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March 22, 2015


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Lizy Tish

This was such a lovely post about your day! I am so wishing for a warm day to come soon. Here in upstate New York it is windy and just 21 degrees F today. For now, I live vicariously through your wonderful spring day!


To me one of the great joys of life is pegging out the washing in the sunshine, I just love it! Thanks again for such an inspiring and uplifting post. i so look forward to your blog.


It is always a pleasure to read your posts, so full of joy and love of life, the small things that please you.

Putting out your wash on a line is something that is no longer done in the US except in a few rural areas. The majority use washers and dryers. I haven't put my wash outside since the 60's! I do miss having my sheets and pillow cases out in the sun, which shines here 350 days a year. In summer where the temps get to the 100F+ (40C) our clothes would dry in minutes. There are some subdivisions where having clothes hanging out on a line is against the CC&R rules! One woman wanted her neighbor arrested for putting her sheets out on the line! Imagine!


I have been bed changing and cleaning today with all the windows and doors open and it is so lovely. I just read your post and it made me feel so happy you paint such beautiful pictures in my mind. Thankyou x


Lovely post. I have just got an allotment and the weather was beautiful on the southern coast yesterday and we spent a lovely peaceful day working on it in the sun. It was glorious. Washing on the line is one of the things I look forward to most of all in Soring. Hooray!

Cherie Chudyk

Thanks for sharing your day with us, great photo's, lovely area and your bubble photo is fabulous. I was knitting hedgehogs and crocheting mice this weekend (yes may be going a bit crackers!). Keep sharing, love your blog x

Shirla Ghadaki

Thank you for sharing your day. It made me feel as though I was right there with you. Don't worry about your crafting motivation as it will come back with a bang when it is time.

Jacqueline Ford

Hello Lucy, I love reading your all your little tidbits, and so so so agree about the coming of spring. I have had to put aside my crochet for a few weeks as I somehow managed to sustain multiple fractures in my RIGHT! wrist last Friday whilst watching the eclipse! As I'm just the other side of the Pennines, was wondering where the lake is where you go walking?


I love the sun at that time of the year, it is warm!! (even if I had snow again!!)
You live in a beautiful country.


Wow, Lucy, that photo of the bubble with the whole row of terraced houses reflected in it... You should win awards for that! Thank you so much for your lovely happy post!


Yes, yes, yes. Everything YOU said! Sun on face, washing on line, enamel mug, forgetting to take photos for blog (that is always a good sign!!!)

That bubble photo with the terraced houses reflected in it is seriously good!!!

One question that is niggling me: Where do your guinea-pigs graze? Your cute back yard doesn't have any grass as far as I have ever seen!?!?

Yours, Nosey Parker!

Sharon Izzard

What a happy post! you live in an amazing place to take a local walk among such beauty. I'm glad I am not the only one who thinks 7.30 is a lie in! My eldest used to wake at 4am until she was six. now at 17 she is still usually awake by 6, certainly not your typical teenager! I love the sound of your street, I too love to see and hear the children playing. Sadly we have a rather grumpy neighbour, about a month ago we came home from Sunday school to find that some of the children had been playing ball in the road (a quiet close)and the ball had gone onto her drive, she had done no less than call the police who unbelievably responded and came out. She told the children that she would get them all ASBO's! On a happier note it certainly is great to get the washing out on the line! Sharon. x

Pam Wilson

Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures and special day with everyone. It was a boost to the heart and made my early morning glow.


What an uplifting post, as always. Hope J feels better soon. Put my washing out yesterday for the first time too - a great feeling! Simple things, heh? You talking about the children chalking reminded me of when mine were small and I'd give them a bucket of water and a big (decorating) brush and let them loose outside on the walls and paving. They could 'paint' to their hearts content and apart from wet children and clothing, no harm done! Happy, sunny days.


Thank you for sharing your lovely feelings. They manage to go right in to my heart. I enjoy very much to hear your stories, the familyfeeling, all the joy. It makes me happy inside and remember my own time with all that good life.

Paula Dunne

What a gorgeous post. It was a beautiful day here too in Kilkenny, Ireland and I spent it looking after my beautiful 6 month old grand daughter Rosie. We had a couple of gorgeous walks listening and watching the birds busy nest building. I even was able to have coffee in the garden which had it's first grass cut on Saturday. Spring is here!


Even at my age, I love bubble wands! We sell them in the shop and I often open one, just to make sure it's still bubble-able you understand! Gorgeous colourful pictures, it's clear blue skies and sunshine here in Norfolk too. For now....

Amy at love made my home

Such lovely sunny times!! It is so good when you start to feel the real warmth from the sun isn't it! xx

Tanya Miller

Absolutely terrific. The sun shone down on us too as the rabbits played outside on the grass for the first time this year. I'm like you in that I love the feel of the longer lighter days coming. Woke up to drizzle and grey skies today though


A lovely post Lucy and so descriptive and it was warm 'down south'.


Dear Lucy, it's so lovely to hear about your glorious day. Hope you and your family enjoy many more. The clocks change next weekend so we can enjoy even more of the Spring. Xx


What a great day for you and your family (except for J - get well soon!)! The piggy sure looks so excited munching on the grass ...

The chalks are simply fab! We had similar ones as children and used them with great enthusiasm.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a good start into your week!


What a delicious day you have had! We enjoyed the sunshine on our down here too-it's so novel when the sun warns your skin for the first time in months! I'm amused to see we have the same set of pretty fineliner pens... and that we keep them in nearly identical rainbow order!! Hope J recovers soon and your week is just as delightful!

Robin Summers

What a lovely day. As usual all the pics are beautiful but my all time favorite is the bubble pic. WOW!! How did you do that?! The sheep on the hill came in a close second. Spring definately is coming. My sign is when the crocus flowers are blooming and the daffies are just beginning to open. I hope J gets better soon. Men are such bad patients. love and hooky to all

Valerie Raymond

What lovely pictures, they remind me of our great week last September we had some lovely walks and of course I visited Yarndale.

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