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December 17, 2014


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Danielle Belle

This pattern is exactly what I've been looking for except I'm after a baby size for my 7mo. can anyone (author or readers) give me some guidance on jigging the pattern a little to make it for a 6-12 mo size?? I'd be ever so grateful. I've scoured the internet for a proper baby pattern and keep coming up short. Appreciate any help. the Poncho is gorgeous and I'd love do use the pattern! :)

Patricia Wooden

Ethereal in UK can I find this pattern. New to crochet only one blanket ,two cushion covers down Just can't wait to start the poncho. Wish me luck,

Dawn Rae

Gorgeous!! I love the project and the photos! I left a longer comment in your part I post.

brenda griffis

This beautiful pattern is available to purchase from Revelry from the creator,Simone Francis . I purchased it and made a few in different colors and with and without the color. My first is Deep Gray with burgundy strips for a friend that loves it,,,the next was just mixed colors.

alice juarez

that is amazing


Superbe, merci pour les photos, il à l'air d'être super chaud et douillet. <3


Would love to have this s pattern every site States its not available in us only UK please help [email protected]


Hi I think your poncho looks fab and I'll definitely be copying your edging as I've had reservations about that fringe.
One issue I have is that I'm very tall and wanted the sides to be longer down my arms. I'm typing this at work and don't have the actual poncho with me but I must be at about 30 rows by now. However the whole thing is looking very voluminous. I'd like it to be longer but not keep getting wider. Any thoughts?

Patty Cerda

Hi Lucy!
great job. The colors you've choosed are gorgeous.Greetings fom Germany.

Maria Cruz

I have that magazine, however in the German version of it only the red scarf in Tunisian crochet is in it and not the poncho. Does anyone want to share the pattern for the neckline/ collar please?


Hi, I am in Canada and just received all the yarn in the mail from UK to make this lovely poncho for cool days at the cottage. Nepal Drops was a great recommendation. Beautiful colors and so soft. So excited to get started.

Just finishing up your Cozy Blanket first.

Love and good vibes from across the pond.

~ Arlene


i love your poncho and would like to make one. Please tell me where I can purchase the pattern.
Thanks a bunch, your work is beautiful,


I've started mine, but I'm more of a knitter than crochet, I can crochet but not read a pattern, so wish me luck x

Elke Burden

Its stunning Lucy. I am off to get the pattern and make one for myself. You are an inspiration to me and I have tried a few of your projects. Thank you so much. Elke XX

maria teresa arciga bermudez

Ahora lo estoy viendo y es Enero del 2015 y esta hermoso gracias


Yours is lovely!

I'm a bit slower than you....here's progress!


Love the progress on your Winter Wreath too... xx

pat fannin

How do you clean this. Since the yarn is part wool you can't put it in the washer and dryer right?


You inspired me, so I bought a back copy and started it tonight...but it's curving!!! Any ideas ....I've undone it twice and counted every stitch... What's going on!!!
Sarah x


This is really pretty. I looked at the pattern and it's more of a cowl than yours. I really like yours better. How did you accomplish that?


Hola, deseaba saludarte y darte las gracias por tu precioso blog,estoy todavía aprendiendo ha hacer crochet y me encanta como explicas los trabajos, las fotos me han ayudado mucho, para entender lo que se debe hacer. Gracias por compartir todo lo que sabes. Deseo que tengas tú y tu familia un fabuloso año 2015


Loved your poncho, bought mag and made one too. Am new to crochet and struggle with colour ways , so always happy to get inspiration from your blog. Loved the edging you gave the poncho and will use it again on other projects.

Going to attempt your coastal ripple once my current work in progress is finished.


What a beautiful poncho. In fact I love all of your projects. I plan on making this poncho as well for myself in 2015. Thank you for the inspiration.

Doreen Hill

Luv this poncho.....any chance of getting the pattern ?? I am in South Africa.. Doreen Hill (Turnley) on facebook .. [email protected]


Oh, I wish you'd make up a kit for this!!

Lucy @ Attic24


This is the correct link for paper copy back issue

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Can anyone help me get the pattern please? A friend went to UK and thought she had bought for me but was the wrong issue, I ordered it online and they sent issue 26 not 25 a cross about that so £15 later I still dont have the pattern. A photodo and emailed version would suit me fine and I can work from my iPad. Thank you everyone

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