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January 29, 2015


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Kathie (Prairie Stitcher)

Yes, perfect little bird. We've seen our version of the robin flocking here in the USA (Pacific Northwest). They come through here in January and are back to nest in March.Thanks for sharing. I got introduced to the Yorkshire Dales through "All Creatures Great and Small" and am so glad to be back. Your canal is an interesting one and I spent a good few hours tracing it online a few months ago. They built (dug) that in a very short amount of time BEFORE modern equipment.....BEFORE even semi-modern equipment. Would love to hear you talk about it. Thanks again. Come over to Prairie Cottage Corner and have a virtual scone and cup of tea with us when you can!


So cute and chubby! I love the way his beady eyes catch the light - makes him look really cheeky xx


Beautiful xx


Aww what a cutie he is, looking forward to seeing the wreath
Clare x

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Did you see the picture of Flora's robin friend on Adaliza's blog? Just like your little friend, so cute!

Wendy Rance

Absolutely love your Robin. The more you make and show of this wreath, makes me think maybe I could do that! I particularly love the fern leaves as I live in New Zealand and they remind me of our very famous silver fern. Can't wait for your TaDah :)


Love the robin! Looking forward to the winter wreath reveal . . .


Love your robin! Here in central IL, USA the winter (and summer)bird we enjoy is the cardinal http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/northern_cardinal/id. Most of our robins fly south except this year I have several who decided to hang around. It's been so fun watching them eating the berries on several trees in our yard.

Looking forward to your winter wreath reveal. I just recently posted http://mykeeponkeepingon.blogspot.com/2015/01/a-winter-wreathfinally-finished.html about my winter wreath too which I imagine is very different than yours will be!

Love everything you crochet!


So sweet - both the crocheted birdy and your description of the entire process!

Jacqueline Ford

Lovely blog, Lucy. It's so interesting to see your wreath progressing.


Very cool little robin! Can't wait to see the whole wreath done. I have a little ornamental paper box from a friend in England ... guess what there is a picture of on it?!?!


The robin is very cute and I'm sure it will like its new home on your winter wreath!!
Have a nice weekend,
Tina xxxxx

One Earlybird

Your robin is very cute indeed. Here in Australia we only see the Robin Red Breast in the winter, in the chillier climates.



Lesley Melling

He's lovely. Just finished my ripple blanket in cottage colours with petrol blue edging. My next project is a wreath but not sure what it will be like yet. Love your blog and designs. Xx


I made all my friends robins or doves for Christmas last year using your bower bird pattern and winging it (no pun meant)to look more like a robin and stuffing tummy well. Now I'm going to have to try this one... he is gorgeous. Thanks

Angel Jem

Oh, oh, oh, I can't wait! I loved this pattern when I saw it on Etsy and would so love to make one... can't wait to see his flash of red on your wreath! (and how DO you have the time and patience to keep making the fiddly stuff?) And do you really read every comment? Or do you get tired of all the happy words and desperate for a bit of sarcastic but still friendly banter?
Sorry, just joking ;o)
I love reading your blog but I don't very often comment, because when every post gets, like, a ZILLION comments, I sometimes wonder whether you'd even notice an extra one, or how you can build bloggy friendships with people (I know you have friendships, because you're human, but how do you start a new friendship when you just have so many followers?)
Anyhow, I just had to comment for the first time in forever just because you have chosen one of my favourite crochet patterns like ever, ever, ever. Looking forward to the finished article.


How cute! :-) The robin is often seen in my garden here in Norway :-)

Libby Parker

You Brits have the sweetest robins! Ours in the States are pretty, too, but big. Here, the Winter Holidays bird of choice is the Cardinal. A beautiful flash of red amidst the bare, snow-laden branches. I love your robin, but I'm a bit lazy. So when it comes to following complicated patterns, I usually opt out.


Aww, he's adorable! Thank you for sharing the pattern. Looking forward to seeing your finished wreath! Have a lovely weekend. Marie

Susan Smith

Gorgeous Lucy, he is just oh so cute. Clever girl getting it right first time. Looking forward to seeing this wreath. Take care.

alison willcocks

I can see I need to consider crocheting a robin if they turn out as well as yours. Looking forward to seeing your wreath :)

Una Brearley

I love your little Robin,he looks like it was him who ate all the leftover Christmas cake from my bird table.x Una x.

Vanessa Grant

Hi Lucy! I must say, that is the most perfect crocheted robin, or woodland creature even, that I've ever seen! It's just perfect from the beak to the tail feathers! :) It looks as if you could place him on a tree branch in the park and people would think it just another bird of the flock! :)
Have the very best day, Lucy!


I love the little robin. I think it's fun with patterns like this to make several and they all turn out different!

Cindy Bee

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