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February 15, 2015


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anita edkins

hi was given your atic24 by a friend, after looking at it for the first time I was amazed at all the beautiful colours of wool, the studio looks great its a pity I live in London.

judy yeager

I love your
site. Can wait to see more.

Flavia Salagean

very beautiful work,I like to read your blog and see what you are working.
thank you that you share with us your joy and happinies.

Lesley McC

I have just started to crochet and loving every minute of it. Your beautiful striped blanket gave me the push to have a go. I have a significant wool stash that now has potential to diminish in stature.
Your new studio is lovely. What a relaxing place to work. X


@Lord Goat, you clearly have a personality disorder, please take it elsewhere. We all love reading Lucy's blog, it is an oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic and often horrible world. I for one don't care if she is paid by stylecraft, in fact I hope that she is - and I hope they pay her a lot, given that their Special DK is so popular now BECAUSE of Lucy. And if they aren't they should.

Pam Wilson

I have just discovered your blog and I really loved the work room. I liked the book case idea for your wool and as I have just gone through my stash, rewinding all into pies I have approximately 500 balls and would love to display them like yours. It was great to read about all you have done and I would love to keep up with your blog. Good luck with your gorgeous new work room.


@Lord Goat, has no one ever told you that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything?! Your comment sounds quite spiteful...
I luuuurve all you do, very inspirational so keep on going and let the haters hate.....xxx

Lord goat

Just found and had a good read of your site. Two questions:
1) are you paid by Stylecraft?
2) Any chance of a pattern that you've invented yourself or that at least isn't just trebles in some form or another?

Regina Bishop

So very pretty! The whole studio looks nice. I especially like the window swag, is it somewhere on the blog? I looked and didn't see it but may have overlooked it. Love reading your blog, thanks so much for all you do.

Maya Harrison

Wow, your studio looks very nice... I love how you store (display your yarns) and I love how there's so much light. Its inspiring :-)


It looks really nice:)
I Like your idea of making butterflies, look forward to seeing the result!
Hope you will have many happy crafting hours in that space.

anne wright

A new blanket pack squealing with excitement. Remember you hinted about it a while back and I suggested I may need to get a divorce if I bought more yarn then the husband agreed to buy it when it came out Rugby World cup is coming up and he is earning brownie points already yay.

Tita Carré

¦¦¦(¯`:´¯)¦Olá amiga!!!
¦¦(¯ `•.\/.•´¯)¦¦¦??Uma Ótima semana
¦(¯ `•.(?).•´¯)¦(¯`:´¯) para você e toda a tua família!
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Visite meu blog - Tita Carré - Crochet


What a beautiful place to work, love it! Do you need to be able to crochet to attend a workshop? Do you ever do total beginner classes?

Sara R

I am very excited to have the color sequence for the granny stripe blanket - I have started it already but I am studying your pictures trying to copy your order of colors!! I may wait to work on it until I read your new instructions! Yayayayayay!!! thank you for this!


Oooooh I REALLY love that Farrow & Ball colour. I have 'Skylight' in my living room, 'Pale Powder' in my hallway and 'Dimity' in my bedroom. I love their shades, although, I'm feeling the need for a change, and have been looking at their shade cards to have a bit of a freshen up! I LOVE the smell of fresh paint. Your shelves with all the yarn look simply delicious. I find views like that so inspirational. Whilst in the house i'm more of a pastel, calm girl, I still cannot live without huge amounts of colour. It's just usually in what I wear and accessories! I wish I lived closer, I'd love to pop by a do a workshop. I hope you enjoy many hours in your lovely space Lucy.

Have a super weekend lovely xxxxx

p.s You should SOOOOOO try and make something drapey. Oh my word, the excitement of what you could come up with........xxx


Congratulations on your new studio! What a lovely place to work. Love the idea of a new granny square blanket too. Wish you many happy hours in your new space.

Bev Slater

I love the trim hanging in the window recess!! Have you done a tutorial for that? Your studio is inspiring me to get mine i order!!!

Eve Estelel

Wow! What an absolutely lovely studio. It looks like you put a ton of work into everything you do—I hope you're proud of it all, you really should be. I've just ran across your space here, but I love what you've made out of those rooms!

All the best,



What a beautiful studio Lucy, I love it! What a dream to be able to have such a wonderful creative space.
I have recently started to read your blog and I love it so much I am now reading all your prior posts - I am currently up to November 2008!


Oh Lucy, it's just lovely! So colourful and cosy, just how I imagined it would be. You've collected some really nice pieces of vintage furniture, haven't you?! You have a good eye. Much love to you - hope you're well, miss our coffees. xx


What a lovely space to spend your days. So inspiring and colorful.

A dream come true, I am sure.


Brenda Bowman

Your studio brings me joy to just look at and dream about a room like that in my home. Love it! I have been wanting to display yarn on a bookshelf like you did. Do you tuck in the wrap band inside the skein so you still know all the details? It is so inspiring to see the yarn displayed.

Mama Bear

So yummy! Your studio just sparkles with "Lucyness" from all four corners! You have done a fabulous job and the lovely blue wall colour really works well as a foil to all your beautiful colourful creations. You must be feeling very proud and pleased with all your hard work! I love seeing all your yarns stored on the shelves ready to entice and inspire - doesn't it make your fingers tingle with the urge to get hooking, just looking at all that rainbow deliciousness? Oh, those wonderful colours and textures! I can't wait to see what you create next! I've nearly finished the Cosy Blanket (at last! I had a long hiatus just after Christmas as my mother was very unwell) and I think I am going to do the Cottage pack next - I've so enjoyed my first proper venture into crochet, and it's perfect to keep me occupied now that my mam is back home from hospital and needing me to keep her company. Maybe I can inspire her to take up crochet again too! As always thank you for keeping us all so inspired and uplifted, Lucy. I hope you and yours are all keeping well too. Love, Rubekah xxx

Claudia Teper

Your studio is so cozy and beautiful!I find your blog a source of inspiration and being able to have a look at your place of work means a lot.Thanks for sharing your creativity and world to us.

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