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March 30, 2015


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Firstly I'd like to say I love your work, the colours are so fresh looking. And i love to crochet also. Now to what I wanted to say you said that you would love to hear about where other people live well, I'm swapping houses with my niece (we're missing out the estate agent), my family are now grown and my nieces is growing. I have a 1930's semi detached and just like you said people keep to themselves, she has a small ex railway workers terraced house which is right next to what was the GWR (Great Western Railway) workshops which is now an outlet village full of shops (we both live in Swindon , Wiltshire). So I've got my fingers crossed that I get to have same good experience as you meeting new neighbours.

Alice G

Hello Lucy,
I follow you on Booglovin and have to admit that Attic24 is one of my favorite blogs. I live in the US and seeing your pictures are just wonderful. I don't expect to get off this continent as my husband doesn't fly, but I feel as if I travel all over the world with the blogs I follow.
I crochet a bit and love your colors. Everything you do is so bright and cheerful that it pleases both my heart and soul. I just wanted you to know how much joy you bring to me across the big pond.


Lovely colors! I wish I had enough blankets to build a den with, but I keep giving them awayv;)


Happy Easter for you and your family. With peace and love.
Kisses from Buenos Aires

Silly Little Sheep

I was completely thrilled that the changing of time coincides with my Easter holiday :) I am one happy teaching assistant :) The blanket den is absolutely amazing, if I was not watched by anyone, I would climb in too :D

Happy Easter to all of you in Attic :)


I have just found your blog and love what you do. I dont crochet, even though I can....a bit....and am enjoying the wonderful patterns and colours of your beautiful work.

By the way thanks for telling me of the change in time...my son and DIL have just moved to Surrey to live. I was told they were ten hours behind and for the last couple of days have been thinking my world clock was wrong because it said 9 hrs behind. Had to retrain my brain..not easy at my age...:)))


Hi Lucy! I've been meaning to write to you for the past few months to thank you for your wonderful content! You've inspired me to record the joys around my house in southern California. Here's my link, if you want to see what you've inspired! www.jadeacre.com

Jo Navin

Awww thank you for reminding me of the lovely school holidays that I enjoyed with my girls when they were little :-) What a lucky little boy to have such excellent den building "materials". The CoLouRs in your new blanket make my heart all skippy, I can't WAIT to see more! I wanted to ask a favour Lucy, I'm a WI member and next week I'm holding a crochet evening. I'd love to use your tiny flower tutorial to teach the other ladies, is that ok with you? I'd be v grateful and as you know I learned to crochet from your fab tutorials, so I wanted to pass on the message of how wonderful Attic 24 is too! Lots of love, Jo xxx

Teresa at knitbakecultivate

Enjoy your longer evenings, something I miss about British Summertime. The blanket den is awesome, and the new blanket looks exciting. Enjoy the holidays, we just started ours today and have a long weekend of wet weather ahead of us. Movie and crochet time methinks.

Kim W

Yay! A new blanket in time for Spring! The colors are wonderful. My little really liked the chicks in the previous post. I think I may have mentioned this before, but your blog helped her learn her colors.
The blanket fort is amazing! I love when mine does forts, except she prefers pillows. Little B is so cute with that!
Hope the rest of your holidays were just as fun.

brigitte peetermans

Your cottages in the first picture make me think somehow of the ones I knitted for my friends. You can see them here:

I love the last picture and what your little one has created. It actually is a hommage to his wonderful creative mum!


Happy Easter Holidays!! That blanket den is adorable.


What a lovely cheery post - I love your bag xx


Love the colorful tent! Kids have the most vivid imaginations, don't they" Enjoy this time with Little B...they grow up way too fast.

Looks like you're going to treat us with more eye candy with this latest project of yours...thanks for sharing all the good things you do.

I have to post this link to a French or Belgian crocheter who has taken the granny square to another level. These are not your colors but thought you'd enjoy looking through her photos. Do have a peek at the slide show of her work on the upper right of her blog. Amazing. Some remind me of Persian rugs.


I also need a few days to adjust to the new time setting. Though I enjoy coming home from work and still be able to have some daylight. Love the blanket fort!
Greetings from Austria,EmmA

Angela-Southern USA

I love those kind of holidays, the slow no thinking and planning kind. ; )Our clocks went forward a few weeks back, loving the extra light in the evenings, but it took a bit getting use to. The blanket colors are lovely. I thought I was through choosing colors for mine till I was one row of blocks in, and it just didn't "sing" to me, so I'm frogging some and auditioning more colors. I love L.B.'s rainbow fort! (I miss those days here.)Enjoy! x


I love those colors! I am on a ripple kick, and would love to try those colors in a ripple. Will you be releasing them as a pack on Woolwarehouse? (Please?) They could be the Summer Time pack. :)


I've started a new blanket too - it's very exciting.


I too love love British Summer Time... and I'm not even British! :D Loving the little sneak peek of your new blanket. Very much looking forward to seeing more! Take care and enjoy holiday time :) xxx


That is indeed some expert den building! I
I swear I live for BST, I love the energy and increased creativity that comes with just an hour more daylight each evening :)


So sweet your little B :-)) It is so lovely when the little people use our blankets for their play ;-)
Thanks for sharing this precious moment!


Those colours are exactly what I would have chosen, I'm looking forward to watching your blanket develope. :) xx


Is Spring really coming - Hurrah!! Looking forward to seeing the new blanket and love the colours you may have chosen.


The blanket den is soo cool! I can see why Little B is enjoying it :)

Have lovely Easter holidays - hope it isn't as stormy as in Germany!

Take care
Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)


Happy holidays! Enjoy your lazy mornings and time with the small people. I look forward to seeing more of this new blanket!

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