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December 19, 2014


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Debbie, Essex

I have always kept lists, which then multiply into lists of lists!! But a couple of months ago I read about the Bullet Journal (was it on here?) So I had an excuse to buy a new Moleskine - in a lovely purple!! - and, bam, things started getting done! I have a tendency to procrastinate but the sense of satisfaction from ticking a box seems to be spurring me in action (mostly!!)

Just try to relax and enjoy your Christmas with your family, everything will be 'alright on the night!'



Hi Lucy,
I recently started a "Bullet Journal" (google it). It's a really simple way of keeping everything you need to remember in one place and no need for agendas, calendars, diaries or post-its. All you need is a normal notebook (I like to use one with a piece of elastic to keep it closed). I couldn't live without it now and it has turned me from an empty-headed procrastinator to an organised person!

Marcelle Kemp

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Rose from Happy Ramblings blog

Lucy, you're calendar and notebook collection look gorgeous! I have a calendar on my bedroom wall that I record bill payment dates on and appointments. A notepad on my fridge for shopping lists and another for the week's menus. As soon as I use a grocery item and notice it is running low I add it to my shopping list, plus add to the list when I plan my menu's on the weekend. I also use my computer sticky notes for to-do lists. And OneNotes is brilliant for organising things such as lists of presents, favourite meals, meals I want to try, things I want to do etc...it is like a scrap book organised by subject. I also have a notebook for my gardening diary. I couldn't manage without all of these, I can just imagine how chaotic it would be.


We share a Google calendar as a family which helps but isn't infallible - takes management. Lots of ideas here but I'd second prioritising and seeing what you can drop or if possible contract out. Everything is connected in a woman's brain, men seem to find it easier to do what they can get to and let go of the rest. I have a tendency to be overloaded and frequently need to get a perspective on it all. The most important thing is carving out space to be in the moment and spend time with what makes you happy.
Thanks for being a happy part of my life this year. It has been amazing to see you grow. Growing can also be a little painful so be kind to yourself and have a wonderful Christmas in your Attic xxx


In a way, I'm your kind of organizer: middle of my cold lunch kind of. A bit impulsive!
I used to love notebooks, calendars, lists. Then, I got too busy for all that so I try to memorize as much as can, have the most important appointments written down on the calendar on the wall in the kitchen and check other dates and things on my computer or phone.


I use lists, and a calender. But the main thing is to do the unpleasant tasks during the first hour I have free from unavoidables. That way they don't loom over me for the rest of the day. Although I must admit some unpleasant things keep returning - such as fixing my hair!


I have a wall planner for all the big stuff - and it's absolutely essential for me.
I add meetings to my diary on Outlook, and ask to be reminded about it a day in advance (just to make sure).
And if I'm really busy and in danger of getting stressed, I write lists. Long lists. With some very easy targets on them, so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off almost immediately.

Beth in Maryland

Lucy, thanks for your enthusiasm for 2015! I'm going to follow your lead as best I can. As far as Christmas goes, I'm farther behind the curve this year than ever before. But it will come and go anyway! Have a peaceful holiday and best to all your family.

Sandy Guderyon

I am organized and love it. It's the way I am and I enjoy it. The reason I'm fairly organized is that my blood pressure goes UP when I have to hunt for things. There's a little book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo-wonderful, easy ways to get rid of stuff. My little datebook is also my wallet and has blank paper for notes, an agenda and even a bit of watercolor paper! It's the Midori Traveler-www.baum-kuchen.com. I also do a bullet journal method (just a way of checking things off). www.bulletjournal.com These things keep me organized to facilitate a couple of groups and then I help clients get organized, which helps them be in a place to realize their dreams. We all have children, aging parents or perhaps medical issues to deal with, in the long run, simple is best. I think just kind of knowing what we might have for dinner tonight and where to find our stuff is quite wonderful. Then, there's lots of time to do what we really want-to relax, to read, to go places, perhaps try new things, or to simply...be. Happy New Year!


I write list after list after list. And somehow, just the act of writing things down, helps me to remember (even when I forget to bring the list!).


Every year I think about using my phone for appointments, but then go buy a pocket-sized paper diary that lives in my handbag. I have ongoing lists for work (desk), shopping (kitchen) and sewing (by machine) and most days I have a mangled, back-of-an-envelope list of stuff to do TODAY.
The world is divided into natural list people and those who are not, but that is OK. Do whatever works for you.

aishwarya shanbhag

Hi Lucy

I learnt it from my hubby. He is so organised.. I make lists ... and cross out once done. I make lists on the phone calender too. Thats more helpful. But its a very good habit. Its a reminder not to let go of work just like that and wake up to realise ... oh this is not done... that is not done....

