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December 01, 2014


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What wonderful skies. How lucky you are to live in that area.

Lizzie Mayne

beautiful pictures what camera do you use?


Lovely photos!

susie hewer

Lovely colours Lucy :-)

Tracy G in SLP

Such amazingly beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing - it warms my heart. I need it! Winter came early where I live (Minnesota, USA) and we've had snow on the ground and very cold temps since early November. The thought of open water and green ground makes me very, very happy :-)

Colleen Donnelly

I'm fascinated by the little bits of pottery that you always find near water. That is pretty cool.

Rhian McCarthy

Beautiful photos Lucy. Best wishes from North Wales x


So very pretty! Thanks for sharing.


a lovely family day Xx lots of love Joy Xx


Hi Lucy,
I really love your photos (and your blog). It's like a small holiday for me and My heart really need a holiday in GB...next year I hope. And if we go, we try to visit Yarndale:)
Greetings from Germany,

Michele Boucher-Hines

Your blue sky is so beautiful, and so glad to hear that you understand how special these days are with your children - so many don't get it until it's too late and they have lost their window of opportunity.

Excited to see your new projects for 2015 - hard to believe that the years are flying by so fast. Wishing you and your family a safe and very Merry Christmas!


Oh my beautiful xx


I can see why you had to leave the house: the weather looks wonderful!

I am kind of impressed with these sailers... It must have been really cold out on the lake!

Take care


It looks a wonderful place to visit, any time of year.
I love that your blog transports us to so many beautiful spots around the countryside.
I quite like it when I am transported to your cosy kitchen too ;) particularly when baking is going on.
Your sharing of recipes is most generous. I have been working my way through them with consistently good results.

Kind regards



Such a beautifully blue sky!

Anne Baselt

When I'm blue, I read YOU. Thanks for always cheering me up. Your posts are so happy and colorful. Thank you again and again.

Cherie Chudyk

Great photo's, and love the wellies xx

crafty mena

just what i needed -this morning

thanks so much

crafty mema


Wonderful - and seeing your photos from the other seasons is just great. I love how you found a similar shard of blue and white pottery on your winter walk!

Ali Whale

Oh, it was lovely. We went to the Forbidden Corner up in the Dales and it was a fantastic day out just looking around, enjoying the sun and the wonderful, wacky world up there in Coverdale. You are right we must, must, must get out and enjoy these bright days amongst the grey!

Charlotte Pountney

Lovely pictures, beautiful walk. We are so lucky to live in the UK and enjoy the changing seasons!


Love those pieces of tile! Makes me think of Crosby Beach where you can find hundreds of beautiful, beautiful, sea-weathered pieces from the washed-up rubble of demolished Liverpool buildings.

As winter settles in, we've been seeking out cosy spots, like this rather unusual one!:

Barbara Schaap

Haha, you seem to have found a piece of the same pottery you found march 3 2013!

Liz Shields

Dear Lucy, thank you for these wonderful photos and for sharing your walk. I've only been following your posts for a few months, and I love reading them! You have inspired me to take more of an interest in crocheting (I've been a knitter all my life). I also love the way in which you use colour. I've recently taken up tapestry weaving and spinning too and I'm currently trying to work on a small tapestry using rainbow colours. Thank you for your inspiration and the enjoyment you give to me and others through your blogs :)


Oh dear sun, where are you??? Here in Vienna we have had fog and misty weather for almost a week now... I feel so tired without a single sun shine!! Nice to see your photos and recognize that there is still hope :-)

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