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January 09, 2015


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Carol D

I was just following links to various crochet sites and found a site that his highlighting a 'wall flower' that very much looks like your happy flower decor...
NO credit was given to you at all...and I find that VERY frustrating!
I found that here: https://crochetvirtuosa.wordpress.com/2015/02/05/crochet-beads/comment-page-1/#comment-8

I just thought you should know...YOU should be given some credit for this - your very HAPPY flower was done some time ago...and YOU should get credit for this beautiful, and fun design!
LOVE your work...and so miss when you don't have a new post...
it's like dropping in for a visit when I read your blog.

Connie Tarver

How do you figure the cost of your yarn in US dollars? This is probably not the place to post this but I could not find this information on your website. Thank you


Hi Lucy
Got inspired by you and started a throw with squares. Thank you for your inspirational posts :)
From South Africa with love

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Did I miss you telling us about a new studio? I know you lost your studio-mate, but I don't remember seeing that you were moving??

Laura Dowdall

Love your blog Lucy,follow on FB too so have double the delight.x

Winwick Mum

I thought I didn't use the internet much until ours went off and then I thought I'd lost an arm! It's quite scary how disconnected from the world you feel when there's no link to the outside world - hope you're back on again soon xx

Shirley Flavell

Internet problems, I could write a book with our dealings to try and rectify the problems.Always so happy when it starts working again. Love your crochet wreaths Lucy, they are beautiful. Makes me think to perhaps try making one . Thank you. Shirley N.Z.

jill keeping

hi lucy
i found some sparkles wool in poundland and have been doing snowflakes and angels this xmas and all looking good on tree with the lights on.
take care
jillk xx

Jane Sansom

Lovely - look forward to seeing you :)


What? No... Sillybuggers is a swear word? That can't be cause it sounds too cute to my USA ears. Helen needs to come to NYC to hear some real swear words. Happy to hear you have your internet back Lucy.

Laura Dowdall

I neeeeed those in my life.I will definately be making seasonal wreaths this year.Love following your blog lovely girl,I also follow on FB so get double the delight.xx
Well said Kate,helen must be a narrow minded poor soul.

Jan Quigley

Oh how frustrating for you! I can't wait to see your wreath progress & the white yarn with sparkles! :-D Good luck with the move & don't wear yourself out.


I hope you will be back very soon!


WHITE!!!! WHAT???? White yarn sounds awfully suspicious!


Just saw comments above - how funny! I hadn't even read them when I posted my foul-mouthed comment!


What a b*gger!!!


My internet went down for 24 hours this week and it was like half of me was missing so I can sympathise Lucy. Good luck with the move and hope you get your internet back soon.

Mary D

Missed your chat and creations,hope normal service is resumed as soon as possible!


Can't wait to have you back. Snowflakes, winter wreath, sparkles... sounds good! Good luck with your new studio space.


My goodness, I adore you!


When I was a little girl my mum used to call me a sillybugger if I'd fallen over or if I was upset...it was a term of endearment, and despite political correctness in this mad country, many english people see it as such!


Sounds like exciting times ahead!! Can't wait, Lucy :D
There isn't anything MORE frustrating than internet playing sillybuggers...


Oh, I hope your computer issues are resolved soon, Lucy. In the meantime, enjoy working on all your projects. Can't wait to see them all.

Debra Wortman

Can't wait to see your progress on the Winter Wreath. I will look forward to that!


I had to reread the post 3X to work out what swear word! No Internet yuk my lot have major melt down if it happens here. Looking forward to new posts.

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