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February 23, 2015


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Cherie Chudyk

Great idea winding yarn onto pegs so you can try out different colour combinations, I'm going to have to try that now. As for the competition... every time I look at all those amazing colours in the wool shop I end up buying more. My mind boggles at thinking of an addition but I'm working on it!!

Hula Loop

Wow! Would love LOVE to win this competition! The hardest part will be choosing just one colour, that could take a while. Fab idea for a competition :) Love my Stylecraft blankets and the memories that they bring. Each one made for a different purpose but equally important and they are treasured by my little people who sleep with them, use them for den building, wrap themselves up in them then roll around on the floor, hide and seek and essential for afternoon tea parties. We even have a magic granny squares blanket which is super colourful and required to keep the wearer safe and warm whenever a little person is ill. Yay for colourful crochet blankets!! :0) Sarah xx


Email already post to Stylecraft !

I am really excited, even if I think I won't win ...(100 ball of Special DK, that's a dream)

Eileen van der Wilk

I am guessing that this competition is only open to UK residents........??????

Lisa Lancaster

Isn't it funny how different people read different things into what is said. Sheila seems to think that Lucy meant stylecraft is second best but I feel as she does. You don't spend as much on acrylic as you do merino et al so those blankets are the ones you don't mind getting used in a more rough way just as you do your best jacket or boots. She in no way meant stylecraft was inferior as Sheila seems to believe. I love stylecraft yarns and use them all the time but it doesn't stop me hankering after making a blanket out of merino and there is no way I would want it using on the beach or my caravan. Any way I'm off to photograph my choice of colour for the competition 100 balls of stylecraft. Who else is drooling?? XX

Angela-Southern USA

How exciting! In my opinion you can never have too many colors to choose from. lol That last photo with the pins, in a mandala formation would make a pretty wall art piece. Just clip them together or glue them. Even add numbers for a clock...OR add a stem and leaves for a flower! The photos where the pegs are all in rows, remind me of geraniums as well as the hydrangeas, the next row- a sunflower, the short row- a stormy sky, the last two- the moods of water and summer trees. Inspiration everywhere! ;D

Carol De

I am so excited about this competition! the problem for me is that there is NO store within reachable distance for me to visit.
After seeing your beautiful blankets with Stylecraft DK, I HAD to order scads of it in those delicious colors! I've yet to use them because I'm saving for 'special' project - and other things keep getting in the way. I've decided that as soon as I finish with Dedri Uys Sophie's Universe - and the massive afghan I'm making with that (for California king bed! with very long drop-I need stepstool to get into bed.) I'm going to take out that Stylecraft and get to work.
I had already started smaller squares for afghan (which will be used around sides for afghan) so had to keep using the same yarn to complete it.

Lucy, I so enjoy our "visits"...stopping by to visit at your blog always cheers me up and makes me feel as if I've been with a friend.
Thank you for being here...and for all you share with us.
One project I want to do is to scale down your Poncho in size for my toddler granddaughter...and then one for me (maybe that's where I'll use my Stylecraft!)..

Please be well. and enjoy that wonderful family....wish I could sit by that beautiful fire and hook with you for a bit.


Black, white and the neon colours are exactly what I would leave out too!

Very exciting competition - wish I crocheted! It reminds me of this man I met who told me that he keeps a colour 'diary'. Every day he notices the colour of something - the blue of someone's eyes, the colour of his coffee - anything that strikes him and really, really looks at it and gives it a name (a bit like those names they give paints - or yarns I guess). Then he writes that name and what it was the colour of under that date in his diary to remind him of that day (that person, that cup of coffee, etc). I love that!

Colour is wonderful!

Terry Baker

For years I've been a pure wool purist, but I recently joined in with your wonderful blanket CAL and have used half the stylecraft yarn to make a blanket for our, as yet unborn, first grand child (SO exciting!) It's great, and I'm a convert! I'm going to try hexagons with the rest of the yarn - never done them before. Thanks so much for your wonderfully inspiring blog.


Well someone got out of bed the wrong side this morning. What a pointless, negative comment...I mean really...its not even constructive?! You carry on doing what your doing Lucy..your wonderful blog is inspiring, educational and a breath of fresh air! I'm a great believer in "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all"..PS. I've worked in textiles 30 odd years and stylecraft acrylic wool is excellent quality and if the person were to look more closely through the blog they would see that said blankets are indeed not relegated solely to the caravan!!


I'm struggling to think of a colour that isn't already in the range! So many colours!


