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January 13, 2015


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Thanks Lucy, as always lots of inspiration from your blog! Enjoy your "little" break from writing the column, however I'm sure the result will be a great new one somewhere in the future! Great reading your blog as always! Love!


Best wishes on your move to the new studio, looking forward to seeing lots of hooky goodness throughout the year. Oh ....& thank you for the wonderful pictures you share with us, I'm especially enjoying the winter ones, as we are in the middle of summer here, what a beautiful beautiful part of the world!

Debbie P.

I am so excited for the new studio tour! Isn't it lovely when you can plan a new space? A totally blank canvas to start on. I shall miss you in Simply Crochet. I do hope you come back to it some day. I so looked forward to it. The first issue with your column, I was so excited! I live in the US and it was nice to open a magazine and sort of know someone in it! Anyway, have a wonderful time decorating and thinking up new things for the studio. If I ever get to England, I would like to see it!

Katherine Keenan

Sounds like a great way to start the new year Lucy. Love the look of your new, cozy studio. Is that a working fireplace?... Just wondering.
Always a delight to read what's going on in your life.

Mary Chiles

As the mum of seven adults, I was amazed to find more time to create as kids grew. As for your change from monthly article--trust yourself.

Suzana Behmer

Wish the best luck in your new space!! I´m sure there will be lovely things happening in your new studio!!

Sarah White

Can't wait to see Winter Wreath if the ferns are anything to go by it will be delicious. Isn't it amazing how much stuff we can gather in a short time.I have only been in my new craft room since December and I'm doing a good job of filling it with fabric , yarn , felt etc that I feel I can't do without. Wishing you success with your decorating and sorting xx Okesarah

Libby cable

Love your blog. I have finished your cozy stripe blanket in creams, I love it and am now working on a random cozy stripe blanket, ie just randomly putting the stripes together if that makes sense, so I might have 6 rows of trebles then 3 rows of granny, just all random, it looks good! Also finished Vanessa's mini squares scarf, I absolutely love it ❤️ Keep up the inspiring work Lucy x

Lonormi Manuel

LOVE those fern leaves! Absolutely gorgeous!!


Good luck in the new year Lucy. I look forward to hearing news of your adventures in your new space xx
New year, new beginnings and all that. Hope Little B enjoys his own adventures too.


Great start to the year with a positive outlook and hopes and dreams for the year! Inspiring as usual sweetie. New poncho looks great too! Karen :O)xxx

Amy at love made my home

I was really surprised not to see your column in SC this month and thought perhaps you had just taken a month off. I will miss your contributions, but hope that you might return either occasionally or regularly sometime in the future. In any case you will still be here and that is far more than just once a month! Loving those ferns!! xx

carol partridge

I agree . I'm glad you aren't spreading yourself too thin. The new studio will look great! I too love the ferns. New start to a good year.😊

Astrid Jansen

Your plans sound very good to me , must be fine to have no deadline. Enjoy the hours you can spend by yourself Looking forward what your "jump"will bring in attic 24.


Happy January lovely Xx Joy Xx

Carol R Keskeny

Beautiful as always. Wishing you a great beginning to the new year. I'm thankful you aren't spreading yourself so thin, I don't know how you keep up with everything you have going. Love the ferns! Can't wait to see your new room all completed and your winter wreath.


Your new studio looks gorgeous - how exciting to start the year with a new creative space! I am amazed at how clever those ferns are, and the fact that you just came up with them.They're brilliant! I've been crocheting your lovely snowflakes in different colours, and can't wait to see your winter wreath :)
Cathy x


Good luck with the new studio, the leaves look lovely, wintery perfection, I'm in full on January planning mode too, tis the season after all.
Clare x

Rachael Iddon

You know, what ever I seem to do, I never seem to be organised. I'm even contemplating going back to a 'proper' job so that I wouldn't have to be in charge of how I spend my time. How silly is that, because I'm really not sure I like being told what to do. Anyway, I totally get why you would want a break from writing a column. It's a big commitment. Love the ferny leaves and sympathise with the painting and aching. I've got a LOT of that coming up in my life too. Good luck.


the fern leaves made my botanist heart go thumpity :D <3


Well they say a change is as good as a rest......you will be well rested then, ;) looking forward to seeing those changes! :) xxx


Cute leaves :) I did notice your absence from Simply Crochet and wondered if it was sort of deadline related. You must feel really proud to have been a part of it :)
Good luck with the new studio


Oh I can't wait to see the studio AND the winter wreath !! You're so inspiring :)


Your new studio space looks very cozy indeed! Hopefully it will be bright and cheerful enough for you with the paint (though I'm sure your colorful ways will make it that way anyway!).

Liz lawson

Thanks Lucy, another positive outlook on life, I just love it! Sitting here gently crocheting my cosy cottage ripple (a very happy christmas pressie moment) I have also written a list of all the unfinished craft projects I have stashed and have 2 a month to complete this year! I need to do these ASAP so I can start some of your inspirational projects! Looking forward to 2015 and regular visits to the Attic! Liz x

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