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March 25, 2015


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darlus riedt

First of all,I have loved following all the projects. I have made a block stitch afghan and I wAnt to learn how to do a moss/linen stitch border. I have seen that on some projects that you have shown have these kinds of borders. How do I start the border and how do I turn the corners. Do I put a foundation single crochet? Any input would be marvelous. Thanks again for this website and blog. I have learned a lot.


I love your site so much. I usually go on everyday just to see what you can inspire me with today. I love to see all the pictures you take. It is like going on a vacation from my living room. Especially to England. A place i would love to but, will never get there except thru your pictures. Because of health issues i can't fly. So please keep up all the pictures i love them all.

Emilie German

I love your crochet and the colors are awesome.
I live in the Caribbean, but I like to make accessories and things for the home out of crochet, we mainly use cotton cord # 10 the choices here are limited.
Thanks Emilie from Puerto Rico



Ruth Bone

I found your blog a few years ago via Meet me at Mikes.I hadn't really been tempted to crochet before as I felt crocheted articles looked dated - until I saw your lovely blankets with their gorgeous colour combinations. My first project was a granny square blanket but that took me a looooong time to complete so I have ordered the Attic 24 original stylecraft pack & I can't wait for it to arrive!


Those blanket colours look promising! I think the missing colour that will make everything just right is one of the colours I suggested for the Stylecraft Special Colour Competition... :-) Just kidding!

Denise Marshall

Awwww Lucy, love the little chicklets. They're sooo cute. The nostalgic seed packets are gorgeous, I too am a particular fan of nasturtiums. You can tell Spring is really cheering you up,(not that you've been miserable) but you can tell it's giving you a lift and a lot of inspiration. Looking forward to the bag. xxx

Lizy Tish

What a welcome sight those gorgeous flowers are! I love the look of the vintage seed packets and the chicks are ADORABLE!


Oh ipad you change my words as I press send!

Sweet pea! Not super pea. It's not a cartoon character!


A palate of the super pea colours on the vintage seed packet appeals, pretty and soft. I might have to save that photo if I can! X


Oooh Lucy, I love the colors of the chunky yarn! Having made a Great Big solid square blanket, I will say it's a ton of fun UNTIL the time comes to join them all together at which point there was lots of teeth-clenching and powering through.

Thank you for the pattern for the chickies! I recently added a cheery sky blue polka dotted ceramic hen to my kitchen decor and I'm thinking it might need a few friends :)


As always, you have done beautifully!
I love to see your fabulous walks, happenings and creations. I love the little chicks in this post.


linda nichols

Thank you for the lovely blog post. The next blanket looks enticing. Here is a serious question for you--why can't you use all those colors in your blanket? Would that many not look good in the finished project? Curious and can't imagine which ones you'd eliminate. They are all so pretty!

emma from toadstool tales

Colours, flowers, chickens, all gorgeous! The bags look yummy! Emma x


Thought you should know I am addicted to your blog! Your use of colour is so inspiring. So far I have hooked up granny bunting and flowers/leaves for the lovely Valentine Sweet Heart which I hope to complete at the weekend. Spooky that you mention a bag, I have decided that's my next project. The Jolly Chunky methinks, I am a novice hooker so hoping it won't be beyond me? Thanks so much for all the useful advice and patterns.

Robin Summers

Awww those little chickies are so cute! They would fit into any easter decoration. I have been going through the same color faffing going around in my head. I want to make another blanket but can't figure out how big I want it to be and of course what colors. Lastly what stitch do I want to use. Sigh.... so many choices. I truely want to try the ripple or chevron but for some reason I just can't master it. That bugs the stuffing out of me. LOL I love the vintage seed pictures. I love that era of time. Oh to live back when women wore corsets and only stunning dresses. Love to see a new post from you my friend. You always brighten my day. I can't wait to see what blanket and bag will be next. Both of those projects really make me super duper happy. Lots of hooky hugs and love to you Luce. Hurry back when you have the time. Oh yeah I bought some clothes pins to make my yarn pegs!! :)


Those little Chicklets are just too adorable.

I, too, love your blog and I love, love, love your creativity and all the color. Simply gorgeous!!!

Thank younsommuch!!

Amber Robinson

Hi, I have a questionnaires for you. I have crocheted a letter front and sides, i would now like to attach fabric to the back. Do you have any ideas? Handstitch or machine? Many thanks!


hello Lucy, I am a fan fron barcelona!! Congratulations for all your projects, beautiful, colored and inspiring!!
I have a question for you, In all your grannys you have an extra amount of yarn at the end, ..could you help me to understand if you are using this to connect them? how do you do?

thank you a lot for your answer

Sharon Izzard

I love the colours of this post, so full of spring and so bright and cheerful on a gloomy rainy day!! I particularly love the photo with the feather in, The sort of image I would expect to find in am Easter magazine! Sharon x


The eggs next to the flowers are my weak point! What an eye you have!

crafty mena

so happy to see some spring flowers and colors-
here in new jersey it is gloomy and gray today

all those squares-doubt i'd ever get them together -i like the one piece afghan

thanks for everything

oxoxoxox crafty mema


Hi Lovely Lucy, would you consider your next blanket project as a crochet-along project so we could buy the same wool and make the blanket together? You could always be a step ahead of us in case you change your plan as you go along. I love the idea of a global Ta- Daah! A general question - Can we send you photos? It would be fun and inspiring to see how other Attic fans have used your gifts. I'm trying some daffodils this week and await the chick pattern to add to my Easter fun! Thanks as always. Pip x


Ohhh my :)) Gosh I love your blog! Everything about it just makes me so happy!!! Cannot wait to crochet some sweet little chickies for my nephews... Wow! I totally think you should definitely make a 32 colour blanket! Absolutely! Such deliciousness in that colour palette... Do it ;)) Love, love, love!!! Thank you as always for so much inspiration and happiness xx


Oh Lucy! I ljust LOVE flowers, LOVE colour, and LOVE your blog! I get excited by colour, too, so excited I quite often can't sleep. There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do, crochet-wise (I'm trying to renovate my house here in France at the mo…), and I envy you your studio and the time to spend in it! I can't wait to see your next creations! At the moment I've almost finished a Jolly Chunky bag, 2/3 way through a granny stripe blanket, and way behind on my Sophie. Keep the blog posts coming, they are such a delight to read.

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