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January 13, 2015


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crafty mena

my one big expense here in the usa -is simply crochet

will totally miss you---- but your blogs will keep me going

love everything--stay well and enjoy what you are doing-----crafty mema

crafty mema

Angela-Southern USA

L-o-v-e the ferns leaves! So clever! I remember those new child free hours, and how I marveled at the things I had time to do. Now with the stretch of time I'm afraid I take them for granted and waste too many of them. Moving your studio is such a HUGE job, so many little things needing organized! Not to mention the painting and such. I've been working on two such jobs this new year, re-organizing/de-cluttering my crafting space (yet again). How does so much stuff accumulate so quickly?!Then painting and adding flooring to another room. Needless to say my house is a mess! Hopefully come spring/summer we'll both be well organized. ;D


The new studio is looking great - how I envy you! As some of the other comments have asked - is that a working fireplace? I can imagine you, dear Lucy, in front of a roaring blaze, crocheting something (else) wonderful. Love the ferns, they look so lifelike. Can't wait to see them on the new wreath.

Chel C

It's good that you have the time now to plan and work to your own deadlines. I smiled when you said how many bin bags you filled, it's amazing how much stuff is accumulated when we think that everything is neat and tidy. Good luck with the transfer to the new studio and I can't wait to see the wreath x

Jo Navin

Hi lovely Lucy! A belated happy new year :-) I've been an absent attic 24 reader, Christmas was good busy followed by my youngest daughters 21st (!!) birthday in early Jan. It always takes me a little while to "step into" a new year, but I've really enjoyed catching up on your posts. I hope your new studio space goes well, looking forward to the virtual tour v much! I also wanted to tell you that my eldest daughter was delighted with her cosy blanket, thank you again for your kindness and generosity in sharing the pattern and the CAL. I loved crocheting alongside you and everyone that joined in. Thank you too for sharing your beautiful pics of Bolton Abbey. When we came to Yarndale we had a trip on the steam train going to the Abbey but didn't have time to explore. We'll definitely go next time and it'll be extra enjoyable with a trip to "Puffers" :-) I'm completely with you on the icy colours for your winter wreath and I can't wait to see your progress. Have you seen the pink berries that you see in the winter? I think they're v pretty. I googled pink berries and came across one called "Callicarpa bodinieri var.giraldii Profusion" (phew!) it's a berry that reminds me of the colour of the Stylecraft dk in magenta! Anyway, sorry for the v looong comment, I hope you and your family are well, love Jo xxxx

Ali Whale

I like the fact that January feels like a new start (even though really it is just another day). I think it was helped this year by the weather being clear and bright. I have bright blue sky here today and that definitely helps. Well done on what must have been a difficult decision to drop the magazine contribution - with your extra time you need to be doing exactly what you want. I know we will all benefit!

Denise Marshall

Your new studio sounds like it will be a nice cosy nook for you, can't wait to see the results when you've organised it. I absolutley love the fern style leaves, they're awesome. Can't blame you ref the magazine job. That's a lot of pressure on a working Mum whose as busy as you are. Stay positive. Happy 2015 xx


Hi Lucy that smaller room will be perfect and your idea of doing white walls with one in that lovely duck egg blue you mentioned on FB is just right. Thinking back to the workshop in July, I am thinking that its not big enough for future workshops so having a bit of a guilt trip about getting that last place. I think there were three other crocheters booked in for the next one... Perhaps you should go on tour and do workshops in different venues around the country :) Love Kathryn xxx

Anne Marie

Ah Lucy, I was not wrong then, when I was looking through Simply Crochet magazine and not finding your article.

I don't buy the magazines very often as I have only a small house and find some of the content are similar, so decided only to buy one occasionally as a treat, them being so expensive too.

Your new studio looks as if it is being hard work at the moment, that's rather like what I'm going to suffer when I finally decide to do my small house, working round. It's a pity you can't enrol some of your local blog readers to help you!!!!! Is this the little room at the top of the stairs?

