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December 16, 2014


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talocka vargas

Hi Lucy
I love all your patterns, especially the small square blanket featured on pic 22 under Home 2014. can you point me to the actual pattern? I think it would be a beautiful blanket for my daughter who is currently stationed in Germany. Happy New Year from Colorado USA!


My father was an art lecturer (and a landscape artist in oils and watercolour) and all our school holidays we're spent camping in the outback while Dad painted. He often sat with us and looked at any fabulous scenery or sunsets and said, "I wonder how you would mix up that colour?" I often think of that, and although the thought never occurs to me (the most non artistic and practical of his brood!) it has made me look at beautiful scenes like yours and appreciate them much more.
Also when my children were at school camps they were given sample tiles of laminex (formica?) and asked to find leaves (in the Australian bush, so no autumn leaves here) of exactly the same colours. It seemed an impossible task, but when we looked it was amazing the different leaf colours we found, all matching the reds, blues, purples, etc over the full colour spectrum. It has made me much more observant of the things we walk over and their wonderful colous.


Thank you Lucy,
Such lovely pictures and as others have said, your little people are taking in more than you realise.
You are clearly a wonderful Mum.

Charlene Enzone

What an amazing gift that God gave to you on that Monday morning!

Charlene in Texas

Denise Marshall

OOOhhhh Lucy what a special moment. Don't think I've ever seen a Golden Light like that before. When my children were young I used to try and make them see the beauty in such things. It's definitely filtered through to my daughter Ruth, but I'm not so sure about my son, he seems to be from a totally different planet!! Mars maybe xx

Joanne Retzler

Yes, Lucy, you are blessed, as we all are, if we just look around . So often, we just rush here and there without having a care for what is right in front of our eyes. I try to do the same, to express to others how beautiful our surroundings are so that they feel blessed, too! Don't worry, your little ones will remember how you pointed out the special things around them and appreciated them. Beautiful post. Merry Christmas to you and yours! xxoo


Beautiful!! I can totally understand your feelings about the beautiful things around you in our nature. I believe young children will get it what you are trying to let them see and feel. My children are 27 and 25 now and they certainly turned into people who care about the world around them in their own way of course. They are fortunate to have a mum like you. (Sorry if my English is a bit poor, I'm Dutch).

Sherry Maghsoodloo

Keep on showing them the bounty of God and they will see. They will also remember their Mammas gratefulness over small things in life as well. It comes across in your very soul when you describe how walking into your studio makes you feel, how you love the colors you work with, how you adore the cute Christmas card you made and want to share your gifts and talents with all us who read your blog. Keep it up, you are shaping the souls of your dear children every time you call their attention to what's beautiful in this wonderful world. Blessings on you and your family.


Beautiful pictures and even more beautiful words


They do and they will. All of a sudden it will be a little person running to tell you to " look at the sky mummy!" And you will feel that you have given them a forever gift.

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

Beautiful golden silhouettes Lucy. Don't worry your thoughts will sink in and sculpt their minds as they grow older. My two used to complain about me stopping every few metres to take a photo and talk about things but now they do the same and think about subjects they are capturing.

brigitte peetermans

You live in a fantastic spot, that's for sure.

As concerns the litte people.... I can tell you the story of our children, when they were little people (as yours are now) I was always pointing to the sky and the trees, and the flowers and the sunset in the back of our garden. At the time, I didn't think they took it in . But now my daughter (25 years old) is looking for a place of her own and she finds it very difficult to find something suitable. She thinks it is all my fault (me going on about so many beauty in nature) she's desperately looking for a spot that has all of it in one....
So your little ones are certainly taking it in.
Beware of what you say, don't be too emotional or they won't find a place of their own, when the are bigger people. :) (unless you want them to buy the house next door)

Winwick Mum

Oh yes, they will get it. Each memory will be locked away safely until a moment in the future when it will suddenly appear and they will smile and say, "I remember". Precious moments xx

Kim W

Dear Lucy,
Stunning view. Thank You. I get it. Your Little People will surprise you one day. When they bring you a rock, a flower, or stick that seems insignificant remember that is too is a part of what you have been teaching them.

I ooh and ahh over sunsets, Full moons, butterflies, and spring blooms, and just when I think none of that has gotten through to my daughter she will point out a feather in the grass, or a roadside flower or a funny shaped rock.


The seeds are planted Lucy.....


I agree, you are very lucky to live with such a view. The canals are gorgeous and I have happy memories of a holiday on a canal boat! As for the children--they will appreciate it when they are ready (like, when they move away lol) but you are sowing the right seeds ;-)


One of the bonuses of leaving home for work at 7am at this time of year is the promise of a beautiful sunrise as I drive through a particularly low lying village.
I have been pointing nature out to my children for years - they do get it even though they may not show it!
Caz xx

Jo Gaddis

Believe me...they may not act like they are "getting it" now but one day they will. When my brothers and I were young my father was always telling us to look out the windows while we were on car trips. We did but didn't want to. Now, though, I remember all the trips and wonderful scenery and am so thankful he insisted. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures of your lovely part of the world! Merry Christmas to your family from North Carolina, U.S.A. May the holidays be filled with wonderful memories in the making!


What a beautiful view x


Oh, they get it. I know they will think back in twenty years and think about how lucky they were to grow up in such a magical place.
Greetings from austria (we have our share of stunning scenery, too :)


Yes you're lucky but you appreciate it and you share it with us, thanks.

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

They may not seem to get it right now, but it's a habit that they will keep as they grow into adults. My dad taught me so much when I was young about appreciating things like nature and good jazz!


I'm sure it depends on the child, but I'm willing to bet they get it. I think kids recognize when something is special even if they can't articulate their appreciation, or fear sounding silly if they do so. I remember being 9 years old when my parents took me to the Swiss Alps, and seeing the sunrise against the Jungfrau from our balcony and I actually cried from the beauty. Other times, we were passing amazing Alpine scenery on the train, and I had my head buried in a book. We're (kids) funny like that. ;-p

crafty mena

in my younger days -i walked very early in the morning and enjoyed the glorious sights.
i think it is the best time of the day
thanks for the memories

xooxoxoxox crafty mema

Angela-Southern USA

How glorious! Thanks for sharing. Even though we may not see signs that they appreciate the things we try to show, teach them, keep faith... They will remember! Have a great day! x

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