to you!
Have you seen Landscape magazine? It's lovely! X


hi! we have an easter tree every year. i put some catkin and forsythia and branches of peach or apple or cherry trees in a vase and hang handpainted eggs on them. we almost have an egg-painting-tradition. i invite my siblings and my siblings-in-law and we sit around the table and paint and craft and decorate together. i love that my son is old enough to join in now and i think my niece could try this year too. we always have snacks of fresh veggies with dip and freshly baked bread and all sorts of other spring and easter related goodies to go with it. i very much enjoy it every year.


I would just like to say a big thank you for such an uplifting and eternally positive view on life! I crochet, which is how I found your blog, but I also find myself tuning in to read your happy words and feast on the colourful pictures. You have actually have had an influence on my life (don't mean to sound like a crazy stalker!) and your blog is helping me to get through some very tough times. What a lovely lady you seem to be, and I am spreading the word of your work far and wide. Best wishes xx

Ramona K

Hi Lucy
I´ve lived in Sweden for over 30 years now. The Country Living magazine has been one of my best friends all this time. Somehow the UK feels so close when I open up a new number and like you I feel so inspired by the contents.
Just as inspiring is my daily delve into your blog. Long may your inspiration flow Lucy. It "infects" all of us. :-)

Lisa Wallace

Hi There,
We are about to go into hibernation in this part of the world. I am quite looking forward to finishing the never ending blanket and getting snuggly. Lots of hot cross buns and cups of tea...mmmm delicious!


I subscribe to both of these magazines here in the USA.
I won't tell you what I pay for them because you wouldn't believe me anyway. I look forward to them each and every month. The British magazines, across the board, are way better than anything printed here.

Love your writing, a huge thanks for taking the time to share your life and ideas with us.


Who doesn't like a bit of a Spring Fest! Jo x


I always read but never post anything but today I am going to. I looked at the happy vase of daisies on my table this morning, along with my mug of tea and my knitting (sorry, I'm a knitter!) and was inspired to take an "Attic 24 picture"! It's so pretty!! Thank you for your inspiration. And about decorating - yes, I do a few things for spring and I just might do more this year, thanks to you!!!


Yes, I love decorating for Easter. I make Easter wreaths and little 'bird nests' with feathers and little fabric birds or candles in the shape of chicken , rabbit, bird etc. I hang some little wooden pastel coloured eggs from twigs and lay the table with table clothes with flowery patterns and decorate them with baskets full of dyed eggs , chocolates and biscuits.
Easter is a celebration of pastel and spring colours and I adore using them around in my house.
Good luck with all your decorative plans!!


Yes, I certainly do! Easter is such a fresh and pretty time of year - I love all the pale blues, yellows, lilacs, pinks and greens. I always have daffodils on the table and some branches hung with tiny eggs. I love those little fluffy yellow chicks, and arrange them along my blue dresser. I hang up my home-made bunting in pastel sprigged and spotted fabric, I've crocheted and knitted bunnies ... the list goes on! I also buy the same magazines as you, and Landscape too. A lovely post, Lucy - fresh and full of ideas :)
Cathy x


I love Spring, Easter is my favourite of all the holidays, and I'm in Spring flower making mode at the moment, updating my wreath, I'm also planning on making some crafternoon magazine felt chicks as Easter decorations to add in with the eggs and Easter tree
Clare x

Joan Jepson

Love the photos Lucy. You have given me ideas. I particularly love the flower eggs display and the daffodils in jars. I seem to have a mind full of creativity as well.

Joan www.aviewtothefells.com


Uplifting, as usual. I make an Easter tree with branches hung with duck eggs I blew and dyed last year. They are hung with coloured ribbons and decorated with crystals/ beads I glued on. So much cheaper and nicer than anything I have seen for sale.
My husband calls the magazine "Country Homes and Wishful Thinking"!


Spring colours for me will always be yellow and green (all shades thereof) but from your post I'm sensing a "Spring Picnic Blanket" in the making in your Creative Mind ... possibly using the "limey green, pale pink and sky blue with a dash of egg-yolk orange and soft butter yellow"????? Let me know if I'm right.... xxx


not 10 minutes ago did I request of Dave three branches from the cherry tree so that I can be decorating my Easter tree ... they have not arrived yet - oh he is reading his paper!! Loving your ideas and will look out for what you and Little B create Xx lots of love Joy Xx

Denise Marshall

Fabulous Easter inspirations! So much prettiness and the colours are heavenly. I too adore the teacup garden idea. Have seen lots of miniature garden ideas recently and may give this a try as it would be perfect for our boat. xx

crafty mena

over the years -i have crocheted covers for my mailbox
easter is my favorite-a basket with eggs and flowers-sadly there is such a short time between st.paddys day and easter
love your blog---

xooxoxoxox crafty mema


Yep, my creative mind excites and stresses me at the same time and holds wild parties at night that keep me awake. I have more ideas than I can ever hope to see through, which is both great and frustrating.

This drive sometimes drives me crazy and I sometimes feel jealous of people who are don't have the urge to 'create'. It must be much more peaceful in their heads!

Nell Ward

I love English Country Living Magazine and borrow it from my local library. It makes me want to go back to the UK so badly!!! The styling and photos just always make me feel happy. Often the librarian will say "You've borrowed this one before" and I will say "I know!" Sometimes they even put the old ones out for sale for like 50cents and I am in a state of bliss!


Gosh Lucy I could have written that. That's what's in my head at the moment! And you are SOOOOOOOO right, it's exhilerating, yet stressful all at the same time. I feel like I cannot concentrate on one thing, as my head is just bursting with ideas and projects. I'm trying so hard to get something down on paper and in order. It's hard!It's interesting that you say that blogging is a great way for you to get it all down and air your thoughts. I've been feeling the opposite and wondering if it's time to hang up my blogging hat now. I can't even think properly on that idea at the moment as there's too much to think about! These two magazines are the only two I buy if I buy any, but I am awful with Pinterest. Easter ideas GALORE at the moment on there. Maybe I should give it a rest for a bit, and it might help to make some room in my head! ha ha!

I always love love love your enthusiasm. Shove a bit my way please!!!!!!!!

Much Love

Vanessa xxxx

p.s Easter ideas in abundance here. I love the eggshells with flowers in......beautiful......sigh.....x

Susan Smith

Wow Lucy, I couldn't believe what I was reading. I've been getting both those magazines for about 20 years or so and had just decided maybe it was about time to assess my magazine buying habit and not get them any more and you post such lovely pics. Here in Oz, we get them about 2 months later than you, but I've kept so many articles, homes and gardens, I'll have enough inspiration to get me through my older years, I'm sure. Also have Selena Lake's book on pastel decorating. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog, and I'm a colour freak too, but more with fabric, as I'm a quilter. Take care.

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