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January 16, 2015


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Robin Summers

Hello my friend! I was surfing around in blogland and came across this wonderful blog written by Saritha. It is Rainbow Bunting. One of her posts reminded me of you. She makes little houses made of denim that she strings to make the cutest bunting. Here is her post if you would like to check out her lovely buntings!! I hope you do. :)


Georgina Pamela Davis

Hello,I have just discovered your blog and must say how much I enjoyed your beautiful crochet.I followed the "recipe" for the heart,I am a novice at crochet,it was my resolution for 2014 to learn.I could not get the hang of the leaves so I just did the flowers.I posted a picture on my blog if you'd like to see.Kind Regards Pam.


Lucky lucky! Wish we had snow! It's the perfect excuse to curl up with a hot drink and some knitting!

Katharina Philomena Mahrdt

I enjoyed your snow photos, I live in Germany and we have had snow,too. It was so beautiful.
Have a nice weekend,too.

Jan Doling

Lucky you to have seen a little snow. Down here in the 'sunny south' of the country we had a few flakes that fell as I was driving to work last week for just a minute and that is all we have seen. Good luck with your new studio.

patty farghaly

So lovely....and when you paint you paint...lol..can't wait to see what you did.❤❤

Tracy Chaplain- Payne

https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/154999691/seaside-houses-hand-painted-stone-pebble?ref=market. Lucy i saw this and thought of you !!


Hello Lucy...I can't find an email contact for you so I'm going to ask here and hope you see my question. Would you have the colour sequence for your Granny Stripe Blanket written anywhere? I've looked through the posts for the blanket and can't see it listed. If you have a sequence I'd love to print it out as I've just ordered the kit :) I've finished my Cosy throw and I'm well into the Coast throw now. I'm enjoying the kits so much....don't have to think about anything, I can just sit and hook away in the evenings when I'm too tired to do anything else....it's SO relaxing. I love your kits and hope you'll do more. I've never liked acrylic much but the Stylecraft yarn is wonderful...so soft and cuddly! I'm now a convert lol
Thanks so much for all you share.
Hugs from Lynne in Aussie land
PS You can email me at [email protected] if you have a list of the colours...if it's easier for you to do that :)


Glad I'm not the only one who looks like that after decorating!!

Keep smiling!!!

Ronda K Richards

I love your photos of the snow and your town. Im anxiously waiting for a good snowfall.....though nothing has been forecasted. Im enjoying your crochet patterns and will be following you if you dont mind. Am fervently hoping to visit England one day. Later.


Glad to know there is somebody else in this world who gets as much paint on herself as she does on the walls, just like me. I have to wear special paint clothes and take a bath afterward every time I paint anything. I can't wait to see your new playroom.


I love the quietness a layer of snow creates.

We're excited to see what CoLoUr you've chosen. I wonder if perhaps a colorful wall of several colors is in order - just like your very beautiful crochet creations. Just a thought


This post is full to the brim with MAGIC! Thank you Lucy! Jenny from Australia

carol partridge

That is the sweetest snowman I've ever seen.😊

Judith - in Ontario

Who is the lucky person who will inherit your former studio?
You (and Tracy) put in an enormous amount of work at the beginning and created a wonderful space.

Gehaakt met Liefde

Lovely images!! Maybe we get to see some of the white stuff here tomorrow....


Sarah Marie Clay

I was hoping for more snow too, we had a little here today but not much. Looking forward to seeing the new studio 😁 Loads of love xx


I so enjoy your pics of your corner of the world and the changing seasons. Always a treat. Thanks. Stay warm.


Can't wait to see your new studio, how exciting!


It is so nice to see someone else get as paint spattered as I do. I try so hard to stay clean and paint exactly how my husband does and at the end of our painting I am covered and he does not have one drop on him. Enjoy your blog!


I love the first picture, the way the snow fills the cobblestones makes it look almost fairy tale like. I can't wait to see your finished studio too. I wanted to share my winter wreath with you since it was entirely inspired by your own creations.http://mossyroad.blogspot.com/2015/01/on-craft-table-january-16th.html
Hope you get more snow!


All white, all nice. I live in Picardie,France, where snow has made no visit yet this winter, unfortunately. Have a happy week-end!


Dear Lucy,

I'm living in South of Germany, Bavaria, and usually we're having snow and cold weather at this time - round my birthday next week. But today it's only grey, no snow in sight. But wonderful wool in sight :) . Last week arrived the wool package cottage for the ripple blanket and I'm so urgently looking forward to start. But, as it's a present from my husband for birthday, I must wait just for eight more long days and nights :))).

Thank you for all your inspiration and joy you're giving to me since I'm reading your blog for one year. It's so wonderful having you and your colourful thoughts in the world wide web. Thanks a lot.

Warmes regards Michaela


I hope the snow stays with you as we don't need it in the south!! I usually get very spattered when painting but it is very soothing.


Lovely pictures of snow that make me long for it to come :) Well done on your painting progress. Very much looking forward to seeing the finished result!

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