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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 13, 2015


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Yes I am one of the ones that miss your article, the magazine is a lot duller now you are not writing, thank goodness your blog is still here and I look forward to hearing about your new journey and seeing the studio and the wreath. Happy new year and take care x


Good luck to all your plans and creative ideas .
It is so nice that you share them with us and I'm looking forward to seeing your studio finished and ready for its new life. It is so good that you have such a cosy little space of your own to let your creativity flow and share it with others.
Greetings from Greece,


the first thing I did when my crochet magazine arrived was look for your page but I totally get that you need a break from it, I can imagine how time consuming it must be and to be honest I would forego the magazine column in order to share in more of your wonderful creations. Your Creative Mind must be a magical wonderland and i love the glimpses you share with us.
thanks for your tireless hard work
Wendy xx

Lizy Tish

Looks like a nice start to the new year! Can't wait to see your space completed. And I LOVE those ferns.

Kath Webber

What a lovely space for your making, I must admit I'm yearning for the days when my youngest (just a toddler now) is at school- and to have a space away from small hands. Your absence from Simply Crochet has certainly been noted, hasn't it?! It was a real pleasure sharing the pages of a magazine with you, and I completely understand your decision. Hope the rest of the month brings the plans and dreams to fruition, enjoy xxx


Hi Lucy,
I'm italian and I love crochet so much. I follow your web site attic24, it's very speciale, many fantastic ideas to work with crochet and also very interesting tutorial.Thank you for your job!!
Sorry for my english, I'm studying your language to improve my english.
I wait for your new post and crochet ideas.
Have a good we,


I said I would learn this crochet thing and guess what? Thanks to your brilliant tutorials I am learning ! I've just completed a sample 'granny stitch' piece of 21 stitches by 5 rows in preparation for something a little larger. Thank you Lucy.


I love your little fern leaves - they're so frosty and sweet!

janet ainsworth

I love your ideas for 2015 - I think it was Tim Holtz who said something along the lines of On the road to creativity it is always best to take the scenic route....
Good luck with the next part of your journey


Hi Lucy, decorating is a good idea to give a fresh start to the new year and opportunity to have a sort out too. I have been thinking about what a good idea it is to make things for the season that is not yet with us. The last photo made me smile of you holding your mug because as I was reading your blog I too was holding a mug in the same way.

Robin Summers

I posted this over on yarn talk but I wanted to be sure you saw it so I will post it on a new thread in hopes you email me. Yes Lovey snuggleability is definately a word. May not be spelled right but I think it is a word. I worry whenever I have a blanket that I am making it is feeling stiff. But in the end worries aren't necessary. The more manipulating you do with the yarn the softer it gets. I would give an arm to go yarn shopping with you. That would be just the cat's meow. LOL I so wish I had your addie. I have a lovely package here I want to mail to you. I am just not sure you are still using the po box you had for the mandelas or the store that was the mailing address for the buntings. If you can let me know I would so enjoy sending this package to you. Here is my email. Remove all the spaces a c c t i n g m a j o r @ y a h oo .com The package is nothing bad just a lot of brand new yarn I would love for you to try and some other stuff to make you smile. So please help me to mail it to you. It is a gift no money needed on my end. Lots of hooky love Luce!

Susan who only knits but wants to crochet too

Those ferns make me want to learn to crochet. Especially the frosty one in the middle offset by the green. I'm smitten.

Jo Browning

Have fun setting up your new studio! Love your blog and your wonderful crochet projects. Thank you for being so generous with your creations. You're a very talented young lady! Best Wishes to you and yours in this new year!

michelle smith

I admire that you are listening to your body Lucy,we all push ourselves to the limit ,and its good to step back a bit and take stock ,dead lines can be a burden ,your studio looks great ,xx

Susan Smith

Looking forward to seeing your new space and just love those little fern leaves. Happy sorting and bringing it all together. Take care.


I'm a January girl too, Lucy. I love having the chance to start from scratch. Sounds like you're making lots of progress. Can't wait to see what your new studio looks like when it's complete. xoxo

Lynn Dee Butler

Happy New Year! I love the fern leaves. I'm thinking I might have a go at them myself! January has always been a "Start Anew" feeling for me. A fresh start to the coming year. I enjoy your blog and wish you the very best in your new studio space.

Place Under The Pine

Don't you just love that burst of inspiration and energy you get at the beginning of each year to plan, organize, declutter? We are in the midst of it too, and I am just as surprised at the amount of garbage bags we have filled up.
Things are looking good in the Attic - good luck.


Happy New Year!
I love the items you've made in all of those happy colours. cant help but smile :) What a clever lady you are. Very inspiring blog. I look forward to seeing more.

Caroline Hatch

I do enjoy your blog. You create such a wonderful array of colour and crochet. You should be really proud of yourself.


All sounds lovely Lucy. I love your new Studio it will be perfect xx

Robin Summers

Oh my times flies. It is hard to believe that Little B is already in school. I so love hearing about all your adventures with the family. You always make me smile. I look forward to seeing your winter wreath. I know it will look spectacular. I love the ferns. Just perfect I would say. They are precious. Much love to you Lucy in the new year.


Lovely little crochet ferns, so delicate! Wishing you all the best with your new studio and undertakings. All the best!




Really love the fern leaves.

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