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January 20, 2015


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You can even make January look good!! Now that's quite an achievement... ;-)
Love from Mirjam.


Wonderful pictures as always Lucy!! Spring is around the corner. Stay warm and cosy when you can.
My friend bought me the snowflake book for Christmas ... It's great! Enjoy!!


Lovely photos as always and the one of your hand holding a mug of coffee has inspired me to get out my oddments of wool and crochet hook to make myself some colourful wrist-warmers!

Jane Barrett

I just love your pictures. I think you are correct in trying to find the best in everything. We haven't has more than a smidge of snow in East Ireland, so I enjoyed your snowy photos. I have just completed my cozy blanket and I am thrilled with the way it has turned out - thanks for the pattern. Xx

Denise Marshall

Know just what you mean about January Lucy. It's not my favourite month either, but you can always find positives, especially in nature and homee comforts!! xx

tina mcloughlin

I too am starting to appreciated winter with the help of my crafts, my husbands insistence that all seasons and months are wonderful. Your wonderful blog and Glennie Kindreds "Letting in the wild edges". Thank you x


It's about time we get some snow overhere! Love it.

crafty mena

lucy,how you can make a miserable month sound so wonderful
here in new jersey -we are waiting on another snow storm
time for another cozy baby blanket for appalachia

xooxoxoxox crafty mema

Ali Whale

I'm sat here looking at slush, it's grey and my feet are freezing. Today I do not like January. I do however love the picture of the ducks so thank you for that!

Angela-Southern USA

If the birds can be happy with January, so can we!lol Actually, I've been very happy with January this week, we've had temps of 65F/18.3C all week, so I've been outside enjoying the rare treat, snow forecasted for the weekend. I see snowflakes of the woolly kind are on the agenda! Can't wait to see! Stay warm!x


Lots of layers of crochet, does it get any better.


Love those blankets!! They look so cosy!!


Why is January such a loooong month?
PS Hope it's ok to say here, but I have the poncho mag (near Wrexham) I'm happy for Elizabeth to have - I could post it if we could find a way to get in contact.


I love the pictures, what a great view you have from the Attic! Keep warmxx


The pattern for the plant holders is in the side bars called tin covers they are very easy to do and look great I have had a go love Jenny x


I love January and the winter in general.


Lovely photos. I keep warm by crocheting under the blanket as it gets bigger. I do not like the cold!!


Looks as cold here in Germany! Brrr! Winter mornings can be soo beautiful so: The crisp air and the ice sky! Still... only nice if one can return inside to a warm cuppa! :D

Take care


I keep waiting for a crochet house to appear! It all looks so beautiful, thanks for all you share! I would love to know if there's a pattern for the plant pot cosies?

Elizabeth wall

I love reading your blog ,I just am sorry I couldn't get the poncho pattern ,I couldn't get the mag ,tried everywhere I live.the picture from from your attic is beautiful,it reminds me of our view,I have lovely views of Snowdonia,because I live on Anglesey,

Anne Dearle

I always get a smile on my face when I read your blog Lucy. I have never seen a lake frozen over like that. The photos you take are wonderful. We get to see a part of the world in its seasons that are different to us in the southern hemisphere. We never get snow. It is always hot here. Today it is 34 degrees Celcius already. Stay warm and cosy.

Sam carling

always look forward to your blog updates Lucy keep up the good work beautiful to see the snow while we are in the middle of summer here in Adelaide, South Australia ....Sam


I'm jealous of your beautiful January view. We've had no white stuff this year. 😩


Thanks Lucy icy wind but stunning sky here in Cornwall today and with the black lace of the trees against the bright blue sky with shades of apricot amongst the white fluffy clouds it does you good to breathe in the chill fresh air. My family on my Mums side where Yorkshire men and women but during the War she went to Derbyshire to have me , at quite a young age she taught me to crochet and I have never forgotten and enjoy showing other's the joy of a hook and a ball of wool! Looking forward to the winter wreath love Jenny x

Debra Wortman

I have that book on crocheted snowflakes. My goal is to one day have nothing but crocheted snowflakes on my Christmas tree!

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