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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 04, 2015


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You are so inspiring! Everything about your life is so colorful, fun, and bright!


Gorgeous collages, all of them, but I love how the central photo in each of the attic view changes throughout the months. That would make one amazing collage all of it's own. xx

ruby huber

Lucy, I'm really enjoying your blog. This idea of nine photos for each month is really a great idea. I'd like to do something like this on my blog. Would you share with me what photo collage app you use?
Thank you so much. RH

Brenda B.

Lucy, I just want you to know, that whenever I am stressed out or just having a bad day, I come to your little blog. I look thru your posts and enjoy your beautiful pictures. It helps me so much. I appreciate all of your crochet project and instructions that you share with all of us out here in cyber land!! This post was especially perfect as I could see you walking on your walk and loved seeing your pictures of all your lovely projects.. Blessings to you and your family for a peaceful 2015.. xx


You continue to encourage me to add more colours and more crochet to my life. How charming and whimsical are your projects and photos. We could all use more of that in our worlds.

Nicki Lampon

I love that you've used the same view for the months. Perfect! Keep blogging - you're bringing colour (literally!) into our lives!


very pretty. One could print a gorgeous calendar from it! thank you very much for sharing all this beauty and the patterns. I have found so much delicious crochet inspiration here. happy new year, Lucy!


Such a nice pictures of your 2014! Your blog brings us a lot of happiness too! Thank you for everyday inspiring and have a happy and colorful 2015!


Thank goodness your compulsion to blog continues I love reading it! I don't always comment but look every few days to catch up on what you write I hope you can see how many of us read your blog even when we don't comment. Your posts are a ray of sunshine and I am loving the CAL I am on row 20 something I don't get much time to spend on it but am still enjoying the colours and being part of something around the world. I am telling everyone about it. Happy new year Lucy and thanks for all the lovely posts in 2014 😃

Debbie, Essex

You really shouldn't underestimate how much joy your 'simple life' brings us readers. Your colours are a visual tonic and your beautiful photos lift the spirits. Your family times take me back to when mine were still little. And you remind us of the importance of simple pleasures, which we all need to be reminded of in these busy, frantic, technological, media-obsessed, sound-bite times.



Hi Lucy, I am in Canada and have been following you blog for a few months now and I love it. I wanted to tell you that I have recently started two of your Afghan patterns. I am going to make your Ripple pattern and the cosy blanket. I took my hubby yarn shopping with me after New Years, a trip I am sure you tell he would be less than thrilled with. Thanks for sharing you fabulous patterns.


That looks like a very colourful year! You always make such lovely things :)

Gehaakt met Liefde

So very lovely and inspirational, thank you.

Liz lawson

Hi Lucy, It's all been said, but Thank you too. I've been following you for 2 years now and my husband says he's offically a crochet widow! Thanks for all the inspiration; creatively, mothering and general outlook on life! Long may it continue, looking forward to 2015 and the snipets of Attic 24 life.

carol partridge

I wouldn't get anything done if I had that view ! You can repeat that view as much as you like ! Every blog that I read, the person has their own style of writing and you may think that you are repeating yourself but so many people enjoy reading and probably expect a certain amount...its all crochet. It was nice to read a couple of homely posts recently. Finally finished my coastal colours blanket! I'm missing doing it so have started a large cushion in that pattern.


A wonderful 2014 and I was with you every step of the way and will remain by your side for the whole of 2015 which I look forward to very much Xx lots of love Joy Xx


Perfect for an Attic 24 calendar..... please?


Thank you for your continued inspiration! I found your blog about a year and a half after you started, and read my way back and forth to catch up :-). Ever since it has been a several times a week place to pop by for happy inspiration! Thank you for sharing this piece of colorful happiness and cheeriness! You are much appreciated!

Rebecca Humphries

Thank you for sharing your "colorful" life with us. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I look forward and my heart is happy when you have a new blog. May 2015 bring you peace and happiness.


Hi Lucy,

So sad to see another negative comment. What irritates me most is that they never check any facts they spout. Lucy's colour selections are fabulous and go together so well, there are many people who cannot get combinations to work like Lucy can.

The Wool Warehouse packs of 15 x 100g actually save the buyer £0.35p and it comes with a free colour pattern for the blanket you choose to make so the amount Lucy receives will only be a small amount from Wool Warehouse and for all the work Lucy puts into making the tutorials it is hardly worth it. Having articles in one of the magazines will probably be paid per article so again not a fortune. Yarndale will be a massive amount of hard work, again for not a lot. So not a huge reward as Tina seems to think.

i am so pleased that Jac and Robin have also commented about Tina's sad post and I think Tina needs to look at herself if she can only make negative comments against someone who she actually only knows through a blog when everyone else who reads the Attic24 blog from Lucy loves it as we get so much from it. I agree with Jac's comment that if something upsets Tina about this blog then stop reading it and forget leaving bad comments as there is no need, in fact you only make yourself look ridiculous.

So, please Lucy, ignore all the bad comments and keep on blogging, we love all you do and all the photo's of everyday things and the pleasure they bring you and all us followers. I want to say a big THANK YOU Lucy for 2014 and hope 2015 will be more of the same please.

Love, hugs and best wishes for you and your family Lucy. xx


Your photos are just beautiful, colourful and uplifting.
I want to say "thank you" for sharing your life through this blog, I check regularly for updates and always feel inspired and happy when I read what you have been up to.
Happy New Year and very best wishes..Phyl xx


Happy New Year Lucy! :)

Lizy Tish

Love how these review posts look! Such lovely, colorful pictures. I enjoy your blog so much - I'm glad it makes you happy because it clearly makes a lot of others happy too, including me!


I think I began reading your blog in 2008 or 2009. It's at the top of the list that I look at daily. Maybe because I've been to Skipton and traveled around Yorkshire a bit, I feel a connection. Or, maybe I just like the photos you take and the way you write. Your sense of color never fails to cheer me up. Please continue for at least another 10 or 20 years! Thank you!

Robin Summers

My lovely Lucy I continue to read your blog because it brings so much love, laughter and color in to my life. Ignore those sour comments from those like Tina that have nothing but hateful words to spew. I love you and your family as if you were my own. May your blog continue to grow and nothing but happiness come in the new year of 2015 for you and your family. Lots of warm hugs to you Lucy! Happy New year! I love your beautiful pictures. :D
Love Robin across the pond in the USA

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