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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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December 11, 2014


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Lovely flowers and the wreath is awesome!

The link to your subscribe at the top of the blog is not working--when i click it, it just shows a bunch of html.

Thanks so much for sharing your bit of the world with all of us.

Hugs from Wisconsin, USA

Hannelore Farrell

When I need a little cheering up I click on your Blog (It's a permanent Icon on my computer) you are always just a "click" away. I just love all of your little projects, so colorful and happy. your little wreath is adorable. What will you be doing for Christmas? Do you always put your tree up so late? Yes, please post pictures of your tree and decorations. Merry Christmas to you Lucy and your family.Hanna from New Orleans

Robin Summers

The flowers that you chose for your kitchen are just superb. The colors you chose make the kitchen bright and homey. I got my pack today for the Jolly Chunky Bag. I jumped around with the package in my arms like a little kit at Christmas. My younger brother looked at me like I had lost my mind. Oh well I am blissfully happy. This is the first time buying my yarn from the woolwarehouse so I was just thrilled to try the yarn that you use Lucy. I just love the sparkley bag with the awesome dainty ribbon threaded through the top. I will definately hoard all the bags I get from the woolwarehous! My mind is already racing with all endless ideas of how I can you use it and what to put in the sparkley bag! Needless to say I had to try it right away and started my Jolly Chunky bag. The yarn is so soft and pleasant. I love how it feels moving through my hand. The yarn is so soft that you would never think is was chunky at all. I can't wait to do an afghan and use the Stylecraft yarn for another project. I haven't stopped smiling since the yarn arrived. Thank you Luce!!! I am so thrilled and super deliously happy. I will post a pic or two so you can see how I make out. It will take no time at all. I am already finished with the whole bottom. :D


Our kitchen is unheated. Our whole house is unheated for a lot of the day and night. It's either a choice of heat or eat for many people here. I live in Wales too

Anne Baselt

At almost age 70, I am finally reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith. It is lovely, lively, picturesque, warm, happy, funny, sad, real, and so reminds me of you, Lucy. It's a delight way beyond words. I hope you can read it someday. And Merry Christmas. Thank you for what you bring into my life.


Colour to make the heart sing, just perfect and yay for fairy lights.
Clare x


I noticed while living in Britain that you Brits have a much higher tolerance to low temperatures than we Nordics -indoors! I thought that I was a hardy Finn who laughs in the face of sub-zero temperatures, but I have never been so cold than in Wales! Even though the temperature hardly sunk below 0 'C, it was really difficult to get warm. I hadn't understood the purpose of hot water bottles or electric blankets before that, but oh how they helped!

It is very usual to have winter temperatures below -20 'C here in Finland... but indoors it's always warm, even toasty. An unheated kitchen just wouldn't do, but then again everything would freeze over so we don't really have this option. Are the British kitchens often unheated? I suppose you must dine in a separate room? Oh this is interesting. I love these glimpses of everyday life in other countries! There is so much we share, but then some little details differ in a way I would never have thought. Please post pics of your kitchen! I'm sure it would look lovely with fairy lights and perky flowers!

Angela-Southern USA

How lovely! (I'm easily pleased as well.) ;)Fairies lights sounds lovely, anything that helps! Your fairy light idea reminds me of something I did in my girls bedroom windows when they were little. Instead of a traditional night light, I made a swag with a grapevine wreaths I unwound and added silk flowers, star twinkle lights and some fairy ornaments. I always had that same feeling when I'd walk into their rooms and caught sight of it, even with the flowers being faux.lol


A lovely idea, and they're so bright. My kitchen is small too, but there's nothing like a bit of baking to warm it up. CJ xx

Winwick Mum

It's a treat to still have flowers in December - even if your kitchen has to be freezing to really appreciate them! xx


Our kitchen is tiny and freezing too - at least the food would keep well if the fridge broke down! It's also the one windowsill in the house that plants seems to love (well out of the way of small foraging fingers I think!). May your flowers keep surprising you.... x

Charlotte Pountney

The fairy lights will work wonders; and who says you have to take them down in the New Year? You could stencil flowers on your tiles with tile paint, to add lasting floral cheer. The halogen heaters Kathryn recommends are good too!


I don't understand why you have a cold kitchen - there are many heaters that work superbly with instant heat that are suitable for a kitchen! Child friendly ones too!

Grey tiles? - Tiles can be easily painted whatever colour you like!

Perhaps you'd just rather be crocheting!


Another suggestion for giving the impression of warmth - paint the walls of your kitchen a warm colour (if you haven't already). We had an awful kitchen - north facing and the cupboards, tiles, walls all cold blues & greys - and couldn't afford to replace anything, so we slapped some hot orange paint on the walls and it made a huge difference. I swear the room was several degrees warmer!

Teresa Kasner

I think being easily pleased means that you get joy out of the small things and that is a very good trait.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Sigi G

Yes, lights always cheer up a place. Kerosene lanterns really help to warm up a room too. It is surprising how much warmth they give off - along with their cheery glow! Your flowers sure have kept their vibrant colors - beautiful!
Keep the coffee pot on - just the smell cheers up the room instantly :)! (Hmmm - I think it is time for another cup by now).


Can't belive the flowers stay so well in the house! They never do in my kitchen/living room but than we always heat the rooms pretty well. I have some christmas tree leaves on the table which looks nice and also smells really good! :)

Take care


I hope we get to see the kitchen all dressed up in twinkle lights.


Flowers 1, Lucy 0 - they are lovely but perhaps you need a better balance! When I do my silversmithing in the garage, which can be uber cold in winter, I have a cheap halogen heater. Its like a tiny sun and kicks out an unrealistic amount of heat. Could be useful as its small, child/cat friendly, instantly on when you need it and off when you don't :)


Fairy lights...the answer to life in my book!

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