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January 25, 2015


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Elizabeth Gregory

Hi Lucy.
Love your blog and your amazing studio.
We are visiting Yorkshire soon in our new motorhome and would love to have coffee and cake in the coffee shop beneath you. Where are you based. Would appreciate the address. Watching closely for your latest production--woolly sheep. Looking forward to your next blog. Elizabeth

Georgina Pamela Davis

Hi, I had a go at the fern leaf, as a newbie to crochet it took me a while and it's not QUITE right,hey ho! I do enjoy your post and the wreath is looking exciting!

Robin Summers

Lucy here is a tutorial for a crochet christmas tree by the lazy hobbyhopper

You might be able to use it on your winter wreath.

Denise Marshall

Hi Lucy, very keen to purchase the Craft book from Sainsburys on my next delivery and having a relaxing look at the projects. I'm finding it difficult to focus on any projects at the moment as my 31 year old daughter (who suffers from mild autism and also S.A.D.) is going through the break up of a long term relationship and has today been told her job may go in cutbacks. She's such a lovely caring girl but SO sensitive to change I worry for her. Sorry to burden you with my troubles. To go back to your news, I love the look of your winter wreath and the other additions you're planning sound gorgeous, can't wait to see the newly hatched Robin and your work room is making quick progress. xxx


That's some fire you have going!! The winter wreath is looking lovely.


So pretty.

alison willcocks

Love the look of your wintery wreath so far, can't wait to see it finished :)

Lizy Tish

I agree - nothing we can do about winter so we should take the time to just be. (Especially because here in upstate NY we are expecting 16" of snow tomorrow.) Your wreath is looking lovely and I can't wait to see your studio - I'm always on the lookout for ideas/inspiration for organizing my stash/stuff. :)


That will be truly beautiful when you are done. I think I may be inspired to do some granny squares, I can't start a whole project but maybe some small projects that will go together later on. I love that idea.

Hula Loop

I love reading your posts and see your lovely photos. They really do shine with colour and your wreath look scrummy with those beautiful pastels tones. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. Can't wait to see you new studio too! I might have to pinch some ideas as I will be converting a little summerhouse into my first ever studio at the bottom of my garden when it warms up a bit. Thank you, Sarah X


I found your blog via Cuddlebumbs and am so inspired, thank you for so many lovely happy pictures and patterns too. Can't wait to have a try :)

Susan Conklin

Could you talk a little bit about that darling little house (pin cushion? needle book?) in the picture with the gorgeous teal granny squares? I am loving it!

Thank you for your lovely blog. I look forward to seeing the "new" studio.

Angela-Southern USA

It's all coming together beautifully, as we knew it would. ; )) I look forward to all the ta-dah moments! I'm still plodding away on those home improvement/de-cluttering projects here as well (never ending it seems), and of course sneaking in some hooky therapy when I can (currently trying out the diamond trellis pattern from Make My Day Creative blog). Have a great day!x


it looks great ! that will be my next autumn wreath !

Jean Scriven

Just wanted to say I absolutely love your blog and your page. I'm a total novice crocheter but I managed a cushion cover and to decorate a lamp with crocheted flowers for Christmas presents. I love crochet and really want to do more. I broke my foot last week and your page has given me so much inspiration to get cracking, especially while I'm off my feet! Thank you :-)


Love the colours of the wreath. Hope there will be instructions for all the bits you are making.

Sally Richmond

Your wreath looks so beautiful! I have been wrapped up in my Coastal blanket each evening, sooo warm and cosy that I am about to start one in the cottage colours. Just need the yarn to arrive any day now and then fancy using your colour combination in a waffle stitch.

Debbie, Essex

Lucy, yet again you've helped me to see the positive in the negative.

Thank you. Have a good week


I really enjoy this blog and always look forward to reading it. The wreath is already looking great and it's not even finished yet. Have a good week


I always feel that we (humans) should semi-hibernate in winter. Just go with the flow, Lucy, it will all get done, and you'll be more rested and ready to face the next rush!
Loving the wreath, and a robin will be just right. I have 2 robins in my garden, who always come to see what I'm up to. Sadly, not too much gardening getting done at the moment, but spring is just around the corner!


Your winter wreath is looking beautiful, I can't wait to see it completed. It has given me an idea for using the crochet pansies I made over a year ago (just because I had some lovely yarn that was pansy coloured!)
I'm crocheting squares for the DoYouMindIfIKnitBlanket in exactly the same lovely green colour - it is a good project for joining people together and remembering the importance of looking after your mind as well your body.

Liz Sawyer

Did you say "few things achieved?". Your energy and commitment are amazing as is the wreath and the studio. I made a detour from the Cosy Blanket and just finished one of your valentine hearts. It is so beautiful, I am loving it sooooo much. Yet again I thank you for your generosity and the sharing of your creativity. I so look forward to your posts. Love and light to you. Liz x


After 2 years in transit from one house via renting and staying over with friends/family, we have now bought this house and the BIG unpack has begun. I feel like a snail carrying too much weight in my house - craft projects are very cumbersome in a small house and while you are forever sorting there is no time to complete and use/give away... So, thanks for letting me know that you also find slow a bit frustrating. I feel better now for listening to your chat! Lovely wreath! Happy End-of January for you!

Kristine Robbs

The wreath looks brilliant! As I'm in the southern hemisphere, it's perfect timing for me 😜. I so enjoy reading your blog :)

Susan Smith

Looking lovely Lucy and will wait in anticipation to see it in full. Decorating and tidying always takes time, so just go with the flow. Stay warm and snuggly and take care.

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