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March 02, 2015


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Susan Klein

I absolutely love it! Personally, I prefer keeping track of my stuff in an online planning app. It is great to do this if you are often busy. Maybe you could try it too and it will be helpful for you. https://bordio.com/to-do-list

vivek raj

hello this is my first channel,,...


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I like your blog. The colours of the flowers are so shinny and pretty. Greetings from Chile

ombretta oldani

Hello, my name is Ombretta I'm from Italy near Milan - I do really like very-very much all you do, it's wonderfull!! Brava bravissima!!! ciao Ombretta


Thank you, this has been inspiring and just what I need, lots of useful links, here's to a pleasantly organised 2015. Sarah xx


Book of Days?! Do you take Effy Wild's classes, too?! *squee!* I love the organization of yours.


In case someone also makes a Book of Days and still needs months' pages with the vertical layout, I recently posted free printables at my place from March till December 2015. Just check the Prints section or search for "vertical planner".
I love planners made by hands! Lucy, yours is great, I took your idea for myself!


Lucy, catching up on your posts. I couldn't survive without my filofax together with my phone app shift planner (essential as a rotating shift worker). I also have notebooks of wip and planned tasks etc.
But love your book of days. xx


Hi Lucy, I'm taking the 15 minute a day clear-out challenge! I completely agree with you about getting organised and have enjoyed reading all the different ideas. In writing lists I've discovered the pleasure of the humble pencil! I've settled on an H2 with a good quality eraser on top. I can edit my lists and keep it all neat and clear. For colour I choose a different felt pen (to continue the classroom feel) and use that to tick off and add any final comments, smiley faces and so on.
Loving your attic for so long now and enjoy taking a digital chair at the table to join in on wonderful projects - thank you x


Thank you for this post, Lucy. I like how you're organising yourself and throwing a little bit of flowers and apron and gloves in the middle :)

Ilona Odekerken Bergen

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas. I especially love how colorful you home is. Inspiring.

Anthea Goodman

Oh!Oh!Oh! Lucy!! I'm so excited! Thanks soooo much for posting about bullet journalling. I had never heard of it before but I followed the link and found something so intuitive and useful! I'm not a very organised person, being more of an artsy ditherer, but this just appealed to me that I could use it in any way I wanted (including creative) and that it wasn't restrictive and not something I had to buy extra. My hubby is sick of me buying into the latest organisational thing that's instantly going to get my life sorted. I yearn for order, but I'm far too chaotic for that!! LOL. Anyway, I think this bullet journal thing is going to be great because it seems to think the way I think! So, thanks for posting. I'll let you know how it goes... but give me a month or two!


PS. Can't wait to see you at Yarndale again this year!


I love the idea of a Book of Days. Like most people, I have so many plans and ideas, things written on scraps of paper (usually songs or books) and all of them get forgotten or lost. Especially the one about moving more!
Think I might have to make this a Spring resolution - sooo much nicer than a New Years resolution.


By the Celtic calendar, low spring already began at Imbolc (nominally 1 Feb generally), then high spring will start at the equinox.

This weather is because it was sunny on Imbolc:

If Imbolc day be warm and bright,
Winter will have another flight (typically about 6wks, coinciding with the Celtic 6 WK season pattern).
If Imbolc day be clouds & rain,
Winter has gone & will not come again. ;-)

Sheryl Collier

March 1st is my birthday and it was lovely and warm down here but, suddenly we have freezing temperatures again. I agree with you Lucy, Spring definitely comes later in March. I have been using the Flylady routine for years now and it does help keep on top of things doesn't it! I like your idea of organising your days though. I might do that, at the moment I don't know where I am with everything else....off to buy a notebook....or two.....😃


Thank you for this amazing post. I never really thought about how many stickies I generate until I watched that organizational video you posted the link to. lol :) I went looking for an ap and found 24me and I love it! I've spent the day entering all the random pieces of paper in my purse and I feel like I'm making some headway! Thanks again for giving me the gentle nudge I needed towards my spring cleaning.


Your book of days is wonderful ! Thanks for sharing !


Lucy, I have just read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and I really can't recommend it highly enough. It has changed totally the way I view things, and I am able to let go/declutter now in ways I couldn't before.
Love your blog


For march I would like to crochet half the blanket that i started :D
My very first blanket .
Happy days to you :)

Andi in Arizona

I stumbled on the Bullet Journal at the end of December and I am loving it. Easy to find meeting notes, etc. Now I should make time to sew a pretty journal cover for my plain black composition book...


Hi Lucy thank you for the post and to all the posties for theirs too. We have a calendar in the kitchen which has the 4 adults who live here ,often staring or scribbling at it ! We keep them as references to our past year. I have now given up being organised to the enth degree and enjoy the ebb and flow of my ever changing circumstances as well as lovely colourful wool and my trusty 4 mm hook love Jenny x


I'm going with the equinox as the first day of Spring, apparently 1st March is Spring in meteorological circles (better not tell him that?), and the Irish say it's the 1st of February! Even though I live in Ireland, that's seems much too early to me, I'm looking at an inch or two of snow right now! I just hope we don't have to wait for the 20th for some more cheerful weather! Your lists and notebook make me think I should get a notebook, too. I'd love being more organised, and I love stationary!


:0) I always have a stack of notebooks and diaries on the go, having ME means that every minute of my day is planned and paced down to the last second, it drives me crazy sometime, but it helps with energy managment the only good thing about it is the stationary I alway make sure I get a lovely diary and notebook at the start of the year, I also have a fab 7 day planner blotter from paperchase which is great. I go with the soltice as the first day of Spring, which remind me I must get on with upgrading the Springtime wreath, not long now

Clare xx


Hi Lucy,

Loved this post. I too am nuts for organizing. Can't wait to try bullet journaling, thanks for introducing that!

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