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February 23, 2015


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Lucy Richard

Hi Lucy, i very much enjoyed your blog and came upon it while trying to find a way to display my yarns for samples and color planning. Your simple method of using cloth pins is perfect for me. Thanks for sharing.

Frances Osborn

Thank you for the idea of the pegs. I've just done it for my favourite wool - Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. What are your favourite colours in this wool as I see you have used them. You had a pile of them but you didn't list the colours. I'd love to know! Thank you so much, you are my inspiration!


Thank you so much Lucy for sharing your yarn pegs idea. It makes it so easy to play with colour and work out which colour to put next to which. I love colour as much as you do and playing about with combinations is my favourite part.


Thank you so much Lucy for sharing your yarn pegs idea. It makes it so easy to play with colour and work out which colour to put next to which. I love colour as much as you do and playing about with combinations is my favourite part.

Mary Bickford

Love your blog! Please blog about your holiday that you mentioned yesterday. I don't crochet, but have told many that do, about your wonderful blog!


Yay, this is great! I'm definitely giving it a try! Can anyone tell me whether it is allowed to send in more than one colour? Good luck everyone!

Carol D

This is exciting! only reason I haven't entered is there's not a nearby store where I can see this wonderful yarn "in person". Colors online are not always "true" in my experience.

To those who've said you can't get Stylecraft DK in the US: Good News!
Ta Dah! Look for Deramore's - at top of page you can click on link for US (and others as well.) - which I've done. I ordered way too much but it is, Sheila, a lovely yarn. If you didn't like it, WHY did you keep working with it? Have you washed your blanket yet?
As a child, I was taught, "if you can't say something nice, say NOTHING!"
Many, many knitters - and Crocheters - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Stylecraft DK.
Do NOT ever 'attack' our Dear Lucy! There are way too many of us who love her dearly! and from other comments, I do believe WE who LOVE LUCY are in the VAST majority here!


Oooh what an exciting opportunity! I actually got the chance to have a tour of the Stylecraft Spa Mill in November as part of my degree course - it was knitter's heaven!


Wow, it certainly is a very original way of putting out a new shade. I probably won't take part, as I don't need to add to my already huge stash. I know what you mean about Stylecraft Special DK, I love working with that yarn which both looks and feels lovely and is washable and relatively cheap. I do have the Black shade, as I find it makes other shades really pop for certain projects (a future skirt, in my case). Anyway, thank you for sharing! :)

Jill Smith

You have reminded me of the crochet l did of a bedspread.I started making a 6 ins square in two rows then changed colour and kept going round it in a big square till the bottom took one ball to made the edge in one colour row.A very heavy bedspread but it kept us warm.
It could be used as a throw in a country style room


Thank you Arlene Bomback for this helpful information. I appreciate that you took the time to let me know this. I'm going to check this out.


Wonderful idea! I will be looking through my pics tonight for inspiration!

Jacqueline Strand

Great contest - can people in the U.S. participate?

lois Barlow

Just to say Thank you Lucy. I learnt to crochet a year ago and your blog was the first I discovered. I was very much a 'careful' colour person when I set out on my crochet journey but am now thrilled to be experimenting with colour, largely due to your influence. Already made 3 blankets, countless bags, hats, 3 ponchos and currently working on 3 different CALs, so I guess you could say I'm well and truly hooked!

Penny Park

Thanks Lucy for another fantastic blog. Colour everywhere to lift the spirits (and the crochet hook!). xx


Hi Lucy in one of your posts you say please remind me if I haven't done a Ta da moment on a promised project , please may we have a grand Ta daa !! for Mr robin's winter wreath the daffodils in Cornwall are bursting forth many thanks love Jenny xx


Geri McComb just order it on line. the postage isn't that much. I order it from Tasmania....it's very exciting when the parcel arrives!!!


colour therapy at its best and best is what you do..how lvely


I absolutely love your colour pegs! What a fantastic idea...now to save up for almost 40 balls of wool (the colours I do not have) to make them hahaha...as good an excuse as any ;-) Thank-you for a lovely, colourful blog - I am currently halfway through the cosy stripe blanket thanks to your fantastic tutorial, in colours to match my lounge :-)

Geri McComb

Lucy,I Love your blog. Its so hard when I would love to buy the yarn in all those colors and its not being sold in the to the U.S. I would be able to make a ripple blanket for my Great granddaughter with the correct colors in my opinion. I hope someday it will be. Also its there a pattern for the cute lamp shade pictured in your blob. Thank You Geri.

Arlene Bomback

Hi Barb, I have not been able to locate this yarn is Canada or US so I have ordered from Wool warehouse (listed in Lucy's blog) and at Loveknitting.com who offers free shipping.

Good luck sourcing out this colorful yarn.

Robin Summers

Yippee!!! I am so thrilled that the competition is open worldwide! Thank you so much Stylecraft! Thanks so much Lucy! I love your blog.


What a fun contest - the more choice of color the better.

One question - is Stylecraft DK yarn available in the US?

Thanks so much.

And by the way, I LOVE your blog! I love just how colorful it is and thank you for sharing your talent, imagination and charming creativity with us. Pure Joy!!


MMM... not sure my entering this competition is such a good idea......my very patient partner has just brought home 5 more storage boxes to house my Stylecraft collection..... how would I hide 100 more balls of wool, if I were to win....
On the other hand perhaps Stylecraft could partship 10 at a time.

Tanya from Oz

Sheila I know you! You are the bitter old mother in law that everybody hopes won't visit because she robs the joy from your very soul with every word. It doesn't matter what Lucy says, for you will always twist it to suit your own negative assault on her blog. I sincerely pray that you aren't so horrible to real people in your life or you truly must be very lonely. Your previous comments are telling Lucy off for "pushing" Stylecraft yarns and this comment you attack her for calling it "second best", admitting that you actually use it. I would have blocked your comments long before now but Lucy is a gracious lady. I'm sure you yourself have snidely remarked to many people to stay silent if you have nothing nice to say. You should try that.
Long live Stylecraft, long live Yarndale and long live Lucy in her colourful, blanket filled attic!

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