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February 10, 2015


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SLO Landscapers

Awesome content, thank you for taking the time to even share. Keep up the good work!

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Penny P

46!! You really, really do not look your age. Amazing. Thank you Lucy I just love your blog.


Lizy Tish

Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a lovely morning to spend together!

Denise Marshall

Hi Lucy, What lovely if chilly looking photos. Glad to hear you're having some special time with J, those times are really precious. October birthday girl are you. I'd guess with your talent you're a Libran like my Mum. S'pose you're going to tell me no I'm a Scorpio!! LOL. xx


For some reason I think J's birthday is end of Feb like my James (he will be 8 on Johhny Cash's birthday) 😃


There is so much sky! So beautiful!

Susan Smith

Belated birthday wishes and the photos are lovely and now I need to see what you've been up to over the week we've been away. Take care.


What a wonderful walk! You are quite lucky you got to wander in this amazing winter morning :-) Fingers crossed you get to see more of these!

Take care
Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)


Lucy, thank you for the lovely photos. I do enjoy reading your blog. Your crochet work is gorgeous. Christine

Diane Kelsey

As much as you obviously cherish your children, how wonderful to have the opportunity to share special times with your husband.


Beautiful photographs!

Jan Quigley

46? 46? I would have guessed mid 30's!
Lovely post as always, you, more than anyone before, have really made me appreciate the seasons. Currently in our last month of Summer here in Oz & enjoying some lovely warm/hot days. It's been very mild here this Summer.

Phyllis Modgling

Lucy, I love the long shadows of winter and the golden hue in your photographs. Wish had a similar photographic gift as you. I do want to ask: have you ever tried painting your crochet or your yarn? I have a lot of white cotton yarn and need to use it, so I thought about painting the yarn and using it for a tote bag. Maybe I should just be happy with white! Thanks for all your lovely, gentle posts. With the world as it is today, it's so nice to experience peace and calm with your blog!


Hello Lucy,
Gorgeous blog and stunning photos! I'd love to keep up to date and wondered if I can without joining typepad or having a reader? I was also hoping to reuse one of your graphics on my blog (www.travellingtruenorth.wordpress.com) - will credit you, of course, and send visitors your way. You can comment on my blog and let me know if you like : )

Lisette Mensink

Hi Lucy.
Iwanfed to thank you for the "Artisan Bread" recipee. I found it in your blog, tried it have never stopped. I use all kinds of flower and they all are totally delicious! Also the house smells so great! Thank you so much!!!


Love your blig!

Joanne Bleaden

Yes hooray indeed for nature and well behaved seasonal weather! The photographs are beautiful and perfectly capture distilled Winter light.


Lucy, that first picture on your post could win a prize. Gorgeous. So glad you got some adult time for a change. You used it well.

Hugs, Kimmy

Angela-Southern USA

Here's a sign that spring is close. : )Fun viewing for the whole family.

crafty mena

you go girl

a wonderful walk and new colors

happy birthday

crafty mema

Hazel c uk

Such stunning photos Lucy so glad you got to spend some special time with your husband, you need that occasionally with your busy life and young children, they call it making memories.

Thank you fir sharing.
Hazel c uk


Happy Birthday! You're just a young thing m'dear! I'm a fossil. LOL Love your photos. We've had a few frosty moments here on Vancouver Island, Canada as well. Does make for 'fresh' air that's for sure. Looking forward to the Ta-Dah moment for your frosty, wintery wreath! Enjoy, hugs, MO

Annette My Rose Valley

Hi Lucy
Sounds like a fabulous way of starting off Sunday morning to me. And I'm sure the decision helped with some heavy heads from the night before. Not that I think you were dancing on the tables (or maybe you did!!!) but one knows that when turning 40 you might just sip a little bit extra of nice French wine in a nice French restaurant. :) What a treat to wonder around in that beautiful landscape with your love. Congratulations. Moments like that are deeply treasured.
Happy rest of the week dear.
My Rose Valley

Lonormi Manuel

Beautiful photos!!

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