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March 02, 2015


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Lucy can't have written that post and be that organised but hey ho great that you are going to try and get some order going. Good luck with the 15 minutes a day that is certainly a good start. I will wait and see. The lists are always going around in heads eh but great that you have written them down and now perhaps they will happen. Time certainly does fly and goes even quicker the older we get!!! Take care Xx lots of love Joy Xx


"I always feel so much better when I get all these thoughts and intentions out of my head, onto this page and into your head." ... HAHAHA, you made me laugh so hard! So now we're stuck with all this ;-).
I do so recognize the proces of writing things down and carrying on as if they had really taken place. Same with downloading crafty ideas and patterns: I tend to act as though I've already made them and keep collecting materials. And then I wonder why I never seem to get to the end of my WIPs and to-do-list...
Good luck on the organizing front! I'll try to keep up with you.

Lynn M

As much as I would adore it if Spring started on March 1 (and with it warmer weather), I was always under the impression that seasons officially started on the solstices and equinoxes. Therefore, I'd have to say it's, sadly, not quite yet Spring. But the good news is that it's in sight!


I have an obsession with any kind of stationery but notebooks and diaries are the best!! As I had to give up to work to care for my partner, I have to stick to a really tight budget so I love my To Do lists and writing down how much money I have (or not as the case may be!)it makes me feel in control. I love my crafty To Do lists and like many others I always write something on I know I can tick off straightaway-lol. I have a lovely set of rainbow coloured highlighter pens so EVERYTHING in my diary gets coloured in on every page and my heart surges when I open that diary out in public.All my magazine cuttings and bits and bobs are in a plastic pocket in the back of my book but I do love an old fashioned 'cut and paste' :-)


I'm with you - Spring starts on 20th and my hubby and I had the exact same debate today with him saying 1st and me saying 20th. Apparently there was a discussion on the radio about it recently...! I'm all about lists and calendars, hope you get into the swing of it. Tidy desk / home = tidy mind for me so I have to be that way or I get frazzled! X


I was surprised by the similar view out of my window today too!
Thank you for sharing pages of your Book of Days! I'm willing to start something like this and have bought some nice bright pens today for this purpose. I've never thought that vertical calendars are better in use, thanks for pointing this out! I think I'll follow this your advice and make some printables too, as I always like to make it my way...
Thank you again for sharing and inspiring!

Sara Jenkins

I have Heathers words printed out on my fridge as a daily reminder. I think they are lovely. Actually essential at the moment, given a rather nasty change of life at home. But hey ho - onwards and upwards. I with you about when Spring starts too. :)
I now want to go and buy a note book to use and write lots in it. Maybe I could justify given all the changes?
I hope you have fun, and enjoy the process. x

Pauline Crozier

So comforting to know there are other crafters out there who are in the same boat. You've inspired me to go and start a new list for March of projects to start/finish. I buy lots of bits and pieces from charity shops and just love making them into new things. I've been meaning to start on fabric wreaths for a few weeks but I'm definitely planning to put them into this month's to do list. Have a lovely day to all my fellow crafters out there.💐💐💐


Yes, clearing out! Sometimes I feel our house is the equivalent of what the bins at the back of Toys R Us must look like... In the end I found bullet journaling a little too structured although I love the idea, and keeping everything in one place didn't really work for me - I need a calendar, a wall planner for the year and a notebook for daily tasks. I've been keeping our calendars for the past few years, they are a fascinating record of daily things. Thanks for another lovely post xx


I want to finish my teacher training and actually sew and knit again!!!

Pam Wilson

Hi Lucy just wanted to say thanks for your blog. It has really cheered me up discovering you. We had a really bad start to our year(him at work included)but you have inspired and cheered me. I buy a lot of my wool from charity shops, and as its not all full balls, I do a lot of granny squares and a lot of ratching around to find the colours I want(if I have them). So...... I invested in a wool winder and some large clear plastic storage boxes. I dragged every carrier bag,black sack and box of wool I could find ( some escaped and are just now comming out of hiding) and I am now thanks to your inspiration the proud possessor of 500 balls of wool and still winding!!!! It cheers me up to look at all my prettiest, and think of all my future projects. Thank you,thank you, thank you for cheering me up.


I'm with you Lucy ....it's the 20th of March! I have a five year Q & A diary with a daily random question and only few lines to record something each day. I have surprised myself how I managed to keep it going since Jan 2014. I record my day,the news and weather(if important)would be boring to most people but on March 7th last year I mowed my lawn here in Norfolk!! Oh and I make lists and lists of to do that never get done.......

jude pearson

I love notebooks too and jot down everything I need to remember -books I want to read,places I may want to go,websites,etc -my memory is not what it was.With regard to the tulips-I suspect you may like their droopy nature but for those out there who want to keep them upright-try this.Take a pin and pierce right through the stem of the tulip about 1 cm from the base of the flower.When my friend told me about this I thought no way would it work ,but it does !!!!


I love all your lists - so important to keep track with what needs to be done!! Mine are in my head and do get muddled so I must write them down soon.

Oh and you are right about Spring - I actually know it as 21 March. 1 March is the meteorological start of Spring.

Winwick Mum

I think your Book of Days will work extremely well. The beauty of this system is it's simplicity and it's flexibility - and of course the index! There's no reason why anybody can't use it and adapt it to their own lives. Thanks to your commenters who wrote about bullet journaling on your original post as that's what inspired me in the first place - and thanks to you for the mention! xx


Love this post. I am 'list woman'. I have lists and sub-lists and sub-lists of sub-lists! A lot of the time it's just an organized way to empty stuff out of my head rather than carrying it around in my brain as a big scribble! Someone told me about the GTD system: http://gettingthingsdone.com/
which, when I looked at it, is a much tighter and more organized list system of what I was already instinctively doing. So I think I'll just carry on as I am....things do get done, just not nearly as quickly as I'd like - but simply because there are not enough hours in the day!

Elsie Pop

What a useful post to read when I have a million projects to complete before I go on holiday in a few weeks! I'm definitely going to pinch some of your ideas! xx


Lucy I can so relate to this post, i make to do lists on scraps of paper and fill in a year planner. Keeping them together in a book of days is a great idea, I think I will have to do that.


Who doesn't love a list! But I always add something easy (or even completed) so I can tick it off immediately. I like the idea of a special book to jot ideas in....off to look for the perfect journal!

Alison C

Hi there. Loving your post. I too dream of a life and home all organised and uncluttered. I use a programme called Ultimate To Do List/ Task unifier which I can manage all my lists synced across my pc, phone and kindle with daily email reminders of due tasks. I must confess though that I still have books of handwritten lists. Isn't there something lovely about writing in a beautiful book and ticking things off?

debbie de Spon

I try to keep a separate notebook for each project and train myself to write on each page consecutively, not just open any page and madly scribble. A fresh notebook is one of life's great pleasures. I just have to finish the ends on a ripple blankie I've made for a baby. I've loved doing it. Happy March Lucy.


Can't WAIT to celebrate 'vernal equinox' day! Wonder if there's a greeting card?


I love your blog. I so enjoy reading it - it never fails to make me smile! I need to get organised too. I love the way you have divided the March tidy-up in zones. I will try to follow your example - kitchen will be first in the list!
Sabiena x


Have you heard of arc by staples? I got one the other day because like you give me scissors and glue stick and I'm happy! You can adapt the book to exactly how you want it and rip pages out if necessary and add more pages. I love it and just thought I'd mention it.


I love starting out with a new diary! Lucy, also have a look at www.andreadekker.com (previously Simple Organised Living) - about getting things done in the simplest, most effective way.

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