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February 23, 2015


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Crystal Wall

Thanks for sharing this. I have the perfect picture in the most perfect color. I am def going to enter. Fingers crossed. Hey, can you share some of those 50+ yarns to a poor crocheter who lives 2 hrs from any yarn and crochet is my passion and I cant get any yarn to work with, and cant afford it anyway. LOL It could happen.....;-)
You blog is my favorite. I am making your wreaths now. I say wreaths because I am taking little pieces from here and there. They are just gorgeous.
I just wanted to thank you for telling me about the contest. I have my entry ready.
Thanks again,
Crochet A Day In The Life


Love the idea of this competition and I would love to win the prize, but not sure if I can come up with the right colour. I am a pink/purple/blue person so it has got to be something different. Thinking caps on.

Judith - in Ontario

I am not eligible to enter the competition (I'm in Canada).
I would like however, to join with Marijke and others who would be happy with some better shades of GREEN. Lucy - please pass it on to Stylecraft.

And to Sheila - work on your grammar for your next silly post.

Robin Summers

Now this is a wonderful sounding competition. I am going to try and enter with crossed fingers and toes that I win. I will have to read your post again so I have all the rules down pat. I would love to win 100 balls of yarn. Now that is divine. Thanks Lucy for all that you do for all of the yarn addicts!

Elsie Pop

I love this yarn too but I've been really missing the perfect duck egg colour from their range... now I just have to find an example and enter! Exciting competition, can't wait to see what they choose! xx

Elisabeth Firsching

Agree wholeheartedly with Marijke, a range of 40 shades of green, reaching in all neiboured directions would be amazing. What a beautiful and inspiring post Lucy! Love it!
Greetings from Austria


Love Colour wheel.


Butter yellow, a colour that was in the 70's. Have a pattern for a crocheted poncho with butterflies and the main colour is butter yellow. I am guessing this competition is in the UK only? I can think of a few colours to add.
Now making your Coast blanket. My husband's choice from three pictures I showed him. I wasn't keen on the grey and dark of that first part but like the magenta spinning its charm, so did the grey. :0
Love your beach house colours.
Keep well. A Canadian follower.


Love the clothes pin idea! Great, as you said, for coming up with color families for inspiration.


I wrap my yarn round bit's of card but round pegs is a much better idea Lucy, you will have set a trend now I he you realise that haha. I will be entering the competition but I will wait to see the new shades first just in case my favourite shade is amongst them. :) xx


A request to anyone taking part in the competition and Stylecraft: I would love to see some better, more natural green colours (springtime beech leaves, holly leaves, reeds). (I cannot take part myself as I live outside the UK)

And Lucy: thanks again for the wonderful dose of Vitamin C (C = Colour)!

louise in Melbourne

What a great competition! Unfortunately being in Australia I can't enter but hopefully someone will suggest a fresh leafy grassy green! Often hard to find but would look amazing in a spring inspired blanket. Xox


I love your "colour wheel". Gorgeous!

Kim Bos

I love the idea of wrapping your yarn around labelled pegs, but how do you get them so tidy? Do you clip both ends? Tell me more please!


I am really enjoying the color therapy from your blog (as well as my current granny stripe "Lucy pack," during the many winter storms we have been hit with. I love the clothes pin idea, and was wondering if you would share your pattern for your color squares as we..

Lizy Tish

Love the clothes pin idea! Great, as you said, for coming up with color families for inspiration.

Arlene Bomback

Sorry to hear it's only for UK folks, I sent mine in the mail today from Canada but I guess I will be disqualified.

So sad :-(

And I don't think anything was meant by the comments about the yarn or where the blankets end up. I certainly consider dragging a blanket through the sand a positive testament to the yarn itself and not an insult.

I have ordered about 60 balls of this colorful yarn all the way from UK to me in Canada and I plan on using the blankets at the lake. Not because it was cheap yarn but because it is beautiful, colorful yarn.


Sorry to disappoint foreign readers but Let's Knit magazine says competition is open to all UK residents aged 18 or over.

Anne Marie

Hmm, I'll have to have a look at this one! It is difficult to find another colour as they seem to have them all!

I bought some dolly pegs the other day to do the yarn thing, I thought they looked nice and I could draw faces on them. Not sure if they will work without having the snap clip on.


Dear Lucy,does it have to be a solid colour Regards jeanenne tassie Australia


How exciting, what a great idea for a competition. I can think of a couple of colours I'd like to see. I love your idea of putting the colours on labelled pegs, it makes them easy to arrange. Really great value yarn, I shall have a look at the shades that are already available. CJ xx


Exciting! And I love your photos, so scrummy :)


Love your post, I did adopt your peg idea and it works so well! Haven't done all the colors yet but seeing your pictures I have to do every color soon. What I do with my colored pegs is pinch them to the side of a low rectangle dish and as I want to change color sequence I line them up in that order. Plus they remind me when I am doing other things " hey, we are waiting for you to get back to fun with us"!! Little color soldiers!!

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy.. fun fun fun.. I already sent in 2 colors and CC'd to you so you can see what I sent. I think getting 100 big squishy balls of Stylecraft would be so great. I look forward to watching this evolve. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Oh, Lucy! one post so cute today! a competition very witty, I think! I always work with the Stylecraft Special DK, always in winter! I love the variety of colors and softness! These wools are so sweet! It would be wonderful to get 100 skeins of this yarn! It would be paradise !!!! A big hug from Catalonia!

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