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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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December 11, 2014


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Susan r  Wade

do you have any free standing tree patterns to go on a farmers fields blanket that i am making. or bushes etc. thanks for your lovely site you are so talented and a joy to follow. sukeyr


At least the grey makes a lovely foil for your colorful flowers. Your bits of color show up even more!

Alison Reaston

Hi Lucy - Love the brightness you bring to all of us with your crochet and flowers and your views on the world around you. I also had a small, gloomy kitchen which had four different kinds of tiles in varying colours and heights on the wall. I didn't fancy ripping everything off and replastering the walls so I simply applied two coats of cheerful emulsion over the tiles - and it worked. I'm careful wiping over the tiles but if the paint wipes off a bit I touch it up by dabbing over using a bit of sponge (an old washing up one). Just a thought that might work for you to tide you over if nothing else.


We also have an unheated kitchen - the piggery, I call it - but it does soon heat up with a bowlful of washing-up or a pan of soup on the go! I've been mixing up lemon curd and orange marmalade for teacher's pressies this week - its been fab! Never done it before, but with both boys at school now, pans of molten lava aren't a problem anymore!

Best wishes of the season to you and yours xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Oh, Lucy, I'm so sorry about your kitchen. I would definitely try using one of those space heaters to keep you toasty while you're cooking. Fairy lights and flowers sound like just the ticket to brighten things up!

Sally Harvey

I think we are a hardy lot, especially up here in Yorkshire :) But I must say fuel bills are a consideration for lots of us. Fluffy socks and an extra cardi do work - also make sure you block draughts - door curtains, draught excluder etc.


I feel your pain. We live in Belgium and have unheated BATHROOMS and WCs, if you can believe that! We are able to have a space heater in the bathroom that warms things up, once it gets going, but in between it is f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!


Hey- you can paint tiles! We did in our 80s kitchen years ago when we couldn't afford to replace. Also flowery fablon on the work surfaces. Go on, do it! Do a Lucy on your kitchen - I'd love to see that! I always take the attitude of 'what's the worst that could happen': it doesn't last, but I'm all for short term joy!

Nadine G

Le 13 décembre : Sainte LUCIE, je vous souhaite une bonne fête, belle journée à vous. Amitiés.


I love electric candles in my window and this holiday season in the usa I noticed how homes are being done up so nicely using lights in many different creative ways. Red with white adds a cozy, and soothing feel. I love different types of fresh evergreens in window boxes and planters for the Christmas, winter season too! They look so pretty when the snow lays softly upon them. With the soft glow of the window candle it looks so inviting! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all🎄


I brought my geraniums into the house this winter. They are doing wonderfully and continue to bloom. Our cabin is only heated by a small wood stove in the mornings and evenings here in South Dakota so the plants stay pretty cold hanging in the window.


A sweet post, with lovely photos. Thank you! :)


Hi Lucy and friends I love reading all the posts and some times venture into blog land and see what you are up to and enjoy your projects too. I am on my last Christmas present cushion inspired by the coastal blanket colours but have added other colours to represent some coastal flowers poppy red cornflower blue golden gorse pink thrift purple violet yellow primrose and one or two others .Colour is so good for us. On my kitchen window sill is a small Christmas tree all twinkly an orchid and a hyachinth Thank you again love Jenny x


Our house is cosy but there is no heating in the kitchen. It doesn't bother me at all since if I'm in there for any length of time I'm generally cooking and that warms it up nicely. I put on the radio, sing and dance around while it heats up and am warm. It's the first kitchen I've ever had which isn't heated, but it's an old house and the kitchen is the original galley type and I guess there was no room to fit any kind of radiator. My clyclamen was a bright and cherry sight on the windowsill. But it was too cold or maybe too steamy from the sink so it's moved elsewhere. A glass of red brings a nice shot of colour instead ;-) xxx


Very nice!


Lovely flowers...a miracle indeed in December. I highly recommend a fresh posie of something in the bathroom xx

Jo Navin

Hi Lucy, I have a cold kitchen too and a couple of years ago I did the same thing and put some red fairy lights up for Christmas then didn't take them down. They make the kitchen feel more cosy but I must look into those halogen heaters. I hope you're all feeling better now :-) Love Jo xxxx


loving the flowers and your cheerfulness Xx Love Joy Xx

crafty mena

lucy-your kitchen is warm , with love..

thaks heavens for the cosy blanket-have made a bunch of baby blanket--to give away- made with my stash and they all look wonderful-each one so different AND none of each blanket has the same color in it-yes!!!thats how big my stash is/was

oxoxoxox crafty mema

Denise Marshall

Hi Lucy, Your little posy is so cheerful. Know what you mean about the kitchen, I had one like that once. My boat kitchen/lounge is far too warm for flowers due to the solidfuel stove,but I have a coldish bathroom and if I ever get flowers I always put them in there as they last for ages and ages and I look foward to seeing them just like you do. x

Ali Whale

I grew up in a house where I would wake up and on a cold day there would be ice on the inside of the windows. A stone house also in Yorkshire! Eventually we got a some gas heaters installed around the house but I had to get out of bed to put on the one in my bedroom...
Flowers would have probably died from the frost!!
(Love the clematis flower) x


I think your flowers are so beautiful and I can't believe you had them flowering in your garden so recently! My house int he UK was always cold in winter and I always tried to light lots of tealights. I was half convinced they helped warm things up a bit, but they always looked lovely.

brigitte peetermans

Hi Lucy,

So glad you are on IG as well, as from now on I also follow you there.

Too bad your kitchen is a bit cold (hurray for the flowers) but all the warmth in your crafstwork and pictures makes a big compensation.

By the way, each time I see one of your mandala's, my mind tranforms it in a cushion.
I finally managed to make one (also somehow inspired by your colours). Here it is:


Lovely flowers. I love flowers but I am not good with pot plants though I do have a Christmas cactus which I have had for over 20 years and when it flowers (in November - it is very contrary!) I just stand and look at its beautiful pink flowers and hope they go on and on. One pink bud today.


A chilly room is also perfect for pastry making, so another bonus in this mince pie season, plus the rolling out gets the blood flowing ;) Such pretty flowers, such a pretty, colourful blog, I love visiting! X

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