So stick to some system of reminders


Thanks for the tip about Bullet Journalling guys, it looks like a slightly more systemized version of writing lists, which will suit me well. And similar to how I used to do things when I was working.I'm going to crck on wit this now!

Lucy, in the meantime, Merry Solstice! This is the beginning of family Christmas time, to enjoy being together, warm and well-fed. The coldest months may be ahead of us, but the light is returning :o)


Your posts always bring a bit of sunshine in my life. Don't worry abot being not perfect in time management. I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Emma


I know how you feel - I am on the same journey for years. Slowly I feel like I am making process but there is soo much more to do before I am a proper organized person... Sighs! However, I try to feel happy about each little step.

I recently discovered TickTick which is an online to do list. I try to fill in important things which I need to do (and also household chores) and it seems to help me a bit to keep track.

Take care


Hello Lucy, a family calendar and the reminder function on my i phone works for me. And weekly menu planning plus on line shopping and a monthly cleaner :) Have a lovely Christmas and thank you for all your inspiration all year x

Ali Whale

I always start off the year with a diary that by April is in the bottom of my bag. I have a calendar at home and mainly use that to remind myself of home stuff. I was going to get a book that I could put blog ideas in but then got real because I knew it wouldn't get used.
At work I write lists in a book but I am a different beast at work to at home - work = efficient (at least on the surface) home = chaotic.
My sister found a piece of work that she did in primary school over 30 years ago that said 'my sister is disorganised'. After all these years I've just come to accept that indeed I am and really it's not going to change!

Nicky Slade

Gosh - so many fantastic organisation ideas from your fans, Lucy! I love the idea of bullet journal keeping but I'm not sure I'd remember to do it in that much detail. I love lists and notebooks but my tip would be to keep everything in one big notebook at home (as otherwise you just end up not being able to remember which one you wrote something in!) and carry round a little one for stuff that occurs to you while you're out, but make sure you transfer it to the big one when you get home. And if it's a 'to do' list, always include something that you've already done, then you can tick it straight off and it makes you feel better! The thing about Christmas is that it will come whether you're ready or not, so there's no point in worrying about it!


You have articulated exactly what I am feeling right now! So disorganised and no christmas spirit whatsoever, am hoping it will kick in soon! Am really hoping for a more organised new year too. Have a merry Christmas!


I still love writing things down and use a calendar which is hung on the pantry door and also one in the toilet!! I don't do electronic....too techie and I know I won't look at it as easy as opening a door to look and write! Merry Christmas to you and yours and I hope the New Year brings many new blessings :) x


Dearest Lucy , just accept, just be...and it will come. Try not to push.... xo

Yael Smith

I use the calendar on my iPad, with multiple reminders. We have so many appointments, mainly for the kids and everyone knows - if it's not in the calendar, it's not going to happen. What I would love to organise more is my desk, as a multi crafter I have Far too many things on it (sewing machine, overlocker, journals, wrapping paper, Xmas gifts...)!
Happy Christmas to you and yours, Lucy xxx


My weekly todo list is laid out in a table in a word doc. 5 columns (mon-fri because I use it at work but you could have 7) and then the rows are for different parts of my work (I work of several clients accounts so I have a row for each). But you could have rows for family members, or rooms of the house or different jobs (a row for food for example: which day of the week does the weekly shop happen. What's the meal plan for each day etc.) I know I am a very visual person so I like to be able to "see" my week - what days have a lot of meetings or deadlines. I save the blank doc and print out a fresh one each week and staple it on top of last weeks/transfer any jobs still to do. Hope you find your inner organisation peace! Have a beautiful Christmas!


I must say that I have the same issue with lists, clutter, making lists and then losing them.... The only thing that saves my bacon is my iPhone. I religiously put appointments in it along with alert reminders a day ahead plus an hour ahead! I take a quick pic of my grocery list so I will have it with me even if I lose my paper one... And there is a to do list in the phone and you can set reminder alerts... It SAVES me every day. I resisted going all electronic, but it really has been the best thing for me. And it syncs automatically with my iPad and main computer.... It's awesome:)

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