Hi Lucy, great post as usual. Sounds as though Sheila has had a bad Monday, it isn't compulsory to use Stylecraft yarns for the blankets just select what you want. Most people like the colour selection with the Stylecraft yarn, 60 colours to choose from but you can use any DK yarns if you prefer though a lot of Attic24 followers like to use Lucy's selection as they work so well together and if you do lots of Crochet like Lucy it is a bargain price. Is it really patronising to offer a chance to win 100 balls of yarn just for sending a new colour sample? I think not. Cheer up Sheila, I know Monday's can be miserable, back to work after a relaxing weekend, whatever the reason is it really necessary to suggest Lucy made you buy Stylecraft yarn, you have a free choice. I think the reason Lucy uses and loves this yarn is because it is a great Acrylic yarn, some are not good to use, and when you have a family of young children they need to be laundered more frequently.

You have suggested 2 colours already why not send a sample you might be surprised you could win 100 balls of yarn and if you don't want them give them to a Crochet or Knitting group that make things for charity an opportunity to feel good.

Keep up the good work Lucy, looking forward to seeing the Winter Wreath and the new Granny Squares you have made a start on, everything you make lifts my heart. Glad to hear you enjoyed your break in Hull, Scarborough and Filey, places I know well as I was born near Hull. I live in Somerset now but have also lived in Dorset and wonder if you have been to Hengistbury Head near Bournemouth they have fantastic beach huts that the owners can sleep in! They are beautiful and the walk to them from the car park, either on the flat or over the Hill, is rewarded with a hot Chocolate or a meal. They even have a small train if you don't want to walk both ways, a real treat whatever you decide.

You seem so much brighter Lucy it must be all this lovely colourful yarn around you and Spring is on its way. Much love from a chilly Somerset xxxxx


What a brilliant competition and oh my goodness what a prize to try and go for .... can you imagine "100 balls of stylecraft yarn". I of course thanks to you Lucy have all 60 colours on pegs and swatches and of course I will be entering!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Xx lots of love Joy Xx PS I've got to go cos I've got a competition to enter :-) x


I'm all over it. There is a a colour I want but it is in my head so I need to find a way of showing it. Thanks for sharing. Jo x

Lissa Jacob

Lucy, I just love your enthusiasm so much! I also get really excited about color just as you do and I truly understand the feelings of happiness that radiate from your blog pages :) Thank you for all of your inspiration! I look forward to each and every one of your posts! You will be a wonderful judge for the contest :)


The trouble is that we are supposed to feel that Stylecraft is great yarn to use for all our needs. However, the blankets you make with it are those relegated to the caravan, as it doesn't matter so much if they get messed up, while those you really like stay indoors and are made from the posh and rather too expensive for most of us yarns. Most of us don't have caravans and the message given I'm afraid is that it isn't good enough for you to have as your choice indoors. So why should we?

No matter how much you sing and dance and coo over it, that is the ultimate message I receive. Seeing as I made a Stylecraft blanket for indoors, that is a bit disappointing to have to see my work as made with second best yarn.

What a lot of fuss about a single new colour. No it really isn't that exciting, it seems a long drawn out process for just one colour and rather patronising if I am honest. Let them do their own work I think! What is needed for sure is a nicer green though and a purer orange. All acrylic brands seem to reproduce exactly the same shades as each other and are interchangeable. A bit of variety and less gaudy would be good.


I love the;fact that the same palette of colours looks so different in the squares and the blankets. I have my colours woulnd on lolly sticks


Well that was a feast for the eye sqeee so much wonderful colour, I have a huge stash of stylecraft it's go to yarn for me
Clare x

Winwick Mum

How exciting! You'll have quite a job on your hands choosing a winner, I expect! Still, a nice sort of decision to make, eh? :-) xx


Well Lucy what a lovely competition will be looking at the New Colours, then I have one in mind, hmmn A 100 balls of Style craft Special thank you love Jenny x


Brilliant a competition! Thanks to you I've come to love Stylecraft DK, it's lovely to work with, I've made your last crochet along blanked and enjoyed it so much that I've made a second one for my son and his family, then I made matching cushion covers, wich I love! When I finished them I made the Coast ripple blanket ( with matching cushion) Lucy, you are such an inspiration your colourchoices are fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work! X



Uta Kothen

I love this yarn and these colours.....and I love your blog.....and my to do list is very long 😃


Very exciting that there will be new shades of Stylecraft DK - I had an almost complete set too but have been busy using it up so another order might be on the cards. I have in mind a colour I would really love but will wait to see if its in the new three. Looking forward to seeing your next project xxx Kathryn

Karen Williams

Wow! A colourful blog to go with a fab colourful competition! We get more and more from you, thank you! I lurve the colourful yarn pegs, a great idea! I am also pleased you have tried lots of cheap and expensive wools to know which is best. I have been fortunate to be given wool from my late mother in law - some of it is itchy and scratchy and other balls are beautiful...many don't have a label so I don't know what they are! I just keep making bits and bobs and flowers for my spring wreath! Thank you for all your inspiration and the hard work you put into each blog and blankie!
Karen x

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