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March 30, 2015


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Teresa Kasner

I love the colors in your new blanket! I will enjoy following along on this project to see what will evolve. Good job for Little B! He did a fine job of building that tent.. 5 years, you say? I've been with you for a long time! I remember when you announced his coming and then his arrival and all.. he's like a little virtual nephew to me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Little Pink Canary

Lovely pics Lucy, enjoy the easter break. I am so loving ditching the school run for the next two weeks.

crafty mena

wonderful colors-wonderful family
oxoxox crafty mema

Bev Farrall

Love following your stories Lucy. Bev from Western Australia

Robin Summers

Little B has just what it takes to make the best den to lay around in. Who knows he might have just the right genes to become one of our future's brightest architects. I can just image the little rays of sun shining through the crocheted holes in the granny squares. Enjoy the rest of your holiday Lucy. Tomorrow is my last sewing lesson so I am excited to be able to add sewing skills with the hooky goodness I am obtaining every day through your blog and other tutorials. My head is just swimming with all of the projects I want to do in the next couple of months. Lots of love to you and the family!! XXXXXXX

Teri Sullivan

Lucy I just adore you and all your projects! you are without a doubt, my favorite crocheter!

Sam Roberts

Hi Lucy, what a great den! Fab place to play and have snacks :o) Loving all your crochet pics and I'm with you on the peaceful early mornings - they are precious and few and far between, but then the alternative is lovely warm soft cuddles from my baby - so I win all ways, happy days!! Looking forward to seeing how your new blanket comes along, Sam xxxx


Now that is one cozy looking den - so colorful! What a great way to spend the day!


Excellent den building skills! Obviously Little B has been well trained by his older brother and sister! I'm on half term too, although the kids aren't as their school is just over the border from mine. Great now for a few days' peace and quiet, not so great when I go back and they don't in two weeks' time.....have a lovely Easter break xx

Sharon Izzard

I love the new colours and what an amazing den!! Such a fantastic rainy, windy day thing to do. We had a camp here today, our son was using it to spy on the budgies mating!!! Sharon x

Deirdre Greene

Wow, the sight of that den takes me back, seems just like yesterday that my kids were doing stuff like that & now they're all adults, some with children of their own & I guess it won't be long until we're all enjoying a new generation of den builders. BTW I hate it when the clocks go back...I looovvvee to wake up really early & see the sun shining outside...puts me in a happy mood for the day. Deirdre x

emma from toadstool tales

A gorgeous technicolour den! Truly fabulous! I hate pairing socks and no 1 son who I cajoled into the task is not keen either! Happy holidays! Emma x


The colours of your new squares are lovely - such beautiful combinations. If it's Stylecraft Special you're using, the new colours are looking amazing (especially the sage-y one) - can't wait to get hold of them!


Here in Canada we sprung our clocks forward 3 weekends ago. I'm LOVING that it's not pitch black until 9:30. Oh joyous joy! I think I love it more every year after the long dark winter.
My girls are off school this Thursday, Friday and all next week. We are off to the Rocky Mountains for Easter weekend with my sister and family. Then a week at home piddling about. Probably have my nieces here a few days - so great cousin time will be had.
I'm on my final border round of my CAL. I did it in all shades of Stylecraft blue.


Blanket tents here too. I love spring and especially spring break!


Elmer squares I think Gwenna


The den looks extremely cosy and snacks delivered too! Sounds like a place I'd like to be. Your blanket colours are wonderful, isn't it exciting starting something new? Have just hooked up flowers and leaves for your Heart and postie brought a WW parcel yesterday bearing yarn pack. Squeeee! Housework is being neglected...it's all your fault you know.

Susan Smith

Love the den and think I'd like to curl up in there with either a good book or some crocheting. Ah, your clocks went forward and ours go back Easter weekend, so then we are only 9 hours in front of you. Enjoy the Easter break and take care.

Anne Marie

I adore the colours of your new blanket, sorbet and summer and flowers.


Great den, took me back to my younger days when my daughters were little.


Precious, just precious! I'm glad you took a pic. I would be tempted to enlarge it and frame it.


Wonderful Lucy. I think there will be some den building here too this week, alas no crochet blankets yet though. I'm definitely working up to one though, I can feel it. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break. It's blissful to have a couple of weeks of no school isn't it. Enjoy! CJ xx

Winwick Mum

I think there's something primeval that we never grow out of about den-building. How many of us have seen those blankets and want to get in there too? I like the idea of bowls of treats delivered to me at regular intervals during the day as well, so if you could see to that, I'd really appreciate it. My address is ... :-) xx

Hula Loop

Wow, what a den! Love den building with little people and all the fun that the den becomes. Your post sums up the exact same excitement buzzing around our house at the moment. Love Easter holidays, crochet blankets, chocolate and the longer days. You have summed it up perfectly, thank you for sharing! Sarah xx :0)


The perfect blankety tent, loving the new colours too, enjoy the holidays
Clare x

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