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December 08, 2014


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I've been doing some festive decorations - holiday decorations are so fun to make! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Denise Marshall

Oooops, Sorry. Meant to say hope you're all feeling better soon. Me and my hubby have both been germy the passed couple of weeks so know what you're going thru. Take care. xxx

Denise Marshall

Hi Lucy, thanks soooo much for taking me on another of your lovely walks, I look forward to these sooo much! It's turned a lot colder here in Northampton too,but we actually had a couple of frosts a few weeks earlier than you. Love the hyacinth, I adore there scent too and like you my family didn't!! Would love a slice of that bread - I'm a little in awe of how much you manage to get done as well as having a family to look after. I do feel very lazy after seeing it all, but not guilty enough to stop looking!! Looking forward to the Christmas decoration. xx

Robin Summers

Luce I hope you and the kids are feeling better. Winter colds and flus are awful. I am working like a wild woman on the Cosy blanket trying to catch up with everyone else but I have a May wreath, a bower bird, a birdie decoration and Happy Flower decoration all going on at the same time. Lets not mention the Christmas Ollie owls and hello kitty purses for the grandbabies. Sigh.... You and the little people are always in my thoughts. Take care and stay warm!!


Your posts about family are calming and so enjoyable. Thank you.


Un petit coucou de France :-)
Tous vous ouvrages sont magnifiques. J'adore venir sur votre blog, je m'y sens bien. C'est comme si j'allais voir une amie.
Belle fin de journée à vous

Lucie Jones

A post filled with warmth and sniffles!


It's getting really cold here too! Nothing better than a hot cup of coffee and snuggling on the sofa with some crochet.
I'm planning to order your cosy yarn packet after christmas to make a nice blanket out of it! I love your color choices!


I absolutely love it when the seasons do their thing too, it's why I couldn't live anywhere else. Looking forward to seeing your new crochet decoration, I have one rather scrappy garland up so far... x


I hope you are soon all well, no fun being ill around Christmas!
It has defintely gone colder here as well (Denmark), which I guess is fair enough.
I got Christmas decorations up in my apartment some time ago, thought the Christmas tree doesn't go up til the 23th of December at my parents. Can't wait:)


Sending you warm wishes from Down Under for your frosty weather. The outside photos that you took captured your words beautifully. Those hot chocolates are something else- yum!

gabriella adano

Winter is coming also here today with snow in the mountains!!!nice views from you...and lovely ones in your home with hot cup!!!kisses

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

The weather is certainly feeling more festive which is great, but my word the sudden drop in temperature is a bit of a shock to the system. I hope you and yours are feeling a lot better, at least the dreaded colds will be over before Christmas day. Enjoy the decorating! x


Hope the homely pampering has made you all feel better.
To Rita - the bread recipe is on Lucy's blog under Food. Scroll down to no knead bread. Must try it, it does look yummy! Real comfort food!


Lucy, prayers that you and yours are all better very soon.

My halls are slowly getting decked. The family room tree is up and decorated. I like to put small trees in the bedrooms also, but those are not yet up. I have been stiffing some thread crochted snowflakes for my trees that I made last winter and never performed that last messy step of stiffing. So, they are being added once fully dry.

My cosi afghan is on hold till some projects for gifts are completed. I may have begun too many hooky things. Oh well, a few late nights with movies to watch while I hook won't be bad.

Thank you for telling us of your first winter days. We had two weeks of cold, followed by two weeks of warm, and now it is somewhere in between. A light frost this morning, but sunny and a high of 50 F or so this afternoon. That's about 10 or so C, I think. I hope you have a lovely day.


I admit....I quite enjoy winter.....and autumn...a whole lot more than summer! There's just such a sense of quiet achievement and homely serenity in winter...soup and hot chocolate...fesh baked bread and hot pot stews with lovely veg......just spells HOME to me :)

crafty mena

perfect weekend
you did it all
xoxo crafty mema


Festive hookery... I like that :0) I have not decked my halls yet, but the bins are surrounding me as I write this. This week for sure... I think ;0)

Cold weather is here in the mountains also...so pretty to look out our window and see the snow flying about.

Have a blessed day Lucy... mari

Sigi G

Hope you are all feeling better soon. That fireplace sure looks cozy and all your cozy blankets. Yes, we have decorated for Christmas and are just sitting and enjoying the coziness of that with all the little lights around us on the Christmas tree and a lighted church ornament. We even have a star on our back porch with a bit of garland and white lights on the railing this year. Just love how it looks when all is dark. I still need to make your bread recipe! Yours looks sooooo delicious!


We've had cold weather for quite some time. We actually got ripped off of our autumn! And the flu is spreading in our town like crazy. I'm doing a lot of hand washing and hoping we don't get it. The plan is to put the tree up tonight. Living in one little cozy room makes it a bit hard to put up a tree. We have to do a lot of moving around of tropical plants that come inside for the winter. So I best get busy.

Cindy Bee

Jacqueline Ford

Love those crisp mornings too. Last Sunday we had a few flurries of snow, but it didn't want to hang around. It seems I've had the sniffles since last September - ugh! Have been into crocheting mobius scarves - love to do those as it doesn't take much concentration and they work up so quickly. Get better soon. xx

Sharon Cliffon

Hope you're all beginning to feel better. There are so many nasties aroun at the moment xx


I love cold weather - it's wonderful for walks. What's even more wonderful though, is to return inside and to have warm drinks and some time for crochet. The hot cocoa with all the little marshmellows looks so gooood! I only recently discovered mini marshmellows here in Germany. Currently I am using them as topping for the chocolate spoons which I will give away for christmas. :)

Take care



"when I get to The edge of The Edge" made me laugh - sounds like a euphemism for something! Not sure what, but not a place I'd want to be!


We have decorated and are ready. Your cosy home lends itself to the season.

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