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February 10, 2015


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It's easy to assume this time of year's grey and gloomy but the colour in your photos is beautiful.
We too head out when the sun shines. It's good to make the most of the daylight and I find it really lifts my mood.
S x


Fabulous photos...such a joy to see sunlight after all the grey skies of late.


Happy birthday to you! Thanks for being so generous to us with your inspiring craftiness! Enjoy your forties!xx


Happy Birthday, dear Lucy. May all your dreams come true!


You take superb pics


So good to be child free on your birthday. Best time of life is when your children leave home and you are free once more

Bingo Pyjama

Wow, beautiful.


Lucy, I just want you to know I love your blog. Your photos are always gorgeous and I find so much inspiration in your crafty projects. I recently did a blog post thanking you for that inspiration and a pattern. See it here: http://pursuitsofmycreativeside.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2015-01-24T04:15:00-08:00&max-results=1&start=11&by-date=false

Thanks for all you do.

Helen Toft

I am so envious of your frost. I do remember what a good frost looks like as I grew up in the Cotswolds but since the last 20 years have been spent with Portland Harbour at the bottom of my garden, frost is a rare event. My dahlias and cannas stay in the ground and I have a french marigold and ostospernum in flower. Love the photos and all my friends love your coast blanket.


Absolutely gorgeous photos, Lucy! We're here in California, and while there's a chill in the air in the morning, it's a bit bright, warm and dry for my idea of midwinter, and your photos are very reassuring! Thank you.

Cherie Chudyk

Lovely photo's and 'Happy Birthday', glad you had some special time to relax and enjoy xx

Laurel Pries

Happy Birthday from the foothills of Mt Rainier in Washington State! Love your photos and inspiration....I now am a Grt grandma, but I do remember back at having "Special times" without the 3 kids. It is important, to the relationship and the soul. I am still sharing those times after 50+ yrs together!! Keep up the awesome work, love your Blog!


Hi Lucy, wasn't the light wonderful on Sunday. It really made me feel like our part of the planet is sideways on to the sun, instead of leaning away from it. Spring is coming, but winter days like that are just as wonderful.
Your pictures are stunning.
Stay cosy.
Love Jacquie xxx


many happy returns of the day.


Happy Birthday. It was nice that you were able to have some slow time away from the little people.

Natasha Brylina

Dear Lucy, Happy Birthday from Russia! I've been reading your blog for a while and I like it a lot. Thank you for your sincerity and the inspiration that I get from reading your posts.
My name is Natasha, I also have 3 kids, 2 boys (14and 12)and a girl (6).


Gorgeous pictures! Thank you very much for sharing. :)


So glad you're feeling more like yourself. Amazing how much better we feel when the sun shines, even if it's still cold. I too love to hear the geese at this time of year. I always think they're flying back because warmer weather is on its way!
The photos are stunning, you see colour where some of us, ie me, just see grey. Thanks for opening my eyes!

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Wonderful pictures Lucy and it sounds like a lovely evening/morning too. Child free time, it's been a long time.... sigh....

S x


Such lovely pictures, it looked very calmxx

patricia farghaly





Stunning photographs - funny, I usually think of winter as being rather colourless but your pictures show it as anything but! Thank you for a new perspective. Nicky S.

A. Cooper

That first picture...I absolutely love the view


What a magnificently beutiful morning. Happy Birthday!

crafty mena

you go girl-what a beautiful walk
bet you have some color ideas swimming around in your head

oxoxoxox crafty mema

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