I look forward very much to seeing your new studio, done out in Lucy Style.


Is that a fireplace in your new craftroom? It looks great!!! Enjoy everything you' re planning to do!!!

Chris Allen

Hello Lucy
I just recently became aware of your blog and am enjoying it very much. I love the bright colours and your very positive outlook on life. My particular passion is cross-stitch but looking at your work has got me interested in taking up crochet.Good luck with your new work space, I'm sure it will be a cosy, vibrant place to be. Happy New Year x


I too make plans in January and try to revamp my home a little,clear clutter (I can hoard for England if I'm not careful) but this year is different as I lost a very dear friend on the 11th. She lost her fight, bless her, against a very rare disease that no one could have predicted that was a bit like a ticking time bomb. The wind is out of my sails at the moment but it shall return. I will look forward to seeing your new studio Lucy and thank you so much for your blog it's like a little bit of bright sky in a dismal day.


I've been following your blog for some months now, and love the blog and your use of colour. It has made me desperate to start crocheting after a gap of nearly 40 years, but I had knitting projects to finish before Christmas. Now we're into January, and like you, I love January for it's sense of new beginnings. I always feel really energised once Christmas is over, and full of plans for new projects. I bought the cottage pack in October, but didn't have the courage to start with a blanket, so I'm using the yarn to make a yarn bag, and will use the rest to make a cot blanket for one of the grandchildren. I am so excited by the possibilities of crochet that I realise I am going to have to get yarn storage organised! I am looking forward to seeing how you organise your new studio. All the best with it, and enjoy your extra child-free time!


Never in my life has one person lifted my spirit so continuously and so happily as you have. I live in Cape Town (South Africa) and feel as if I also live in England with you! Thanks for all the lovely pictures and nice chats, they continue to make my days. I was NOT looking forward to 2015 but just reading your post today made me change my mind and all of a sudden I remember nice things that can happen and can be made... although I am more of a knitter than a crocheter (is there such a word?) the effect on the soul is the same and you have inspired me to get such pleasure out of creating my little projects. Have a WONDERFUL 2015 and please keep telling me about it! Thanks!

Winwick Mum

I LOVE those leaves! They look frosty and wintery and the colours are perfect xx

Karren Cook

Sometimes I need a bit of inspiration, so I thought this might be the site for me...thank you..


So exciting to have a blank canvas of a room to paint and prettify from scratch, and small spaces are more fun to do this with than big ones I think! (It's the 'shed instinct'!)

We have been through our 2104 Memory Jar and planned what we hope to achieve and experience and enjoy this year, as well as changes we hope to make to our routine (as you say).

Yep, it's January...


Hi Lucy I know I can be bit bleary eyed first thing in the morning but I thought you had been inspiration collecting and you had found frosty ferns ! Love Jenny x


Can't wait to see the new room and your wreath. Happy painting!!

Karen Kelly

Those fern leaves are perfect for finishing off my current project. Thank you for sharing xxx

Laura Miller

Good luck with your studio move - we just moved house so i know EXACTLY how you're feeling! xxx p.s. your poncho looks fab!

Teresa Kasner

I think you have a wonderful outlook on life! I am feeling like I'm in hibernation - sitting by the fire and crocheting and even knitting. I admire you for taking a break from all those deadlines. Life is to be enjoyed - and if you need more time for your own endeavors.. people should understand that. I guess that is the price of being so loved. :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Just like to say thanks for your work. The colour ideas are so useful for me and brighten my days and my home. I'm on the mandala move, thinking about my summer garden, trying to use those colours, with inspiration from you. My son, who never draws, is colouring mandalas I drew for him. Thanks so much for the inspiration and helping brighten dark days and remember that warm surroundings come before glittering magazine spaces.



Jennifer Evans

I never realize what hard work painting is until I'm in the middle of it. Your fern leaves are beautiful! Ferns are one of my favorite plants

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