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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 20, 2015


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do you have a "Print Friendly" button option?


Lucy, loving the familiar feel of your blog again. Picking up you are back to your former contented self. I'm guessing the magazine deadline removal has helped. I still subscribe though. Realise you work so hard as a mum and with Yarndale (which I loved last year). Great to read such supportive comments from blog readers again. You deserve to be appreciated. Happy crocheting and family day to day life x

tempest sharp

what do you do with all your crochet things? do you give them away, keep them there, or what?

gabriella adano

Lovely view from ypur town and so warm and relax from your home!!!Love


You make your environment so beautiful with all your handwork. Love the crochet on your little garden pots.
Great view point on January, it can be a glum month.

Lizy Tish

Lovely cozy pictures. I just love your blog! Such nice pictures you take and nice sentiments that you write. Very inspiring for me as a blogger. :)


I couldn't agree more. I have made a conscious effort to embrace winter this January, and it's made a huge difference to how I feel. It's all in the mindset! I want your poncho, it looks amazingly toasty. xx


If you think about it, there really is beauty in every month. We just have to look. January is a great time to hunker down and snuggle.

Jan Doling

The weather at the moment definitely makes me want to cozy up indoors with my crochet although we have had no snow down south. Hate getting up and having to scrape the car before I can go anywhere.


Lovely pics as usual. I love the way you focus on the good things.
To Sharon, the pattern for the fingerless gloves is on the right hand side of Lucy's blog. Ta dah moments - wrist warmers. Think they're my next project, getting fed up with cold wrists! Roll on Spring!

Julie Broad

I've just found your website and I'm feeling very inspired. I love all the bright colours and your passion for crochet. The great thing is that I'm in Yorkshire too. I hope to get over to Skipton during the summer.


I was thinking the other day how much I enjoy the change of seasons and as I get older, I do so more and more. I mostly love July and August, but winter months, when it is really cold and you spend time snuggling at home, can also be wonderful.
Thank you for sharing the photos of your 'January world' with us.
Tina xxxxx

kate mckirkle

Seeing all the positives is a gift and passing them along for others is generous and admirable. I will be going to Boldon Abbey with the caravan in April (have been many times) and look forward to visiting Skipton and walking the paths in the surrounding countryside. I recognise many places you show in your photographs. Good luck with your new studio, I have no doubt it will be gorgeous when you are done.


I've been admiring the stylised tree picture you have behind the green shoots for several years now. Could you tell me anything about the artist?

Angela-Southern USA

Hi Lucy!

I ran across this pattern for a continuous string of hearts and thought you'd like it as well. For Valentines day or trim etc. (Would be cute strung between to hooky birds, even on a wreath.)


Have a great day!x


Gorgeous photos! I've started my Cosy blanket but as it is sweltering here in NZ It is slow going. Love the fingerless gloves, do you have a pattern please?


I just love your lil yellow chook! The one with buttons, it is just adorable. Would you mind letting me know where you got it from? I think I NEED a wee yellow chook with buttons :)


What a lovely post - it has cheered me xx


January can be a long dreary month here in the upper Midwest United States, too. Thankfully the winter sun is so strong and bright during this time of year. It makes you feel happy even though it is so cold out. I love your posts and your appreciation of nature and beautiful things.


Thanks for the lovely photos of your part of the world. I spend half the year in Dubai (where I am at the moment) and I miss England. Lisa

Place Under The Pine

I can relate to the extra blankets and the hot cups of coffee - We're in the midst of a deep freeze where I am right now (Canada). Love the colours you use, the brightness makes everything seem even that much warmer!


Your blog is so enjoyable. So glad I found it. Have a wonderful day.

patricia farghaly

Oh how I miss UK.There are worse days than some..Enjoy while you can. Thank you for sharing.xoxo


snapLucy ,me too ,but i cant wait for spring !!!!!!!! xx

Aliosn Soulsby

Hi, love your blog. I've had the treat of reading it from the beginning over Christmas- a wonderful present to myself. You remind me of life with 3 little ones- luckily mine are teenagers/ uni students now, but I remember well that bleary eyed state! I wanted to say how much I love your sense of colour- thanks for providing the inspiration and motivation for new projects.
I alos use Stylecraft wool and find it interesting to study your colour combinations along with mine and see if there are ways I can tweak my choices. I find this is the best acrylic wool on the market- having tried 4+ other brands. I feel unable to warrant spending the money on pure wool, and have also found that blankets I have made with mixed fibres often itch my skin. I appreciate that you are advocating a quality product and am glad that you have found ways to earn money through your blogging. I know that at a similar stage in life I would have loved to have done the same thing, but didn't have the gumption or the creativity to make it interesting. Well done- you have uplifted my spirits and continue to do so. Thank you so much.
I feel there is no problem with recommending products you enjoy and have field tested, and the opportunity to earn money as well is a bonus. However, thanks for keeping your patterns free- they inspire me and fill me with creative mojo. One thing- I'm a fairly experienced crocheter and find you detailed instructions a little long winded- in some of your patterns you have a 'printer friendly version' - please keep this up as I like to refer to the detailed photos to check on parts I am unsure of, but prefer the shorter version in the main. Many Thanks

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