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March 25, 2015


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Lucy, you should go to this blog http://sewforsoul.blogspot.co.uk/ and see what Josie has done with eggs!! Love your colours.


Always amazing to read your posts Lucy!

Rae R

I love it all! Thanks for brightening my day, I needed a boost of color, positive thoughts, and cheerfulness. Thanks for posting all of it. :)

Carolyn Jackson

Another lovely post, wonderful colours, I want to make some of the squares, would love the pattern,not sure of the name. So many lovely ideas, always exciting when there is a new post to ejoy. Many thanks. Caro NZ.


Lucy you never fail to inspire me.....I cant get enough of your blog...just so interesting. Your pictures make me happy and I thank you for that,.


I'm so glad you are obsessed with colour because we all benefit from that obsession. can't wait to see your new blanket design 😄😄😄

Louise The Red Haired Amazona

Your latest post is just what I need today! I've just finished making a crocheted case for my little camera and have a kajillion balls of yarn still staring at me waiting, no begging! to be used. Now my brain is buzzing with ideas of spring coloured granny squares, or mini granny square placemats! It's always a pleasure to read your latest posts. So inspiring!!

Selina Baihn

adore your excitement over colour, your blog is so much of a feast! cute chicklets.
loved the left vintage poster too, even pinned it. you could do a blanket like that, instead of stripes, do more splashes of colours like the flowers in the poster? would certainly keep it interesting. look forward to seeing what your new projects bring.
thanx for sharing

Teresa Kasner

Your chicks are wonderful and so unique! I look forward to seeing more of your new projects. I'm just done with a cotton "Neat Ripple" - I posted about it today.. and I've been giving you credit for the design in each post where I show it. I did the interlocking color design also - you continue to inspire me, Miss Lucy. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I'd drop row 2 colors 1-5, 10 & 11 and row 3 colors 1-6 and 9-11. This is reading left to right. They are too dark for what you described, but who asked for my opinion? No one, but just saying.


What a gorgeous surprise to find your blog post I have been busy all day and this evening decided to use my Geli plate to print up a calico bag ,pizza base bubble wrap onion bag paint all over dining room table, tomorrow will embellish bag and then learn to crochet a chick thank you Lucy love Jenny x

Jean viserta

Your chicks are just adorable, Lucy. When you post the pattern tomorrow I think I will try it out. What excites me most are your colors. They are just luscious. I so wish that I had the time to play with colors like you do. I'm lucky I have time to crochet. Keep up these glorious blogs. I really love them.

Lonormi Manuel

Lucy, when I want a palette that is light but not pale, I think of coastal colors -- sea, sky, beach glass, sand, shells, and those delicate coastal wildflowers in their hues of blues and purples. It feels like a very soothing palette to me (probably because I'm over 600 miles from the nearest seashore!).


Aww they are so cute, I've been making felt chicks today, tis the season :0) Yarn and flowers what more could you want. I love all the spring colours


You never cease to amaze me. You have such energy. Your hands must be I constantly on the go. The colours,flowers and the Easter goodies are just fantastic. We all need colour in our life and you bring that to us on just about a daily basis Thankyou E


I can't wait to see your new bag design. The one I made three years ago for my daughter, from your original bag pattern but modified to be smaller for a little girl, is starting to be a little worn and I'm sure she'd like a new one. We use it for ballet class and all the moms want to know where I got it. :)

Winwick Mum

The world would be a very drab place without colour, so never apologise for wanting to immerse yourself in it! Love your chicks, although I do keep expecting you to reveal the hidden Creme Egg! :-) xx


I love the bag colors and stitch!!! Can't wait for the tutorial! I agree with everyone above, your blog and energy are so inspiring. You helped me learn to crochet and it has seen me through some tough times over the past years. Thank you for sharing!

Farrah Lily

The little chicks are adorable! We still have snow on the ground here, so it's nice to see so much color on your blog. :)


Aw, sweet little chickies! Another lovely colourful post, thank you!

Mary Reed

I can't tell you how much joy and inspiration your blogs and especially your gorgeous color photos of crochet, yarn, flowers and decor bring to my FB life! Thank you so much for sharing what you do! Your blog is right up there as one of my absolute faves that I share of all subjects. Adore. It.


I adore your excitement and enthusiasm - and I can't wait for a new blanket!!

Angela-Southern USA

It's all wonderful, as usual! : )I'm in the final stages of blanket planning myself, in tapestry crochet. I love those seed pack images, whenever I see them I stop and soak in their beauty. I usually save all the pretty seed packs, sometimes I use them on a spring themed wreath or just display them in a shallow bowl to enjoy them further. Such cute chicklets! Funny, I just got mine out that I made last year, I added a cracked shell(crocheted) like they just "hatched". They're displayed with a table top egg tree. I've strung my mini daffodil bunting and filled a mini wheelbarrow with crochet eggs and Miss Rabbit. Enjoy your color play!

Mary Pugh

Hi Lucy. I just know that one day you'll be dreaming about anemones,one of my favourite flowers. So I'll just patiently wait for your tutorial. All those beautiful colours! How could you possibly resist? 😀😃😆


I absolutely LoVe the color combination of the flowers in their colorful glass jars!! Wondering how that palette would look done up? I may have to give it a go and see...... And those chicklets are so adorable!

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