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January 16, 2015


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Our first dusting of snow here this morning in Norfolk and I'm loving that painted hand! Looking forward to see your new studio in full colour.


Love your snowy photo's and hands :)
Glad I'm not the only adult that gets really excited when it snows, we've just had some mini snowballs hammering down here (Llandudno) so decided tea and toast is better than a walk :D


Glad your romping on with the studio.....and although I wouldn't want it all the time there's a beauty in the grey of winter. Have a great weekend :) xxx


Looking forward to seeing your new studio; you're certainly making the most of those child free hours. Liz x


Can't wait to see your new studio Lucy, can't wait to see the colour on your walls.
I see you and many of your commenters are certainly not stuck with over 6 months of snow a winter by the way you romanticize it. I suppose for those of you who never get it and it disappears so fast it would be exciting. Last year we had flurries every month except July and August. The only small bright side is that we have lots of blue skies and sunshine filled days and the snow really reflects the sun making it even brighter. Ah well only 4 more months until I can plant flower pots. ~ Tracy from Alberta Canada.


Snow is so special. We don't get it often where I live and i adore it when we do!! Can't wait to see your studio, so glad you are painting it white!


Snow looks so peaceful
When painting over a dark/ bright coloured wall and going lighter, use a base coat paint tinted a light grey, then paint your colour/ white.
We found that out the hard way. Daughters room was fuchsia pink, took 4 coats of swade effects paint in purple to cover it mostly and years later we painted the room white. Hate to think how many coats of paint are on her walls.
Happy decorating
We are doing daughters room this weekend as it is now Boo's room and he does not like the stripes on the walll :-(


Happy Weekend!!!


I have had paint splattered hands like that many times before! And paint on my glasses, face, hair ...
I have snow envy. Boiling hot here today.


Snow is a regular occurrence in upstate NY where I live. We have had very cold temps the past two weeks. We just stay bundled up and work on things while sitting under a blanket. Your town is just charming, and your description as well. Maybe one day I will cross the great pond and have a look see for myself. You stay cozy, too!!!

Angela-Southern USA

It's always excitement here (southern US) when it snows! We woke to a ice-y mess, just enough to freeze the car doors shut and make for dangerous over-passes, but then it warmed up to 50F before the day was through with sunshine, a welcomed site after a week without it. I know those odd looks all too well lately, after my painting project.(Why didn't anyone tell us?!)lol Have a great weekend Lucy!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pat F.

Beautiful pictures of your snow, Lucy! I always enjoy the photos taken from your windows as I love to see your English countryside, houses and streets! One day I hope to visit your beautiful country, but until then, I will enjoy via your gorgeous pictures!


Estou curiosa em ver a nova cara do Studio, mas imagino o acolhedor que vai ficar, todos seus trabalhos são maravilhosos!! Beijos

Rosanne (USA)

What I find magical is how the snow "knows" to fall only in the cracks of the brick road......I must remember to ask Google about this particular phenomenon. Have a wonderful weekend.


Ilove the snow too, but here in Down Under on the coast there is no chance of getting snow.

You are amazing Lucy, what you do. Painting is just one of those things, like washing windows,
arrrrgh, no thanks.

Your new studio will look great, with all your colourful work. Have fun.


Love to have some snow overhere, but so far, nothing ... Lovely pics, though.


Hardly a single flake here, but we live in hope. It's all my fault actually, I bought a couple of little sledges the year before last. Of course there hasn't been a single snowfall since. Well done on all the decorating, I'm really looking forward to seeing it when it's finished. CJ xx


Hola,mi nombre es Susana,soy de Argentina,de Buenos Aires,me gusta mucho tejer a crochet,y tus trabajos son muy lindos,y voy a tratar de aprender con tus tutoriales,te mando un abrazo desde mi ciudad Quilmes,hasta pronto.


Have a very (very - VERY - very) happy cosy weekend Xx lots of love Joy Xx


I don't think I've ever come away from painting without looking like that! It's a messy job but it always feels so good to have fresh paint on the walls. Your snow was very pretty while it lasted; you might still have some more, the winter is young yet!

Winwick Mum

OOH SNOW! Still waiting for something more than sleet and hailstones in Winwick. I live in hope! xx


Lovely pictures!
Happy weekend to you too!


Hi Lucy love the snow pictures ! Painted person! Cute snowman ! Enjoy a hot bubbly bath hot chocolate and sweet dreams of your colourful studio love Jenny x


Luv it! the beautiful whiteness that tied your week together! Lolllllllll and the streaks n splatters! Can't wait for the ta dah!

Robin Summers

I still need an address to mail this package to. I really want you to have it.

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